My Life as a Villainess Episode 7: Dungeoneering

As if to address my concern regarding Sophia in the last episode this one had important scenes about her.

Other Catarina and Acchan

Past Catarina and Acchan (Atsuko).

We continue where we left off with the “Sophia is Acchan” theory I brought up last time. We saw how “Catarina” and Acchan first met. Turns out her posterior was a deadly super weapon in her previous life too. They became friends, Acchan treasuring their friendship very much. In fact, it was Acchan who got “Catarina” into Fortune Lover. She thought their bond would be eternal. Alas, our old friend the Isekai Truck of Doom had other plans. Understandably devastated she wished to be with her again should she be reborn in another life. As if wanting to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, Acchan was indeed reborn as Sophia, Yet again we have the romance trope I introduced (Not invented naturally), “The heart knows what the brain does not”.

Catarina cheering up Sophia

Of course Sophia would go to The Baka One for help.

As if drawn to her Sophia went to Catarina to discuss her dream. Not Nicol, The Baka One. She recalled having a sad dream but the details were vague to her. Catarina’s like “Exams are coming up. Must be the stress. No worries. Let’s take on the test together!.”

Fearing a fate hundreds of times worse than the Doom End the Inner Catarina Council agreed to prioritize exams for the time being. Speaking of, the exam involved exploring a dungeon. ENDRO!~ was a fun show, yes.

Team Catarina running from a boulder

Team Catarina.

Living up to her name our heroes had a bit of a rough start no thanks to Bakarina channeling her inner Dee-Dee. Before we continue it’s once again time for  “OG worships Mary’s greatness!”

Mary worried about Catarina

Bless you Mary.

Mary: Oh dear. I do hope Catarina is alright.

Alan: Don’t worry. Geordo’s with her.

Mary: That is exactly what worries me.

And that was “OG worships Mary’s greatness!”. Back to the show.

Catarina about to use Earth Bump

Catarina almost achieving coolness.

Third best moment of the episode. Second was Mary (of course). Number one would come later.

Nicol and Sophia use wind magic

Sophia and Nicol use wind magic to locate Catarina.

Catarina bumped into yet another trap, this time a door, separating her from her team. The harem gathered to plan their rescue. Nicol got the idea of using wind magic to detect her voice. Sophia helped strengthen the wind. They heard “mushrooms” and Sophia immediately followed the sound.

Shadow lurking behind Catarina

Shadow lurking behind Catarina.

Speaking of mushrooms The Baka One gathered several for what could have been a long period of blue-ness. Knowing her “luck” they’re poisonous. Since falling into the unknown a shadowy presence lurked near her, waiting for the right moment to strike. Speaking of her bad luck she stepped on a chipped part and was about to meet her doom.

Sophia tries to rescue Catarina

Sophia tries to rescue Catarina.

Sophia made it in time to grab her but wasn’t strong enough to pull her up. Catarina said to let her go but Sophia refused to lose her again. Again, the heart knows. Fortunately they were saved by wind magic.

Catarina and Sophia safe

Safe and sound.

You’d think it was either by Sophia or Nicol but it’s a shadowy figure. Not sure if it’s the same entity lurking behind Catarina or someone else…

Shadow entity again

Nope. The rescuer and shadow entity aren’t the same.

By the way, The Baka One nonchalantly found the key item to pass the exam. Bless you you lovably oblivious ditz. The episode ends with some glorious deja vu.

Mary Deja Vu

Bless you Mary. Sophia also as she too was willing to make “the ultimate sacrifice”.

Sophia may be the least assertive of the three girls but as hungry as Mary and Maria for baka burgers. A fun episode with Sophia getting some needed brownie points and a bit of a mystery on the side.

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12 Responses to My Life as a Villainess Episode 7: Dungeoneering

  1. Mauron says:

    Hopefully Catarina’s farming skill is better than her studies or fungiculture skill.

    Maria chose not to volunteer for the dinner of death. She must have a strategy for winning the dumb one’s heart… or she was distracted by the shadowy presence.

    Future scene:
    Catarina: I’m worried someday I’ll kill someone with my butt.
    Mary: I volunteer, Lady Catarina! Please kill me with your butt!
    Sophia: You may kill me with your butt again, Lady Catarina
    Maria: blushes quietly, thinking about Catarina’s butt

    Liked by 4 people

    • elkat4 says:

      Catarina would later be brought to court for three accounts of rectal manslaughter. The victims (who survived the fatal annul collision), demanded restitution in the form of Catarina marrying all three of them and (through the power of magic) impregnating them. The judge and jury, who seemed all to happily to approve the marriage of one woman to three others, found Catarina guilty of her sexy crimes and sentenced her to live happily every after in yuri polygamy.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. elkat4 says:

    The last time a character pushed a random red button, an amusing chibi crossover of several isekai anime was born. I would think amusing if Catarina was transported (with her harem-naturally) and wound up continuing her campaign of oblivious seduction. But I suppose that’s for fanfic writers to imagine.

    Speaking of fanfics:
    Catarina wanders about the dungeon, picking mushrooms when suddenly smells a mysterious, sickly odor. Curious and too dumb to live, follows the scent until she turns into a room where a certain mushroom obsessed witch stirs a boiling cauldron.
    Sucy: “Mushrooms….”
    Catarina: “Mushrooms?”
    Sucy: “Mushrooms!”
    Catrina: “Mushrooms!”
    Sucy pours some of the cauldron toxic stew into a bowl and hands it to Catarina along with a silver spoon.
    Catarina takes the bowl, not thinking twice about the foreboding nature of bubbling liquid in the bowl or how the spoon melts the moment it touches the surface. Discarding the now useless spoon, the girl placed the bowl’s rim to her lips and tilted her back, allowing the toxins to slither into her mouth and down her throat.

    By the time the harem manage to somehow to locate Catarina, she lays on the ground, unmoving. After a quick examination of her pulse, they determined she was thankfully only a sleep, but alas she would not wake.

    Sophia: “I read this in a book before! There was a princess who ate a poison apple and wouldn’t wake until the charming prince kissed her!”

    The guys quickly realized the opportunity before them, quickly looked to one another protectively, knowing exactly what the others were thinking and not wanting to let their princess’s precious first kiss be stolen by a rival. Little did they realize they had more rivals than one another.

    Mary was on her knees, leaning over the sleeping beauty’s body, her face only inches from Catarina’s. She had not time to revel in the pleasure Catarina’s soft lips brought to her as Sophia collapsed onto Catarina, being knocked over by a sudden gust from a source unknown.

    In her fall, Sophia knocked Mary away and landed in a lip lock with Catarina that, while not intentional, filled her heat with unspeakable joy. The sheer glee that swelled in her heart was too great and the girl sheepishly drew away.

    Maria watched the girls make such bold actions with a blushed face. She slowly lowered herself to the ground and contributed to the stealing of the kisses, quickly retreating afterwards to not draw attention to herself.

    Yet despite receiving three kisses the girl didn’t stir for another hour. By then she was carried out of the dungeon. By some luck, they had found a magic crystal laying by Catarina’s slumbering countenance and were able to pass the exam. The beloved idiot no recollection of what had caused her to pass out, but stated she had the strangest dream where three bears- one brown, one white and one blonde, were hungrily licking honey from a lone lily. For reasons unknown her fingers drifted to her lips.

    The brown smiled smugly to herself.

    The white bear did her best to hide her glee.

    The blonde bear blushed embarrassedly.

    Both Catarina and her male suitors were clueless to what transpired in the dungeon; except maybe one, but if he did, his were sealed. After all what made his sister happy made him happy….

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  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Lovely. Now I want Sophia to have Catarina even more!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Rory says:

    The allure of Team Sophia increased with this episode.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Wow, interesting revelation! But i feel kinda sad that Acchan may have also died in the real world in order for her to come to Fotrune Lover like Catarina.

    Liked by 1 person

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