Yuri Quickie: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Not a show that was originally on my radar but a select few of my closest allies, especially a lovely lady, motivated me to give it a go. Let us quickly go over what to potentially expect from Princess Connect Re:Dive

Princess Connect Re;Dive

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Number of Episodes: 13

The show is another one based on a mobile game featuring characters who are part of the cast but do not get much development outside of the main Guild led by Pecorine. This is one of those shows where viewers do not need to have played the mobile game to get what is going on but it references events of the prequel game. I have not played the mobile games myself thus I know nothing about the series but managed to enjoy the show just fine. Each side-character did their thing and were enjoyable to watch. Most of the ladies got enough screen time (an episode) to make a fun impression while others were relegated to last minute cameos. Fortunately we got more of the former than the latter. Just do not expect deep looks into every girl.

Let us quickly address the elephant in the room as seen in the title poster. Mr Yuuki is a classic amnesiac JRPG protagonist. Over time the truth about his identity is revealed., or enough to make the interested check out the mobile game to learn more. His amnesia is an interesting one. He only manages to remember his name (or something close enough), Yuuki, and partial words. He is like a newborn but in reality this is not his first rodeo. With the help of Kokkoro the adorable elf, Pecorine the badass genki Princess Knight and Karyl the cat mage he slowly remembers his memories, skills and stuff. I dedicated a paragraph to Yuuki to reassure readers he is not a het harem protagonist. In fact he does not feel like the star of the show at all. He serves a role similar to Komari’s older brother from Non Non Biyori except Yuuki does sometimes speak. The precious Kokkoro admires him but it never delves into romantic territory. In fact, the only girl who “wants his strudel” is…special. See Episode 5 (My favorite.) to learn more.

Like every comedy in existence whether the viewer finds the show funny depends on their sense of humor.

The show has its cool battles, tense moments and plot progression but for the most part is about Pecorine and friends going on fun and wacky adventures with some JRPG humor here and there. It has a somewhat slow premiere episode but the fun gets cooking soon after.

Princess Connect Karyl X Pecorine 2

The show stealing couple.

I did not go in great detail about Kokkoro because her appeal is straightforward. She is super adorable, kind and quite amusing. A straightforward cutie who brightened my day every time she did anything wonderful, which was quite often. The main reason everyone is here is to discuss the loveliness that is Pecorine X Karyl. Without giving too much away Karyl does not become friends with our heroes right away. She is a tsundere troublemaker after Pecorine. Of course Pecorine’s genki charm and badassery turned her on, a feeling that continued to grow the more time she spent with the team. Speaking of Pecorine’s genki charms she is a benevolent warrior with Herculean strength, stamina and can take down many great foes single-handedly. Fortunately she usually has help winning battles so she is not like a token isekai protagonist. Her weakness is her bottomless stomach constantly craving more food than a whale. There is an explanation given for this.

As far as personalities go Karyl is a token tsundere with a good heart but has her reasons for causing trouble while Pecorine is kind to the point of being naive at times. Fortunately she is not stupid, just has a strong desire to help people and want to see everyone smile. This is the crux of their developing relationship. While not the central focus when they get a chance to openly convey or struggle with their feelings for the other they do so. Guess which of the two openly expresses her love while the other has great difficulty accepting her growing feelings.


There is a side-couple as well. Do not let the “onee-chan” fool you.

Princess Connect Re:Dive is a fun show that gets an 8/10 (for PecoRyl) and a 7/10 overall. It has a game bait conclusion which I do not mind very much.

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10 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I loved the show…so much…from start to finish. It’s in the top three of the season. Possibly number 1, but it’s a hard one. Would really like another season ;_;

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  2. k1ll1ngz0ne says:

    Thank you for answering the elephant in the room right of the bat. Its what immediately turned me off watching the show right after seeing its first official art.

    It seems appropriate to downplay his involvement if he actually really isn’t all that relevant.
    However, as all things can be inverted, begs the question of why he’s even in in the first place.

    Either he’s from the game and was a much bigger nuisance there, or they have sinister plans for him if this gets a sequel and were playing bait and switch.

    He seems pointless enough but he just has to be in there doesn’t he…?

    Anyway I sure hope this ends up being accurate to me. ( I admit my standards of what I tolerate drop by the day)
    I ultimately gave Dumbbell a shot and that was an absolute chore to get through.

    While relative to other shows mr. muscles was tolerable, man if my skin didn’t crawl every time he showed up.

    Hope I don’t have to go through that again.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      I will warn you, there are a mutlitude of girls who like yuuki (the guy). The main thing is that Pecorine and Karyl never show that interest in him. There were PLENTY of chances for the show to push that, but it was always in the end about Karyl and Pecorine. Yuuki helped at times, but he’s 100% not a romantic interest for those two. Later on, very near the end, you meet a couple characters that also very much like him. And there’s one girl in the middish section that also likes him. And episode 5 has a yandere for him. It seems like a lot when put that way, but really, he’s more of a side character who has abilities that are needed.

      With a season 2, I’d imagine we’d get a better idea of why he’s so important to the plot, we already did a decent amount. He becomes a lot more plot relevant near the end, another fair warning. Pecorine and Karyl are still the real stars of this season, but I felt you should know, based on that post

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      • k1ll1ngz0ne says:

        That knocked the wind out of my sails.

        I mean, he had to be somewhat in there, considering the world mystery is his backstory, something which is very weak sauce IMO and guarantees the story will ultimately end up revolving around him.

        Anyway, thanks for the further clarifications, I can always count on people here knowing what they’re talking about.

        This stuff personally downgrades material from writers that are more capable than they show by including lowest common denominator tropes in their work.

        Hopefully this is something I can join in correcting myself soon.

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      • cirno9fan says:

        I hope you can still enjoy the show, but didn’t want you to go through what I have many a time. It’s a really fun show, and pecorine and Karyl are crazy adorable together. Plus there are a couple side yuri couples.

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  3. K says:

    I find most Cygames anime very enjoyable and this was no exception. This show was very funny to me, especially their reactions. Pecorine/Karyl is such a heartwarming pair as well the minor ones throughout the show.

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  4. LuzeP says:

    I played the game before mostly for the sexy ladies. Yuuki is in the game so I was worried about the anime. But it turned out wonderful. Yuuki talks a little to nothing is kind of funny. Because I feel like the show made him a game parody. You know when we play the game sometimes there’s a conversation we have to choose and we barely talk. We just watch the character talking to each other. Kokkoro is too adorable. She has this funny face when she’s worry about Yuuki gets eaten a lot. Or worries about anything. The other girls are cute and sexy. Again, that’s the main reason I played the game. I was waiting for that other couple moments. And it was worth it. As Karyl and Pecorine you described their relationship very nicely. Big strong girl with a cute little cat but still sexy, are perfect together. They have the most development after all. They steal the show. To sum up, if you don’t mind with guy character (who barely talking) you will enjoy this show very much.

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  5. Christian Appel says:

    The last scene of Pecorine x Karyl at the tavern is pure yuri gold – due to certain words and actions.

    Can´t wait for S2.


  6. RPP says:

    Could you equivocate it to Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions? Main het couple was pointless. Was there for Dekomorisummer.


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