Forget Me Not Kickstarter

Here we have another potential Yuri Kickstarter project that may be worth readers’ time. Let’s see what’s in store as we check out Forget Me Not by Featherbox Studio, led by Hexaclover.

Forget Me Not Cover

Plot Summary:

Iris had never planned for her life to end up so mundane. Graduating and immediately taking her first job offer, she soon discovers she would be getting underpaid and heavily overworked. One day, straying from her auto-piloted route from work to do some errands, she discovers a flower shop.

Sage, the owner of the store, continues to see her odd and out of place customer visit more and more often. As days turn into weeks, the comfort of after-work visits becomes the norm, until one day, they stop.


Two couples to choose from, one main, one alternative.

• Multiple endings: Good, bad, and alternative.

•Unlock an after story completing the “good” ending for bonus NSFW content

•Options to toggle NSFW content on and off for age-appropriate reading, without missing out on the main story line!

Forget Me Not Cast

Vivian, Blake, Iris and Sage.

The interested can check out the Kickstarter Page HERE.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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1 Response to Forget Me Not Kickstarter

  1. Jrin says:

    Hey its bit unrelated since I’m unsure how to inform you but Fakku release an all Yuri Hentai manga: When Budding Lilies Blossom by Syou.
    Its on pre-order at Fakku and RightStuf, might well alert everyone.

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