Some More 2020 Yuri Game Releases

It’s that time again to share some upcoming games with potential yuri content (that I am aware of).

Wicked Willow Protagonists

First up we have an LGBT+ tale of sorcery in Wicked Willow by T.F. Wright.



Note: This trailer is of the 2019 Kickstarter. The quality has greatly improved in the final product.

Game Description: A visual novel set in 1993, Wicked Willow will turn your moral compass upside down. Will you learn the ways of a witch from someone you can’t trust? Would you turn trees into monsters to save a forest from clearcutters? Would you sacrifice your soulmate’s memory to stop a war? And speaking of soulmates, how far would you go to fight for a love that society calls wicked?

In Wicked Willow, the story is the star. There are no stat meters to juggle, no annoying failstates, no tedious puzzles, and no parsing through spoiler-laden guides to find  the “true” ending. You will never think “what do they want me to say here?” when presented with a choice. Instead, every choice is equally valid and can be experienced and enjoyed on its own terms, with its own consequences and plot twists.

Basically a VN about sorcery that promises to “break the mold”. Sounds intriguing. The release date is sometime in the first week of June. Keep on the lookout for the day of release to find out where it will be available for purchase. Most likely Steam and/or

For more information check out the old Kickstarter Page HERE.



The second announcement is Eldritch University by Jackkel Dragon, aka Nightshade. The sequel to Eldritch Academy HERE. It stars side-characters from EA who got together facing another looming darkness.

Kasumi and Misaki

Plot Summary: Kasumi Kawamura just wants to get through university while rekindling her relationship with her girlfriend. But not long after she arrives at school, a strange epidemic starts to infect the city, causing the afflicted to have terrible nightmares and lose the motivation to live their lives. Coinciding with the appearance of this “Nightmare Syndrome”, an old wound that Kasumi thought healed starts to burn and cause frightening visions to those around her. Caught in the center of this situation, Kasumi and her friends try desperately to find a solution. Yet all the while, Kasumi wonders if she might be to blame…

The interested can get the game once it is available June 12th on Steam or Demo included in both links.


Appregend;Girlfriend by Yume Creations is an 18+ VN (Free Adult Patch coming) planned for a June 2020 release.

Plot Summary: Rikka lives in a Share House in Tokyo, making a living by working as a freelance artist.
Since the third tenant moved out recently, it’s a good opportunity for her to get closer to her House Mate Sena.
They just started as normal friends, but with the time passing, they get closer and closer.
Soon there was no doubt left, that Rikka and Sena felt more for each other than friendship.
Will Rikka fall in love with another woman, besides being a woman herself?!

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist HERE.

Strawberry Vinegar Header

Strawberry Vinegar, one of my favorite Ebi-Hime yuri titles, will be ported to the PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch this June. Check out my review of the game HERE.

Highway Blossoms Next Exit

While no release date was confirmed the planned one for the Highway Blossoms DLC midquel/side-story, Next Exit, is August 2020.

Highway Blossoms: Next Exit takes the cast back to the crown jewel of the Mojave Desert: Las Vegas. Amber and Marina return to the city for an alien-themed convention, but Amber’s surprised to run into a past acquaintance as well: Cassi, the candy shop girl. See Highway Blossoms in a new perspective as it explores how people can be alone together.

Best Girl (Cassi) hype is REAL!

Until an official release date is announced Steam owners can Wishlist the DLC HERE.

To keep up to date with Next Exit and other Studio elan news follow them on Twitter HERE.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town


Already talked about Story of Seasons before HERE but it’s worth reminding everyone it too is scheduled for a release very soon on Nintendo Switch in July 2020. More information HERE. The game features same-sex marriage options.

Time for the main event.

Kandagawa Jet Girls


This is a game fans of a certain ecchi gay jet ski racing anime have been eagerly anticipating. It’s Kandagawa Jet Girls coming to PS4 and PC! The PC version probably has more freedom than the PS4 one, if you know what I mean.

The sport of the future is here: jet racing! The brightest, most daring young athletes in Japan take to the waterways of Tokyo on high-tech jet machines. Each Jetter, or driver, pairs up with a Shooter, who blasts the opposition with various types of water guns. The fans are wild, the races are wilder, and the water’s great! But there’s more at stake than a trophy or two. Each racer has her own dreams, her own driving force pushing her onward. Some race for glory, some out of obligation, some to show their faith in a higher power, and some for nothing more than the thrill of it all. And each one, together with both her partner and her competitors, has a heartfelt story to tell.

Experience tales of friendship, hardship, family, and love, all infused with a rush of adrenaline in a whole new kind of racing. The Kandagawa River is ready for your challenge!

The game will most likely follow a different story than the anime. Hopefully the relationship building remains intact and has similar outcomes for the main 6 couples, including a game exclusive 7th team, Grindcore. The game also features Senran Kagura and (I think I heard Neptune and Noire are in the game.) Hyperdimension Neptunia Guest Characters with one team included in the Western release and the rest remaining DLC.

Fore more information visit the English KJG homepage HERE. The game is scheduled for an August 2020 release on PS4 and PC, most likely via Steam.

PS4 owners can pre-order the Racing Hearts PS4 Limited Edition HERE or on Amazon.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 2 is coming in June. People who couldn’t avoid the leaks are strongly advised to not say anything. Silence is golden.

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10 Responses to Some More 2020 Yuri Game Releases

  1. Mauron says:

    Apprehend;Girlfriend isn’t about a detective and a thief? Darn.

    Harvest Moon: Gay Marriage Edition: That game recently inspired me to play Stardew Valley. Will pick up eventually.

    Kandagawa Jet Girls: The fanservice left me with questions at times in the anime, but they had some cute couples. I’ll pick it up on Noire, and sometimes play while holding Uni.

    Last of Us II: I picked up the remastered version of the first game recently. I’ll decide on II after I play that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Claudia says:

    For the upcoming Story of Seasons, the same-gender marriage options are everyone who’s a marriage option at all for this one. The JP version apparently had it called “best friends” and made it take additional steps to access, but the localization terms everything as marriage equally and removes that (


  3. toukonootto says:

    Please recommend yuri novel as well. There are so many great yuri novels out there. Only some are completed while most are either slow update or dropped translation. A translator told me because of small yuri fandom and low popularity compare to straight and yuri fandom, they lose the sprit to translate those yuri novels.


    • toukonootto says:

      Sorry it was supposed to be ” straight and yaoi fandom”


    • OG-Man says:

      Many yuri VNs are getting localized nowadays. Some taking more time than others for whatever reason. Now if the games you’re referring to are old games that are difficult to localize or the other unfinished translation SonoHana games there isn’t much I can do. I usually ask people to bring up games they want to see localized during localization surveys like Mangagamer’s.

      As far as recently announced localized VNs I covered ones I am aware of in separate posts.


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  6. Ioni says:

    Steam is confirmed for Kandagawa Jet Girls


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