First Snow Release Date Announced

Studio Élan announced the release date of their second title as part of the Bellhouse publishing subsidiary after Without a Voice, by L3. It’s First Snow, by Salty-Salty Studios.

First Snow Release Date


This is an early trailer but the game looks something like this.

Plot Summary:

Having moved away from her friends and family to attend community college, Allison Merlo is a fresh student struggling with the day to day challenges of life.

Faced not only with living independently for the first time, but also having to get past her nerves to find new friends in an unfamiliar environment, she finds herself falling in with a group of eccentric writers and artists.

As she pushes through this new stage in her life, the art of the cold and enigmatic Eileen Turner takes her attention, setting her on a course she never expected.

First Snow is a prequel spinoff of the visual novel Twofold, focused on Allison and Eileen’s first months in community college in the leadup to Christmas, and the many varied people who surround them.

Like Without a Voice, First Snow will available for FREE on Steam, August 19th. Wishlist it HERE.

  • Follow Studio Elan on Twitter for more updates leading up to First Snow’s release.
  • Follow Salty-Salty Studios on Twitter for more details on First Snow.

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