Tamayomi Episode 6: Game 4

As the subtitle implies this episode was about our heroines’ 4th practice game. This was also the last game before preparing for an upcoming Summer tournament. Would 4th time be the charm?

Enemy Pitcher

Enemy pitcher.

We began the episode with a recap of Yoshino’s pep talk to Nozomi asking her to be the “cleanup” at the start of the next game.

Nozomi booty

Nice toned abs, thighs and ass. Nozomi is the total package.

Thanks to the pep talk Nozomi got a hit so strong it bounced off the first base girl’s glove giving her her first ever RBI for a 2 Run score. Nozomi’s curse had been lifted.

Yoshino congratulating Nozomi

Good job Nozomi!

Yomi trying for a squeeze bunt

Yomi trying a squeeze bunt.

A highlight was Yomi at bat. She’s a great pitcher but poor batter, possibly one of the worst on the team. Ryo was on third base so Yoshino called for a squeeze play. This is a sacrificial bunt intended to distract the catcher long enough for the runner on third base to make it Home. Unfortunately the ball bounced upward for a quick and easy Out.

Miss Fujii not pleased

Let us all pray for Yomi’s survival.

Ibuki misses

The enemy pitcher found her groove.

One thing of note about the opposing team. Our heroines scored 6 runs in the Top 1st inning because it took a while for the pitcher to find her groove. Once she did however it was like facing a nearly impenetrable wall. While the opposing team only managed to score 2 runs for half of the game Team TamaYomi didn’t score another run since.

Yomi thinking small

Yomi thinking too small.

Back to our heroines. Yomi was itching to use her Magic Pitch but Tama was like “focus on your other pitches for now”. Reasoning being that no matter how good a pitcher’s signature pitch is at some point the enemy batters will find a way to counter it so it’s best not to rely on it.

The gang assuring Yomi

The gang assuring Yomi.

Although most batters hit Yomi’s pitches the majority of them were easy for her teammates to intercept. They assured her it was all good, especially because it gave them more chances to play rather than stand around.

Tama breaks the wall

Tama breaks the wall.

Another highlight was Tama studying the “wall” pitcher’s pattern getting a pretty good Hit. Thanks to that Nozomi followed it up with another RBI.

Tama remembered Yomi's birthday

Tama remembered Yomi’s birthday.

Next highlight. Yomi’s birthday was coming up. She thought maybe the team played as well as they did to show their appreciation for her but brushed it off. Tama surprised her by remembering it.

The reason Tama remembered Yomi's birthday

Ah. That explains it.

Love power helped Yomi throw the last three pitches, the last one being her Magic Pitch of course, to wrap it up.


Team TamaYomi get their first win with a score of 7-2. Well done ladies!

The rest of the episode was cute so no need to go over it. Yet another good episode. Join me next time as we will most likely check out the first game of the Summer tournament or the buildup to it.

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5 Responses to Tamayomi Episode 6: Game 4

  1. Christian Appel says:

    I ship Yoshino x Nozomi even more.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    It definitely took a while, but at least they finally won on the 4th try. It’s not too surprising since the team they faced are not that skilled. But regardless, a win is a win after all.

    Still, I wonder how they will fare in the summer tournament. They have a lot of the high ranking teams they need to beat.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    More fun baseball action this week. Nice to see the girls get a win this game too, even if it’s still just practice and not a real game. Looking forward to seeing how they do in the Summer Tournament in the coming eps.

    Nozomi really is the total package. She’s been getting my attention more and more these days.

    Liked how they all celebrated Yomi’s birthday at the end of the ep and how it low key turned into a game review session too. Baseball really is everything to these girls.

    Not sure if this anime will change my feelings on baseball, but it’s still fun to watch and I’m enjoying it. Looking forward to the next ep!

    Also if it’s summer time, I hope this means we get a swimsuit ep soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    good to see their hard work at practice paid off with a sweet victory

    Liked by 1 person

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