Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story Now Available

This title flew under my radar, mainly because I thought it was a manga. Turns out it is a Yuri VN set in a Catholic School from the looks of it. Been a while since I saw one of those. Not since FLOWERS anyway. Let’s see what’s in store for those interested in Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story. By Ochokokuchi, published by Denpasoft.


Plot summary:

Holy Innocence Girls’ Academy. A Christian school located deep in the quiet mountains of K Town in Nagano Prefecture.
A rumor floats through its halls.
“If you offer a prayer to the Virgin Mary, she will grant any wish… but in exchange, something important will be taken from you.”

When Shiori Kusakabe enrolls as a new student,
she is immediately drawn to her roommate, Miki Chigasaki.

But, one fateful day, she discovers something about Miki by chance,
and the emotions within her begin to stir…

-This is a story of desire and sacrifice-

Jalouse Shiori


Jalouse Miki


  • To check out some more CGs visit the English ~jalouse~ page HERE. (Includes trailer)
  • To get the game visit the Denpasoft page HERE with a launch week discount.
  • Mobile players can buy the game on Google Play HERE or the Apple Store HERE. No discount though.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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1 Response to Fallen Maidens ~jalouse~ Shiori’s Story Now Available

  1. qorl says:

    Lol…I’m pretty sure that’s not how the Virgin Mary works, girls xd
    Seriously though I hope this doesn’t have a tragic ending…Thanks for the info OG.


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