Please Be Happy + Arcadia Fallen

We have another Kickstarter project and new title to promote from a certain studio we are big fans of around these parts.

Arcadia Fallen Kickstarter

First up let’s check out the Kickstarter project, Arcadia Fallen by Galdra Studios.


Plot Summary: When a young alchemist apprentice is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit, they suddenly find themselves drawn into a war between humanity and magic, and must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful visual novel roleplaying experience that combines gorgeous Japanese-inspired anime aesthetics with enchanting Scandinavian storytelling.

Players can choose to play a male or female character and choose to address them using “He”,  “She” or “They” pronouns. Players can also change their skin and hair colors.

The game is a Visual Novel with some puzzles here and there and dialogue options influenced by Bioware series such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. By this I mean players can define the protagonist’s personality based on chosen dialogue options. This will affect how your teammates react toward you as the game progresses.

From the looks of it there are four potential love interests, two male and two female, unless Mime is an option too.

The interested can learn more about the game and possibly support it by visiting the Kickstarter page HERE. Includes a Demo.

Arcadia Fallen Pages:

Next up is the aforementioned game by a certain popular studio.

Please be Happy

It’s Please Be Happy by Studio Élan!

Please be Happy Plot Summary

Please Be Happy Cutscene

Dialogue will be in speech bubbles while below will feature Miho’s thoughts at that moment in time.

Methinks Juliet and Aspen will be the love interests unless the woman Miho remembers is a secret third age-gap route.

Please Be Happy is scheduled for a 2020 release on PC (Steam and and Nintendo Switch.

With that Studio Élan has three big projects coming between Late 2020 and sometime in 2021. To refresh readers’ memories the other two are Lock and Key and Summer at the Edge of the Universe.

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2 Responses to Please Be Happy + Arcadia Fallen

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “male, female, or transgender protagonist”, but it doesn’t sound right. Binary trans people (that is, trans men and trans women) often identify with one of the first two respectively, and while nonbinary people are trans (if they identify that way themselves), trans people aren’t necessarily nonbinary. Is this language the developer was using, or something else?


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