Lapis Re:LiGHTs Episode 1: Little Idol Academia

We had school idols, social working idols, space idols and idol politicians before so it’s only a matter of time before we got magic idols. Let’s find out what the premiere had in store, shall we?



We kicked things off with our heroine Tiara sleeping soundly before getting a bumpy awakening. She explored the town in search of the “Legendary Academy”.

Director Chloe

Director Chloe. She’s my type.

At the academy Tiara was surprised how quickly she was admitted to the academy. Even the “exam” seemed rather simple, simpler than a certain talking hat. Just then a lovely lady entered the office, someone Tiara was more than familiar with.

Tiara hugging Rosetta

Tiara hugging her childhood friend.

Rosetta came to give Tiara a tour of the school. To her surprise Director Chloe had Tiara join her group. Before she could ask in detail Chloe was like “That’s an order”.

Tiara and Rosetta


Not long into the tour Tiara was like “Come on Rosetta. Stop calling me Lady Tiara, or do you want me to address you as ‘Rosetta-Senpai’, hmmm?” Rosetta obliged. First things first. Rosetta introduced Tiara to her classmates. One was at the library, Lynette.



Lynette loved reading books. Tiara found a note inside one of them with what appeared to be a love poem. Very interesting. Let’s remember this just in case.

Ashley and Lavie

Ashley (purple) and Lavie (blonde).

At the dodgeball court Rosetta introduced the last two teammates, Ashley and Lavie. They fill the “bicker on the outside but care deeply for each other on the inside” ship quota.

Tom and Sherry

Lavie’s gay bunnies, Tom and Sherry. I see what you did there.

Tiara and Rosetta at the pool

The rest of the tour was fun.

At one point in the tour Tiara fainted. The reason was funny. Suddenly the OP. I thought we’d get it at the end of the episode. Oh well, it’s nice.


Tiara’s older sister Eliza.

While out cold we got a brief hint of her leaving the family home on not the best of terms. Her onee-chan Eliza pleaded with her to stay but she refused. This wouldn’t be the only hint of trouble in paradise.

Eliza singing for Tiara

Eliza singing a lullaby for Tiara.

Clearly the sisters cared about each other but something big must have happened to make Tiara leave.

Rosetta caressing Tiara's hair

Wonder which of the two has it harder for the other?

After a touching scene on the school roof our lovely couple passed the cafeteria. Tiara wanted some grub. She accidentally bumped into another group.


Yue and her cute buns.

Things seemed fine at first when Yue asked Tiara about her tiara. She said it was a gift from her sister. Yue probably figured out she was royalty and coldly pushed her aside. Definitely something big happened with Tiara’s family.

Rosetta giddy to help Tiara

Rosetta giddy to help Tiara.

At the group’s dorm room they discussed what to do about Tiara’s bed situation. There were only four beds in the room and they were now five. There was an empty room next door with a bed for two people. They didn’t think it was a good idea for Tiara to sleep alone so they left it up to Rosetta. Her face said it all.

The episode ended with a better explanation of the group’s status. Girls are split in three ranks. Tiara’s team are Lapis rank, aka the lowest. As far as school privileges went they had to wait till last. What’s worse, all four of Tiara’s teammates were in danger of getting expelled should they fail their classes again.

An excellent start. I only focused on our five heroines but the rest of the girls all look quite interesting, cute and sexy. There’s a mystery and we got some ships all set so there’s plenty to get hyped for in the weeks to come.

Ah yes. I have a feeling the idol thing will be treated as secondary like in Uma Musume (Gay horsies) while the show focuses more on magic. Cool with me.

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17 Responses to Lapis Re:LiGHTs Episode 1: Little Idol Academia

  1. Nick says:

    Gotta say it’s nice to be watching anime again, and what better show to get back into it than this one. Really liked the opening ep. What stood out to me right away was how lovely the art and animation was, really good. Actually kinda forgot this was an idol show if it wasn’t for the OP showing the different groups. Looking forward to seeing them perform at some point in the future.

    Tiara is really cute, hell all the girls are really, really cute. Gonna be hard picking a favorite. But that tanned blonde cutie has my eye. Waiting for her to officially be introduced hopefully next week. Loved the interactions of Rose and Tiara too, early favorite couple of the show. Rose was so happy to be her roommate too, was getting really hot in there indeed. The rooftop scene was really nice, Tiara has a lovely singing voice, she’ll fit right in with the idol side of things.

    Speaking of idols things, really liked the music as well. Idol shows always have great songs and the OP was really nice a catchy. Can’t wait to hear the full version when that’s out. Same with the ED too.

    All in all great first ep. Excited for more!

    Almost forgot how fun watching anime is. I gotta do this more often.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The cast are already quite endearing so far and the two ships are both quite good, especially our leading ladies.

      Oh yes. The hype is real for the beauty debuting next episode.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Oh Rosetta, how gay you are for Tiara…

    Always fun when the friends ship and support them. I loved Lavie’s cheering sounds and “give her a good time in the bedroom” encouragement ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I find it interesting the principal intentionally shoved Tiara into a group that’s going to be expelled if they don’t get their sht together, there’s clearly something up here.

    The gay vibes are strong, I like it!

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, Tiara is really cute. But I find it funny how when she addresses Rosetta formally. Still, I find it cute how she touches Tiara’s hair while she fell asleep. It’s obvious that her feelings towards her is more than just best friends.

    Still, I wonder if Tiara came to help save Rosetta’s group from being expelled.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Yup, I think I’m going to like this one. I’m interested in seeing more of all the girls, but Rosetta is my fav so far and it’s obvious she’s got it bad for Tiara. Kind of makes me wonder why she didn’t keep in touch with her. I guess time will tell, but they are easily my early favorite ship so far.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. elkat4 says:

    Tiara: Wait, you’re in the Slypher Red dorm? How could this happen?
    Rosetta: Well whenever I tried to study, I got….distracted thinking about you and fingers went to places they shouldn’t be going. By the time I was no longer….distracted, I was too tired to study.
    Tiara: Distracted? Well then now that I’m here, I’ll help make sure you don’t get distracted while studying!
    Rosetta: Oh, um, thanks. Whisper I don’t think I’ll be getting less “distracted” while you’re here….
    Lavia: Be sure to tie a sock around the door handle so that nobody disturbs the two while you’re “studying”.
    Tiara: Tie a sock around the door handle? I don’t understand.
    Rosetta (blushing brightly): ….!
    Tiara: So why did you three got stuck in the loser dorm?
    Lavia: Ashley and I…were arguing who got to be top or bottom and forgot to study.
    Tiara: Top or bottom? Oh, you mean to who gets the top or bottom bunk!
    Lavia: Y-yes, let’s go with that.
    Lynette: I was too busy reading poems about….adult romance and forgot to study.
    Tiara: Adult romance? Can I read them some time?
    Lynette Blushing: ….sure.

    Tiara: Rosetta, do you want the top or the bottom?
    Rosetta: To top or bottom….?! I mean this really sudden. Whisper If I’m on the bottom, I’ll have to ask you to be the bottom, but if I’m the top, I’ll try to gentle….
    Tiara: Rosetta, which do bunk do you want?
    Rosetta: Oh, you were talking about the bunks….
    Tiara: What did you think I was talking about?
    Rosetta: Why don’t you choose. I’m fine with your choice.
    Tiara: Let’s start studying!
    Rosetta: I’m already too distracted to study.
    Tiara: Already?
    Rosetta: Having you here is more exciting than my imagination
    Tiara: Exciting? Well, whatever, let’s get you undistracted so that we study.
    Rosetta (Blushing): U-undistracted?!
    Tiara: Yes! You need to study or you’ll flunk out!
    Rosetta: ….Alright.
    Rosetta opens the door and ties a sock around the handle before shutting it.

    Eliza: A letter from Tiara?
    “Dear sister, I lost my maidenhead to Rosetta.”
    Eliza: This is just as I feared! TT_TT

    Tiara: I received a letter from my sister!
    “Dear Tiara, tell Rosetta that she better make a honest woman out of you or I’ll have her head on a silver platter.”
    Rosetta: I’ll visit the jewelers.

    Another day….
    Tiara: It sounds like Lavia and Ashley are arguing again!
    Tiara throws open the door: Stop arguing you t- WHY ARE YOU BOTH NAKED!?!
    Lavia: Didn’t you see the sock tied to the door handle!

    Another day (again)….
    Tiara: Lavia! Tom and Sherry! They’ve had babies!
    Lavia: That’s impossible. They’re both female.
    Tiara: I don’t know how! But they had kids!
    Lavia: Did a male rabbit get in?
    Ashley: Lavia, have you seen the head of lettuce I was practicing reproduction magic on?
    Lavia: A head of lettuce? I don’t think so.
    Ashley: Well if you, please leave it alone. There’s no telling what kind of effects it can have if eaten.
    Lavia: Tiara, please dispose of the lettuce of this lettuce. I’ll find a home for the kittens.
    Tiara: Alright.
    Tiara: Where that lettuce go? Lavia is going to kill me when she finds out that I lost it.
    Rosetta: This lettuce is good.
    Tiara: ….Crap.

    Eliza: Another letter from Tiara.
    “Dear sister, I accidentally impregnated Rosetta.”

    I may have enjoyed this anime a little too much…. ^_^’

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  7. tbiscut74 says:

    What a Fantastic First Episode! Everything was on point! The animation, the music, the characters! All fantastic!

    I can’t wait to meet the rest of the lovely ladies of this series! They’re all so pretty!

    Director Chloe is drop dead sexy! Nuff’ said.

    Tiara has a cute tiara.

    Excited for mor!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. mikubikki says:

    well well, back to one of my favorite places for yuri related articles. feels good to be back again after irl matter got taken care off, time to catch up on those charts that been piling up.

    kicking things off, this lovely anime has very2 pretty song, visual and many many potential ships. the first episode already “oh my…so steamy right of the bat” :3 . rosetta soooo cuteeeee

    Liked by 3 people

  9. yurimylove says:

    This anime has great quality, just look at the beautiful art and drawings, and their dresses and school uniforms are so beautifully designed and pleasing to the eyes. Especially amazing considering the animators are working under unusual circumstances (pandemic etc.) Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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