Rose Seed Replica Release Date Announced

This title popped up every now and then. I followed the developer quietly on Twitter. The good news is her game is reaching its development “climax” shall we say. Here is a 32-bit Yuri Adventure Game. Think something like the Adventure Island series, King’s Quest series or Grim Fandango based on the trailer and tweets I noticed over the years. This is Rose Seed Replica by LezLiz (The Lesbian Lizard).

Rose Seed Replica

Rose Seed Replica Scene

Game Description:

A feel-good lesbian love story about two women unexpectedly cast to the other end of the galaxy.

What if you were just minding your own business and suddenly got zapped to smithereens, only to somehow wake up in a remote space station far, far away from Earth? That’d be awful, right?

But what if the lady who kind of did that to you actually turned out to be the loveliest person ever? And she liked girls too? What would that make it?

Gay. There’s no way around that. It’s queer women kissing and messing with each other, feel-good slice-of-life, aloof banter, silly dates, an occasional serious topic, rainbows, awkward humor, bad puns, nonsensical mysteries and stuff.

  • 100% yuri
  • 100% gay agenda
  • 100+ choices to make
  • 170,000 words worth of dialogue
  • 6 different story routes
  • 4 different romance types
  • Awkward humor and light drama
  • Pixel-art graphics
  • Made by a lesbian

As mentioned in the description this is a yuri game by a lesbian. Those are always nice to see, yes. Rose Seed Replica is scheduled for a September 9th, 2020 release.

  • Add the game to your Steam Wishlist HERE. Will also available on
  • Visit the Homepage for more information HERE.
  • Follow LezLiz on Twitter.

PS: In case anyone asks about what kind of Point and Click game this will be.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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2 Responses to Rose Seed Replica Release Date Announced

  1. qorl says:

    Yuri pxel art? Already sold


  2. Mh, I love the art. Setting also looks good. I just put a reminder on my calendar, will buy on! I would have probably missed this title because I’m usually only searching for visual novels, so thanks for letting us know about it!


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