Shoujo City (3D) Now Available on Steam and Mobile Devices

Been waiting since the game came out of Beta before properly promoting it. The wait is over. It’s time to help spread the word on the 3D Yuri Dating Simulator that is Shoujo City.

shoujo city 3d

The idea behind the game is create your own cute girl and do what you can to win the heart of the available romance options as seen in the above trailer. Instead of picking options like in most 2D Dating Simulators, this time the player girl must purchase the items themselves, take their love interest on dates and other activities. However, our leading lady must ensure she has the money to afford everything. To do this she must apply for part-time jobs or other methods of earning money. That is a small bit of what is available in the game.

  • There are 6 romance options: 5 girls and a dakimakura/hug pillow.
  • Visit the Shoujo City website HERE to check out the in-game features.
  • Shoujo City is available on Steam, Google Play or the Apple App Store.The game can be played for free but of course to get the full experience it must be purchased.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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