My Next Life as a Villainess Episode 9: Slumber Party Surprise

We were treated to a wonderful slumber party and an unexpected surprise.

Catarina and Anne

Catarina moved on to her 2nd year!

We began with a visit by The Baka One to her personal maid Anne’s room to tell her the above mentioned good news. She somehow managed to avoid her mother’s wrath. Then she thought out loud to not lower her guard. Plenty of potential Doom Flags out there. Realizing she was thinking out loud Anne was like “I am used to it”. Before leaving Catarina made sure to properly thank Anne for helping her make it this far.

Anne surprised

Anne didn’t expect such praise.

We’ll get back to what Anne did after Bakarina left later.

Later that day she saw Catarina and her harem chatting it up. She took this time to reflect on (feel sorry for) the lovesick aristocrats based on her observations. As always we’ll skip the boys’ stuff (they’re of course funny) and talk about her thoughts on the ladies.

Sophia and Catarina at the library

Back to her old strategy.

Sophia went back to her old strategy, get Catarina and Nicol together so she can monopolize her post-marriage. Despite her love for The Baka One she’s still a brocon. A scheming brocon to be exact. Oh well. It is what it is.

Delighted Maria

A most innocent gay smile.

Maria’s happiest feeding Bakarina sweets. More on this later.

And now the one my fellow enlightened have been waiting for.

Mary: I am unfit to be Alan’s fiancee.

Catarina: Tell me about it. I’m even less fitting to be Prince Geordo’s.

Mary's Plan

Mary's Plan 2

This girl is a genius.

Anne knew The Baka One was an oddball yet many were attracted to her. She asked herself why but already knew the answer.

Catarina's eggplant pajamas

Catarina's glowing pajamas

Too bad Anne shot down both pajamas.

We move on to the main event, Catarina’s slumber party! The guys wanted to join in and she was like “I know! Why not have a guys night!” Nicol and Sophia’s reactions were the best.

Mary, Sophia and Maria pajamas

So nice.

The five ladies (Anne too of course) began their festivities with The Baka One asking the girls if they liked anyone. All three being friendly rivals decided it was best to lay low with that factoid. Sophia changed the question while staying on subject, asking how the ladies would spend time with their soul mate. Guess who was the most eager to hear Bakarina’s answer.

Catarina embarrassed


Catarina wanted to cook a meal for them with the vegetables she grew.

Maria wanted to bake sweets and cook meals every day for them.

Sophia…in short, wanted to go on a grand adventure like in her favorite novels.

What about The People’s Lady?

Mary questioning Catarina's logic

Mary questioning Catarina’s logic.

Let’s just say she envisioned a very passionate day…with a certain lady.

Catarina: Huh? You wouldn’t trade dresses with a boy, would you?

Mary: What? Does the partner have to be male?

Catarina: I assumed it would be…

Mary: Whaaaa? In that case, I cannot think of anything. I am much happier when I am with you, Lady Catarina.

The girls were curious to hear Anne’s answer but she had no desire to marry. To lighten the mood Catarina changed the subject asking what they’d like to be reborn as. Pay close attention to Sophia’s answer.

Back to Anne. There’s a good reason why she wanted to remain single. Time for the surprise flashback.

Young Anne

Young Anne.

Anne was the daughter of a baron and one of his maids. Mother said to behave herself around him, doing as she was told, never questioning him. Tragedy struck when she was 15. Their home caught fire and her mother didn’t survive. She did but her left arm was permanently scarred. She hoped the baron would care for her but he was like “What rich guy would marry an imperfect bastard like you?” He didn’t word it like that but he might as well have.

Anne hired by Catarina's family

Anne hired by Catarina’s family.

At first Catarina was a spoiled brat to Anne but after the fateful bump on the noggin her days with the little mistress were happy ones. It appeared her happy times would continue when suddenly “dear old dad” found a guy.

Catarina defies Anne's Dad

Catarina defied the baron.

Despite becoming more independent by Catarina’s side she didn’t have the courage to oppose the baron. That’s when The Baka One stormed in and worked her magic.

Anne X Catarina

Anne X Catarina.

While Anne said she didn’t want to marry and was content forever serving Catarina I imagine she wouldn’t be against age-gap, if you know what I mean. After that there’s a neat little extra segment about shears. It’s hilarious. Great stuff as usual.

The bullies want revenge

Next time, the bullies want their revenge.

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9 Responses to My Next Life as a Villainess Episode 9: Slumber Party Surprise

  1. AirMasterHoney says:

    Adding the maid to the harem, what a pleasant surprise. Bakarina’s reach is great and ever expanding. Great episode as always.

    Also as a side, I know one of the aspects of Bakarina being dense is that she doesn’t know she’s already destroyed the doom flags but I like her still being cautious about it. Episode 1 showed that world would try to autocorrect her actions in regards to Keith. Of course she broke that autocorrection, but who’s to say it doesn’t try the same thing with the doom flags? Just a thought.

    Here’s hoping for a marry them all option (I’d agree with Mary’s plan but I just like the other girls too much)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In my eyes only Mary is the true yuri route for Catarina ;D I know it’s a long shot but I’d like to see those end up somehow together. :3

    Liked by 3 people

  3. tsubasasfamily says:

    Mary was already Alpha Lesbian as far as I’m concerned, but she outdid herself this episode imo. Please, Goddess Meguca, let them end up together…!! x3

    Liked by 2 people

  4. elkat4 says:

    Catarina is the sexiest eggplant I’ve ever seen.

    Slumber Party Hijinks:
    Catarina: It’s not a slumber party if we don’t play games!
    Mary: Spin the bottle!
    Catarina: But it’s just us girls here.
    Sophie: I want to play spin the bottle!
    Catarina: I don’t know….
    Maria, blushing embarrassedly: ….I’d like to play spin the bottle.
    Catarina: ….Alright.
    Anne: (Oh my lady, you are so dense….)
    Catarina: Anne, play with us!
    Anne: Y-yes my lady….
    Catarina was confused when everyone had her spin the bottle repeatedly. They then played the Pocky game, twister, Truth or Dare, and the King’s Game. The next morning, pajamas were strewn across the floor and four naked girls lay in Catarina’s bed as a maid dressed herself and began to prepare to wake her lady and guests. Anne smiled to herself, knowing that she could never openly be Catarina’s lover, but she would cherish this night and pray for another unexpected romantic opportunity to present itself.

    Crimes of Passion:
    Bullies: We’re going to expose your evil!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Bullies: You have been brewing love potions! How else do you explain seducing everyone!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Bullies: It’s bad enough you’ve been drugging the boys, but the girls as well! You’re horrible!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Bullies: You’ve even seduced us!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Bullies: Take responsibility for your crimes!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Bullies: We’re taking you to Yuri Court!
    Catarina: Wa- wait, Yuri Court?
    Life Sexy: Welcome to Yuri Court!
    Life Cool: She’s guilty; guilty of a crime of passion! I’m so cool.
    Life Beauty: Objection! The defendant is too stupid to actively to try to seduce anyone! Sparkle!
    Life Cool: Then how do you explain the number of the people who have been seduced by her?
    Life Beauty: It’s simple! Animal Magnetism. Despite having all the intelligence of a rock, she possesses a charming smile and kind sole that could win over even the Devil Bear!
    Life Cool: Then you admit she’s guilty of seducing them!
    Life Beauty: Not intentionally, but there’s no denying that merely making eye contact with her is enough to set your heart a flutter!
    Life Sexy: Defendant Catarina, what do you have to say?
    Catarina: Why is everyone wearing bear ears?
    Life Sexy: For it is sexy!
    Catarina: Wat?
    Life Cool: Defendant Catarina, do you admit to your guilt or not?
    Catarina: I don’t know what’s going on!
    Life Sexy: The jury finds Catarina guilty of crimes of passion. Now she must choose her punishment: Give up on love or marry all of your victims!
    Catarina: Wait a second! Why do these skits always ends with me getting married?!
    Life Sexy: Because that is sexy!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Rory says:

    This episode was certainly a welcome surprise, and Anne a welcome addition to Catarina’s harem.
    All the girls had some great moments in this episode. They definitely have far more to offer Catarina than any of the guys do.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Mauron says:

    Sophia doesn’t think she can win Catarina’s heart by herself, so she has a backup plan. I prefer Mary’s more direct approaches.

    Anne: Lady Catarina, if you and Mary ran off and started a farming life together, it would look out of place to have your maid with. as she invites herself along

    How long until we get Villainess/Yuru Yuri crossover art? I want to see Eggplant and Tomato together!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    Mary plans ahead for their yuri paradise, smart girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. K says:

    I loved Sophia’s answers. However, it goes without saying that Mary’s intentions is what all the girls would what to do if they just as direct as her.

    Despite her master’s strange antics, Anne would want nothing more than to be by her side. After seeing what happened in her past, if we’re following the game’s timeline, she wouldn’t have been at the Claes household by the start. A sad thought.

    Sorry Geordo, but you should’ve known that Catarina would’ve invited everyone for anything and everyone knows what she truly wants. Everyone loves her after all. By the way, Mary’s face was so funny to look at.

    Liked by 1 person

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