Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Re:After Available on Steam and Consoles

As mentioned in this post Yumeutsutu Re:Master and Re:After would come to PC, via Steam, and consoles. The first available release is on Steam followed by Nintendo Switch and finally the PS4. No word on a PS Vita/TV port yet.

Yumeutsutsu Re;Master and Re;After

I asked about the price and yes, to get both games it costs $115 ($65 + $50) digitally. Why they couldn’t have followed the Nurse Love Syndrome ($40) and Nurse Love Addiction ($30) combo I don’t know. It’s easy for me as an outsider to complain about the high prices but I don’t know anything about the ins and outs of localization and how companies come to terms with the pricing of games. They are meaty titles from the looks of it at least.

Note: The links are of the US ports.

Yumeutsutsu Re:Master (Game about finding love in a video game development company)

Yumeutsutu Re:After (Collection of Afterstories about Ai and one of her five lovers or wives).

Option B for Switch and PS4 owners is pre-order the Yumeutsutsu Multi-Language Bundle via Play-Asia. Depending on the transportation tax it may be less expensive. The bundle is planned for a May 31st, 2020 release. (Unless Hong Kong was affected by the pandemic import shutdown like Japan was).

Option C is hope a Western physical release manufacturer localizes the bundle for a similar price.

Option D is wait for a sale.

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7 Responses to Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Re:After Available on Steam and Consoles

  1. havefeith says:

    Flippin’ $81CAD for Re:Master, and like, 62 or more for the other one, both digital. It’s rediculous. Yes localization costs a lot, but if they’re only going digital, they don’t need THAT much, because if it’s digital, it essentially clones itself to purchasers’ systems from the distribution network. I could understand it if it were a digital collector’s edition, or a complete edition, but you have to consider there’ll be taxes in some places on top of the asking price. Like in my province, tax is 13%. So that 81 will end up being something like 93 instead. It’s looking like it’ll be a hell of a lot more than $115 USD from a Canadian’s perspective, doesn’t it?

    Sorry if this comes across as irritated towards you, it’s not. I’m irritated that video game companies are taking advantage of exchange rates to jack up prices in other countries. I get that it’s supposed to be a unified price, but when a developer says a game is going to be, say, $70, and don’t give a solid currency for a standard, they should just stick to that price everywhere.


  2. qorl says:

    Oof dude. I dunno, I really want to support any yuri game localisations but that’s so steep. I definitely won’t buy both. Maybe one and wait for a price drop? Maybe for both :/

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Takadou Akane says:

    Bought them the moment I got the notification. I will admit to the price be quite stiff but I had a pretty good time with their previous titles so good chance is it won’t be wasted money. Can’t play it yet though, gotta hold on till weekend 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Madie says:

    I only bought the re after without knowing there was another one. Will I be confused?


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