Irodori Comics Launches “IRODORI LITE” Webpage

I was contacted by Irodori Comics directly to help promote their newly unveiled doujinshi website which includes LGBT+ themed stories.


Here is the announcement by Irodori Comics:


Products to be sold on website include non-erotic and LGBTQ+ oriented digital doujinshi

OREGON, USA – JULY 5, 2020 – US-based Japanese doujinshi publisher, Irodori Comics, is pleased to announce the launch of the IRODORI LITE website dedicated to offering high-quality, all ages doujinshi and LGBTQ+ oriented doujinshi for digital purchase. Users can create an account on the website and start purchasing works immediately. As a direct sales channel, IRODORI LITE provides Western fans opportunities to support their favorite doujinshi artists by ensuring higher royalties for artists with each purchase.

Together with the launch of the website, IRODORI Comics is beginning its rewards program, which allows people to earn points with purchases that can be traded in for future discounts. As part of the launch campaign of the website, all new accounts created on IRODORI LITE until the end of August will receive 250 complimentary points as a token of appreciation. 

All existing Irodori Aqua (non-erotic doujinshi imprint) titles currently available on Amazon Kindle and ComiXology will be made available for purchase at the IRODORI LITE website on launch. In addition to these, three new all-ages works under the Irodori Sakura label (LGBTQ+ doujinshi imprint) make their debut:

Mine-Kun is Asexual by Isaki Uta

Why Does Love Do This to Me? by Ayano Ayano

She Wants To Do What? by Ichinorai

Irodori Comics intends to release all future works from both of these imprints on the IRODORI LITE site with planned releases by Seiju NatsumeguKuroba DamYamamoto Tomomitsu, and Yoimachi Meme.

New releases for each imprint will be announced on the Irodori Aqua and Irodori Sakura (NSFW) Twitter accounts. Aside from posting updates, both Twitter accounts also share topics that raise awareness on non-erotic doujinshi in the manga industry and the growing trend of LGBTQ+ representation in Japanese doujinshi.

ABOUT Irodori Comics: Irodori Comics works directly with Japanese manga artists to help localize and publish their works outside of Japan. The company believes in spreading doujinshi culture around the world by publishing doujinshi that everybody can enjoy. The Irodori Aqua label was created to serve the non-erotic doujinshi market, while the Irodori Sakura label was created to boost LGBTQ+ representation in doujinshi publications. Both imprints serve to increase manga fan awareness regarding doujinshi and its role in the industry.

Cost range of titles: $2.99 to $7.25

  • The main Irodori Lite Homepage can be visited HERE.
  • The available Yuri/GL Titles can be found HERE. More coming soon.
  • Currently the only other available LGBT+ themed doujinshi is Mine-kun is Asexual. More coming soon.
  •  Irodori Aqua and Irodori Sakura (NSFW) Twitter accounts.


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3 Responses to Irodori Comics Launches “IRODORI LITE” Webpage

  1. Jfram says:

    Think they release physical works of the digital copies?


  2. Hello,

    “She wants to do what?” by Ichinorai seems to have disappeared from Irodori. What’s with that? I’m happy I bought it before they took it down (I really like it!), but I wonder why that happened…

    Liked by 1 person

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