My Life as a Villainess Episode 6: Catarina’s Bi-Summer Funtime

This episode’s main goal was to remind viewers there are guys pining for Catarina’s heart too. I said this last time but episodes centered around guys I won’t bother delving deep into but the ladies had their moments so let’s talk about them instead.


Not a love interest but Catarina’s charms affected her too.

The first highlight was Catarina’s personal maid discussing the positive changes after Catarina hit her head. One of them was the head maid Joana becoming more open and jolly serving her though she still irked hot mom with her tomboyish (not ladylike) antics.

Skipping Keith and Geordo’s attempts to woo our ditzy heroine we join the trio at a lake. She liked it so much she’s like “Let’s have everyone else join the fun!”

Mary felt she's slipping

Mary’s like “Ugh. I almost missed this opportunity. I’m slipping”.

There were four boats and eight people. How very convenient. Naturally everyone wanted to ride with our heroine. Let’s check out what the ladies had to say.

Sophia surprised by Maria's boldness

Sophia wanted the special seat and was immediately surprised by Maria’s boldness. She stepped up her game.

What about Best Girl?

Mary wants a ride

I wonder how many of you didn’t read “with” the first time. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Mary wants a ride 2


Who did the wheel of fate favor on this fine day?

Small victory for Mary

Mary was on fire this episode.

Catarina, Sophia and Nicol on a shopping trip

Catarina, Sophia and Nicol shopping.

Next up we had Sophia invite Catarina on a shopping trip. Nicol tagged along too. I mentioned this in my First Impressions post but of the three harem girls Sophia has made the least assertive moves. She seems to want Nicol to get some benefits too. I may be overthinking it but something tells me Sophia’s plan is to help set up Catarina with Nicol. That way after they’re married she can monopolize her to herself. I could be wrong but that’s the impression I got (No manga spoilers). At least she prefers same-sex romance novels (she picked up a BL novel). She also mentioned remembering something about the two having gone on a shopping trip once before. Dunno if that will go anywhere or it was part of her plan to help Nicol but we’ll see in due time.

I don’t much care for neither Nicol nor Geordo.

Skipping ahead again we had an Alan piano recital. I mentioned before liking Keith and Alan so that’s cool. The song he played was called “For You, My Dearest One”. Catarina of course didn’t realize it was dedicated to her but a certain alpha female contemplated on the matter.

Mary contemplating

The competition is getting fierce. Poor Mary must triple her efforts.

She’s like “Curses! He’s becoming more aware of his feelings for my queen. I must lead him astray again later. I cannot afford more competition!” Later when Catarina joined Geordo for a dance Mary did the same with Alan to distract him from his growing love.

Never give up oh glorious one!

Oh and I guess the bullies saw the seitokaichou staring at Catarina and grew jelly. May lead to something another time. He claimed to not be interested in anyone romantically but you never know.

Catarina and Acchan

The back of Catarina’s previous body and her bestie Acchan.

While doing her best (and failing) to finish all her Summer homework on the night before school resumed (The episode was set during Summer Vacation). She of course dozed off. She had a dream about discussing the Otome game with her bestie Acchan. We got a brief glimpse of her in Episode 3 when Catarina saw Sophia going up some stairs. Could there be a connection? Again, no manga spoilers. They discussed which Endings they got. Acchan got them all, including a hidden route our heroine didn’t want spoiled. Could it be?

Look at that. I found a way to barely talk about the guys even though they got a lot of focus this episode. Go me! Another good episode regardless.

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15 Responses to My Life as a Villainess Episode 6: Catarina’s Bi-Summer Funtime

  1. cirno9fan says:

    As much as I want the “Secret route” to be Catarina….I’d say signs are pointing moreso towards the student council president 😦 . Also, this is starting to push the thought that more than just Catarina have former lives. If they all do, that would sure be something. Could even lead to a much darker plot.
    It’d be nice if it both took the darker plot route, and the yuri route, but we’ll probably only get the plot route. I am just grateful that I have been able to keep all my hopes in check for this one somehow. But that is why I hope it doesn’t reach a conclusion. At least till then, there will be the illusion that something could happen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the possible connection between Sophia and Catarina’s friend (Acchan?), I liked this episode with all the girls fawning over Catarina lol, I don’t really see anything with the male chars but guess they can’t remove them eh?
    As for Mary…wow Mary, I admit I am not totally sure if she was a wee jealous of Alan or, more likely about Catarina, hehe hehe, I don’t expect anything really yuri to come out of this but it’s being a fun ride!! I can’t wait to see more 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Gregory T McKenna says:

    This isn’t a manga spoiler, so I guess it should be safe to tell you that the girl in Catarina’s previous life is generally referred to as “The Monkey Girl”.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great episode as usual! One thing I found of particular interest that you didn’t mention was how when Cat was contemplating who Alan might like, she considered he might actually like Mary after all or perhaps Maria. However, she said to herself that she hoped it wasn’t Maria he was in love with before the scene switched. I find it interesting that she specifically singled out Maria as the one she didn’t want him to like, where she’s never shown any real concern over who liked who before. I have no idea if it means anything as I’m anime only too, but I still thought it was a cool tidbit.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. philipbaxton says:

    Still an enjoyable show. Tbh besides Maria I’m not really a fan of the other girls. She feels like the only one with actual potential. If I’m being honest the only people with a chance is Geordo, Keith, and Maria. Mary and Alan may end up together.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. K says:

    What a nice summer vacation for Catarina and pals.

    Mary’s got her eyes on the prize and she’ll stop at nothing to come out victorious!

    Interesting how Catarina’s personality change affected her household staff as well as the prominent characters. It just makes me think the Claes household was a very dreary place in the game proper.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. yurimylove says:

    whenever I see romantic boat ride with 2 girls i’m reminded of Flowers Summer


  8. What do you think of I Favor the Villainess (私の推しは悪役令嬢。) by Inori (いのり)? It’s very similar in many respects. It was a web novel then a light novel series and now it’s licensed by Seven Seas I think. If you imagine


    • Marion Delgado says:

      the protagonist reincarnated as Maria trying to romance the original Catarina, you’d have this.

      (dunno why my comment was cut offf).


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