Tamayomi Episode 7: Tournament Revving

I mentioned last week this episode would either be buildup to the tournament or the first round game. It’s the former.

Yoshino's dream

Bless you Yoshino.


It was the day of the drawing to determine which bracket our heroines would compete in in the first round. Yoshino had a field day checking out all the strong, sexy and powerful competition. She wanted to “interview” them all, if you know what I mean. Rei told her team to wait for her while Yoshino and Miss Fujii went along. The reason being everyone was aware of the “scandal” discussed in Episode 2. Best have the girls avoid the pressure.

Tough luck

Rei may be a skilled player but her luck isn’t the best.

The girls worried Rei would get a bracket full of top level teams. Their worries were quickly confirmed.

Nozomi thanking Rei

Nozomi on the other hand was ecstatic they’d face a tough team in the first round.

Hype Players

Two of three hype players.

Out of all the players introduced three of them I’m most excited to see in action. The above two are Nao Nakata (left) and Furukawa (right). I’ll get to the third one in a bit.

Kazumi Yoshikawa

Kazumi Yoshikawa. Tama’s old partner.

While looking up the tournament bracket they noticed one team in particular, Ryoyukan. They were one of the very best in the tournament…and potentially their next opponents should they win the first round. The pitcher, Kazumi Yoshikawa, was Tama’s old partner two years ago. While watching a video of the top players in action Kazumi had a familiar pitching style.

Tama hyping Yomi

That’s it Tama. Hype up your sweetie.

Yomi admitting the girl's got skills

You tried.

Tama didn’t want to talk about it because she had a feeling it’d cause Yomi to worry. She’s right of course but it didn’t take long for her to ease her mind. Their bond was as strong as ever. Nozomi felt their power firsthand.

Afterward we joined the twins trying scout their first round opponents. They watched them playing from afar thinking they wouldn’t get noticed.


Nakayama. Hype player #3.

However, they didn’t expect the ace pitcher, Nakayama, to have yandere powers. Methinks she has a close relationship with the catcher. We’ll find out next time.

Ryo Training

The show gets looked down upon by the typical internet anime crowd. I’m just happy the show knows what loyal fans like me came to see.

Ryo and Sumire Training

Double blissful stretching.


Nice training scene. The main purpose was Yoshino telling Ryo and Sumire not to worry about the opponents but focus on improving their fielding.

Yoshino gets her own uniform

Rei hands Yoshino her uniform.

That evening the time had come for our heroines to get their official team uniforms. To Yoshino’s surprise she got one too. She’s already like the team coach and this made it official.

Yomi wants to praise Tama

Can’t say no to her now Tama.

Tama, Yomi and Ibuki found Yoshino swinging for the fences. She loved her new uniform very much.

Young Ibuki and Yoshino

Young Ibuki and Yoshino.

While playing catch with Yomi Yoshino was asked why Ibuki and her went to this school. Put simply they had a strong attachment to the teams who played there and she wanted to repay them for all the love and support over the years.

A cute moment up next. Yomi asked Yoshino if she wanted to feel the power of the Magic Pitch. Yoshino’s response?

Yoshino knows what's up

Yoshino knows what’s up.

Tama being tsun for Yomi

Come now Tama. No need to tsun. Yoshino (and probably Ibuki) are rooting for you and Yomi’s future together.

Tama about to train

Bless this show.

The episode ended with Yoshino looking up more info on their opponents and wanting to try something different. Have Risa and Ibuki pitch before Yomi. We’ll see how far they’ve come next time. Looking forward to the first round game.

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2 Responses to Tamayomi Episode 7: Tournament Revving

  1. chikorita157 says:

    As expected, Yoshino has to show restraint. After all, the school still has to improve their reputation after that scandal. But still, I find it hilarious how their first rival team pitcher gave Yoshino and Ibuki a scary stare. This makes me wonder how she will be like when Yomi and her friends has to face her team.

    Still, Yoshino getting the official uniform was a surprise nonetheless.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    that yandere stare though…


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