My Life as a Villainess Impressions

Okay. So because of COVID-19 most of the Spring 2020 shows (which already weren’t many) I picked up were postponed. I planned on saving this show until my reliable recon team returned with favorable opinions. They’re already giving it high praise so I figured “Eh. What do I have to lose?” and jumped in earlier than planned. These are my thoughts after watching the first four episodes.

Chairman Catarina

Right off the gate my favorite parts of the show are the inner mind meetings.

So the show follows an unnamed heroine who was an otaku in her past life and liked otome games but one day when late for school she rushed into traffic and met our old pal “Isekai Truck of Doom” off screen. Thanks to our other friend “Anime Logic” she was reborn as the Villainess of her favorite Otome game, Fortune Lover, Catarina Claes, a stuck up snobbish bully. Regardless of who players romanced there were two fates awaiting Catarina. In the Good End she is exiled and in the Bad End she’s killed. Catarina’s goal is to do everything in her power to avoid all Death Flags by maintaining balance and not have the game protagonist, Maria, hook up with any of the guys, especially not her fiance Geord.

The show began with a flash forward of Catarina entering the gates of the magic academy Fortune Lover was set in. We would join her there near the 4th quarter of episode 3. The first 3 episodes followed a young Catarina meeting the four male love interests of the game and the girls close to them in some way. We of course shall be focusing on the ladies but first my quick thoughts on the guys.

Awkwardly long silence

Longtime fans of mine know I love awkwardly long moments of silence. This scene was no different.

My favorite is the boy/guy on the right, Catarina’s adopted brother Keith Claes. In the game he’s forcibly locked away from the world till the the time came to join Catarina at the academy. He became a playboy because of it. Thanks to Catarina’s mission to avoid dem flags her first course of action was to ensure Keith wouldn’t be locked away. Thanks to her badassery and kindness Keith’s currently her guardian and a closet siscon. Similar experiences happened with two other guys. The only one I didn’t notice many changes was Geordo. Only difference seems to be him not wanting to break off the engagement as easily compared to the game, I think.

Point being her interactions with the boys during her youth are hilarious and the awesomeness appears to continue at the academy.

NOW we can focus on the girls.

Catarina and Mary

Yuri route #1, Mary.

First up was Mary. Put simply she’s the shiest of four sisters. Her mother passed away leading to her dad marrying another woman. Her stepmom and sisters treated her horribly. The one source of comfort she had was flower gardening. Coincidentally Catarina’s backup plan in case she failed to stop Maria from hooking up with one of the guys leading to her exile was to start a farm. She was adept at Earth Magic so that’s where the idea came from (That and her past grandma). At the tea party Catarina was amazed by the garden and found Mary alone. She asked her to introduce the family gardener and to her surprise it was Mary herself. Mary was mocked for it but Catarina praised her so much she gained newfound confidence and spent most of her time visiting Catarina and talking about her.

Older Mary

Older Mary.

Currently she’s my favorite.

Catarina and Sophia

Yuri route #2, Sophia.

Next up is Sophia, a beautiful girl who’s called cursed because of her white hair and red eyes. Naturally Catarina praised her for those very features. Plus she’s a hardcore fan of romance novels like her, thus finding a kindred spirit.

Catarina dancing with MaryCatarina dancing with Sophia

Fast forward to the aforementioned 4th quarter Mary and Sophia were jelly Catarina only danced with the guys, each wanting a turn. Mary practiced both male and female dance moves for this moment while Sophia’s love of yuri novels grew stronger since befriending/falling in love with our heroine. Currently Mary is the less subtle of the two in their pursuit without being blatant about it. Readers will get what I mean when watching the show.

Mary prefering Catarina over Alan

Unlike in the game Mary prefers “hanging out” with Catarina over Alan.

That leaves…

Catarina and Maria

Yuri route #3, Maria.

Of course the protagonist of Fortune Lover would be a yuri route. One of the most important events that opened Geordo’s route was about to take place but this time with Catarina.

Catarina defending Maria

Catarina defending Maria.

In the game there’s a moment Geordo learned of Maria’s sweets and wanted to try them. On her way to meet with him she was confronted by bullies led by Catarina and Geordo ran them off. Now switch Geordo with our Catarina and you have Yuri route #3.

The funny thing about all the ways she got the girls to fall for her was they were the exact ways the guys wooed them in the game. Even her trademark tree climbing was something she picked up from Maria in the game.

Why am I enjoying this Otome harem despite it not being all yuri (It’s more of a bisexual harem. Catarina is obviously subconsciously bisexual deep down, preferring girls)? Because it takes familiar het harem tropes and makes them hilarious. Even the token protagonist’s obliviousness I find quite funny here. Catarina’s an excellent harem lead. It’s 50% female lead bias and 50% her being a great character. The show is really funny and charming. I want more. Hopefully this and Tamayomi won’t fall victim to that damn virus.

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22 Responses to My Life as a Villainess Impressions

  1. Keith is definitely best boy, but I think Alan might be my favorite. Mary is great and definitely the most forward, but Sophia suits my personal taste. Bakarina is a wonderful iseki MC and as you said, the way they invert all the typical tropes makes this show hilarious. We really needed a show like this, and I hope it’ll lead to similar stories, with perhaps a 100% yuri harem one day. Though I have a good feeling that this one may just give us the yuri route we hope for as well. I guess time will tell. I pray this isn’t hit by the Rona curse too.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Mauron says:

    This show reached anime of the season status for me in episode 1, and it has only improved from there. Catarina, the axe-wielding and butt-wielding maniac, has been killing the competition without mercy.

    Between her mental conferences, starting everyone’s route without realizing it, and nonsense backup plans, she always cracks me up.

    Oh, right, she also turns all the girls gay. That too.

    Liked by 6 people

    • FantasyGirlKanna says:

      Maybe that’s her true power rather than earth magic. If so, I say that’s pretty awesome.

      Liked by 3 people

    • rlranft says:

      All but Sophia, sadly – Sophia just wants her brother to steal Catarina from Geord.

      So far the show is pretty true to the LN series, which means that this fun-bus will continue so look forward to it.


    • OG-Man says:

      An excellent harem lead for sure.

      I could see Catarina start a happy farming business so it’s not that nonsensical.

      Which is most important.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Out of all the isekai shows I’ve watched this one’s the best so far (probably cause there are yuri routes) LOL but still! It’s still nice Yup those cute mind meetings of cute little Catarinas are definitely cute. I definitely love the fact that Catarina is stealing the guys’ events for the girls LOL 😀

    I kinda want the Mary route but Maria is good too…I’m stuck between these two. Sophia is nice but she just seems more like someone Catarina can talk to about gay stuff.

    Liked by 6 people

    • OG-Man says:

      So far I like Gun Gale Online and this show most of all the modern isekai I’ve picked up so far, which is four. Show By Rock 3 isn’t an isekai, 1 and 2 are. Maybe 4 too but we’ll see.

      I love those meetings.

      All three ladies are great choices. I like Mary most but either one would make a fine wife for our lovable Bakarina.

      Liked by 3 people

      • FantasyGirlKanna says:

        Yeah Gun Gale Online’s pretty nice too.
        For SBR 1 & 2 I kinda wanted Cyan to stay with Retoree and the rest of the gang. But nonetheless, I liked that too.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE THIS TITLE, I am so happy to see you picked it up!! I started watched since I had a lot of fun with a somehow similar title,the one mmm “didn’t I say I wanted to be average” or something, but this, the sorta yuri route in this otome game crack me up, Catarina is1000 better than any of the boys hahaha!! I ship her with anyone but mostly, Mary.

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  5. Little Viktoria says:

    So fun and colourful. I love the opening song. And I ship Catarina with all the girls, with perhaps a slight preference for Sophia since she’s so beautiful ^^

    Liked by 3 people

  6. the_elevator_man says:

    Wow, it’s been a while, glad to see you still doing you! Good news (not from me): as of animenewsnetwork, Bakarina has been done since February, meaning no virus nor significant drop in quality. Source: Let the Baka bowl continue.

    Oh, and go Mary. Knew from the start that the thirstiest lady would be a favorite.

    Oh, and being Geordo is suffering.

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  7. Alexis says:


    Y aquí estamos Sr. OG, disfrutando de Bakarina y sus locas aventuras, me gustan los diseños y sobre todo el ED: Bad End.

    El harem… Bakarina tiene el mérito de tener uno mixto, el detalle es que no es consciente de su encanto, a mi me gusta ese vestido azul y sus botas, me encantan las botas. De los chicos el que mejor me cae es Allan, los otros son buenos chicos y no tengo nada en contra, pero sin duda las chicas me llaman más la atención, para mí el final más inesperado es que se quedara con cualquiera de las chicas: Sophia, disfruta de las obras yuri, sobre todo cuando se trata de historias de princesa conoce plebeya, Mary se divierte mucho con Bakarina y María creo que tiene más oportunidad porque tiene la gran ventaja de capturar su corazón por medio del estómago, no sé que va a pasar porque Bakarina en lo único que piensa es en sobrevivir pero la seguiremos hasta el final.

    El harem yuri… recomiendo altamente Ojou-sama wa Love Come no Shujinkou ni Naritai!, a mi juicio es un proto-harem pero todavía falta mucho, a mi me gustaría un eroge donde una vampiresa después de destruir a un villano, convierta a su exclusivo colegio femenino en su jardín de lirios personal, aunque no necesariamente sea una vampiresa, más bien tengo la idea de que haga algo heroico y se quede por lo menos con cinco chicas del elenco, después de todo se vale soñar.

    Cuídese mucho.



  8. Cyan says:

    I am so glad you picked this up!
    I really enjoyed this one, every character is lovable especially Katarina.
    Looking forward to more of your reviews~

    Liked by 2 people

  9. LuzeP says:

    Really enjoy the show so far. Catarina is so funny. Love her voice actor. I can’t remember if this show was on my list or not but I’m glad I picked this up. The chibi episodes were so fun, I think I’m gonna miss it. I’m ready for real yuri stuff started in episode 4. So far Mary is the less subtle, yes. But who knows maybe Sophia will surprise us. As for the boys so far they are all cool dudes. As I said before, Catarina doesn’t know her superpower yet. As in harem show the protagonist always the oblivious one. Looking forward for more.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. K says:

    At first, I wasn’t all that interested in watching this but then I saw some screenshots and commentary and decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, I’m loving every minute of it! Catarina’s inner council’s very hilarious but what’s funnier still is how she’s stealing the main guys’ event flags with absolute ease!

    There’s one thing I don’t quite get though; I don’t see how Alan and Dan’s routes would lead to Catarina’s doom since she wasn’t that prominent on either.

    Lastly, if Catarina pursued the Maria route, it’d be following the beat of the novel she repeatedly read as a kid. That’d be wild, yo!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. yurimylove says:

    My villainess can’t be this cute!


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