Magia Record Episode 13: Chaos at the Venue

A second cour was announced for a later date. My guess is either Summer or most likely Fall 2020. That’s why I’m saving the G-View till then. I will share some thoughts on the first half of the show near the end though.

Yachiyo apprehending Mifuyu

Yachiyo apprehending Mifuyu.

We get a brief recap of Rie Kugimiya summarizing the goals of the organization then inviting Iroha to join. Iroha’s like “I just wanted to ask you about Ui”. Outside Mifuyu was either standing guard or as a fail safe to ensure Iroha joined.

Yachiyo: You may be my old friend but that’s my wife over there so back off.

Mifuyu: They need to know.

Yachiyo thought it’s too soon.

Mifuyu: They’re here because you let you them go…just like you let me go.”

Yachiyo: Shut up!

Yachiyo annoyed

Yachiyo annoyed by Iroha’s persistence.

Mifuyu warped away and Iroha woke up but was immediately surprised by Yachiyo saying they’d break up.

Iroha: Huh? Hey! Where are you going? Tell me why. Did the Magius tell you something?

Yachiyo: No. It’s best we go our separate ways.

Iroha: That’s not a good enough explanation.

Yachiyo: You are such a pain.

Iroha: I’m not leaving you till you tell me what’s wrong.

Yachiyo: If you stay with me, you’ll die.

Iroha: What the? What does that mean?

Yachiyo: My mahou shoujo wish was to survive. That’s all…but because of it everyone who gets close to me dies. I don’t want anyone else I care about to die!

Worm Witch

Worm Doodle.

Suddenly Yachiyo got eaten by a Doodle.

Yachiyo's flashback

Yachiyo’s flashback presentation.

Yachiyo (ID) told Yachiyo (Ego) about Yachiyo (Superego)’s wish to survive so she could lead and protect her friends but Yachiyo (ID) said her wish was to become so strong everyone would be safe when with her. If I got this correctly Kyubey twisted it where the only one to survive was Yachiyo. Part of Yachiyo may have had a “survival of the fittest” instinct. I could be wrong. Outside the Doodle Iroha was like “Give me back my woman you damn dirty worm!

Iroha rescued Yachiyo

Yachiyo rescued.

Badass Iroha rescued her woman. Iroha was ready save their cousin and babies but Yachiyo hesitated. Iroha responded in kind “If you think your precious ones die when they’re around you then I’ll make sure to prove that’s wrong. I’m the main character and I have a wife. I’m not going down that easily. I promise”

Yachiyo's magic wordIroha's cutest smile

I didn’t think it was possible for Iroha to be any cuter. Then there’s this “My wife called me by first name” smile and my heart melted.

Mami trapped Yachiyo

Uh oh.

Their moment was sadly interrupted by Mami who at this point was about to lose “it”. Whether she’s gone mad or faking it was hard to say. What stood out to me was Iroha got KO’ed by Mami so her wife not only carried her but put up a good fight against Mami. That’s totes badass yo. Mami was no newb though. All seemed lost when…

Sayaka arrives


Sayaka arrived. she was like “What is wrong with you?”. Mami was like “Huh? You’re alive? But I thought I did horrible things to you and Meduka? That’s right. Where’s Meduka? She must come here. She too must be saved. All megucas must be saved”

Berserk Mami

Berserk Mami.

Then she rambled something about being deceived or it’s all a lie? Either Rie Kugimiya’s full of crap or her Dopple System is flawed. I’d say it’s both.

Sayaka vs Mami

Sayaka tried knocking some sense into Mami but she’s too tough.

Iroha comforting YachiyoIroha comforting Yachiyo 2

Two squee moments in one episode. Who knew Iroha’s inner gay was that strong? She was like “I have to help the meguca. I’m going Doppel. Don’t worry dear. I promise I’ll come back to you”

Super Yachiyo

Super/Doppel Yachiyo.

Super Iroha held her own against Mami but it still wasn’t enough. Yachiyo went Super also to change the tide. They fought well but Mami got a critical hit on Iroha. Iroha’s Doppel was about to take over.

Yachiyo about to free Iroha

Yachiyo about to free Iroha.

Yachiyo’s like “NO!”, grabbed Mami and was like “Piss off bitch! I got a wife to save”. It’s hard to describe how cool and hilarious it was.

Magia Record Touka Recruitment Poster

Image source HERE

Rie Kugimiya’s recruitment speech…My poor gut. No. Just no. I’m saying it right now. So far Magia Record is better than Meduka Meguca. You can’t tell me otherwise. Oh my poor gut!

Sayaka getting Yachiyo outta there

Yachiyo’s going to be miserable for a while.

Let’s just say it’s going to be tougher to save the family than Yachiyo thought…

So far “Turn Meduka Meguca into an action series” is going quite well. A lot better than I thought at first. I wasn’t as excited as others initially but I’m a believer now. We’ll be back for more either Summer or Fall.

I hope Team Momoko will be alright.

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9 Responses to Magia Record Episode 13: Chaos at the Venue

  1. Magia Record was a bumpy ride for me – animation quality was inconsistent especially during the fights. But I loved the characters,they really felt like a family to me.
    The last episode totally redeemed it for me too, Holy Mami looks great and I love her fight with Yachiyo, Iroha and Sayaka. I’m totally hyped for S2!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rory says:

    That scene towards the end with Mami pulling Iroha into the abyss brings to mind Gandalf and the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings.
    With that thought aside, Magia Record doesn’t beat Puella Magi Madoka Magica for me. The original had a massive impact on the magical girl genre as a whole, and this is a just a spin-off. An enjoyable spin-off, nonetheless.
    Either way, I’m looking forward to season 2. Though I still say that Puella Magi Kazumi Magica is the best spin-off. Hopefully one day that manga will get an anime adaptation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Makoto Itoshi says:

    I know Iroha is probably alright, but I wonder how is she alright, I wonder if the mini-kyubey saved her.

    That speech from Touka at the end was more similar to the kind of the speech that was done during WW2, considering she said magical girls are more human than normal humans. If the doppel system is flawed, I don’t think the victims are the magical girls this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. chikorita157 says:

    That was quite the ending. It seems that Touka really knows how to brainwash magical girls. Still, I wonder if she is using something to make that happen.

    It’s nice that Iroha and Yachiyo pairing is now happening. Sure, no mention of the leader thing, but it’s good. It’s already obvious there would be a second season. I guess they are waiting until North American release of the game finishes the first season for the main story, which has major spoilers. The Japanese release is already on the second season of the story for the mobile game.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    Man, this episode was quite a blast and a satisfying way to end the first half! I eagerly await its return.

    So Mami ended up losing her marbles. I would like to think that this wasn’t her last hurrah but we’ll see.

    Oh right, Walpurgisnacht. They still have to deal with that Final Boss. Can the Doppel System give Magical Girls the firepower required to overcome that insurmountable wall?

    When Iroha blasted that familiar to oblivion, that was her shedding that “weakling” image she had throughout this half and I couldn’t be prouder.

    In one fell swoop, Yachiyo’s newfound family is gone. Since she’s at the lowest point of her life right now, the only thing she can do is get them back.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    what a cliffhanger… except she couldn’t hang on to the cliff 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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