Foul Play Kickstarter

Back at it again, we are. This time the feature Yuri Visual Novel Kickstarter project is about a detective obsessed with bringing a flirtatious assassin to justice, but she too falls victim to her seductive charms. Will she be able to decide whether to turn her in for justice or perhaps go on a different kind of pursuit? This is Foul Play, by Bandit Visual Games.

Foul Play Cover


You play as a straight-laced investigator who has always been bound to the rules and you successfully live an unfulfilling, stable, mundane life. Although you’re apt at solving crimes from behind a desk, you have an impressive track record of fumbling when you come across criminals of a more… feminine nature.

Just as you’re starting to question if you’re really as vanilla, average, and…straight as you thought, you are given a last chance at redemption: catch a mercurial, high-profile assassin who has been toying with the secret service for her own personal thrills. When your paths cross, you’ll have to decide how pure your conscience really is. After all, justice is subjective.

You find yourself drawn to the assassin. She is unfiltered, bold and embodies the kind of power that you begrudgingly admire in another woman. She’s also not too hard on the eyes. In return, she seems particularly fascinated with pushing you to the limits in order to unveil a darker side of you and unleash your deepest desires.

Cool tidbit is the project is being developed by a lesbian couple with diverse backgrounds in programming, UI/UX design, and digital art.

The more enticing Stretch Goals include making your Director a romance option along with a potential second assassin. The game will feature “naughty” scenes, if you know what I mean.

For some reason I cannot share more images than the main cover so, as always, the interested can learn more about the game and its cast along with possibly supporting it by visiting the Kickstarter page HERE.

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