412th G-View: Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!

When I first heard about a new Show By Rock!! anime and found out it would not star Plasmagica (The lead band in the first two seasons) I was disappointed. Readers who saw the end of Season 2 will know exactly why. Despite that I was interested in seeing the new lead band in action. Were they worthy of getting the spotlight? Let us find out as we take a look at Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! aka Show By Rock Season 3.

Check out my reviews of the first two seasons HERE.

Note: While characters from the previous two seasons are referenced Mashumairesh is a standalone story set in the same universe that can be followed without having seen them.

show by rock mashumairesh

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Themes: Bands, Music, Light Rock, Metal, Urban, Yuri.

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Howan is from a snowy countryside village. Though she enjoyed her life at home she dreamed of playing on a big stage. One day she got a letter of invitation for an audition in the big city. Meanwhile Himeko, an equally passionate musician was part of a band with two other girls but personally preferred going solo. As if drawn together by fate Howan got lost in the city and heard Himeko’s band play. The two gazed each other and thus their lives would change forever along with the other girls Ruhuyu and Delmin.

Delmin, Howan, Himeko and Ruhuyu

From left to right: Delmin, Howan, Himeko and Ruhuyu.

The two main differences between SBR 3 compared to SBR 1 and 2 are:

1: This a laid back story about a band coming together. There are no evil schemes to conquer or destroy the music world nor are there battles against dangerous monsters.

2: This is not an isekai. Howan is from the musical world unlike the protagonist of the first two seasons who was transported from “our world” to the music world.

Personally I do not mind this change. While the villains and isekai element were interesting parts of the series they are the least important to me. Removing them did not affect my overall enjoyment of SBR 3 at all. In fact, I would go so far as say Season 3 is my favorite season by far.

For unaware readers Show By Rock!! is a series about kemonomimi (animal people referred to as) musicians in a world full of mostly kemonomimi. There are other creatures like eggs or aliens but the vast majority of the music world inhabitants are kemonomimi called Myumon. Most of them are small. To be specific, only important characters are human shaped. If you are a side-character or part of the background you are a cute little Myumon. In fact you are more animal like than the important characters. That is the only reason the leads and other major characters are bigger than everyone else…


REIJINSIGNAL. The closest thing to “antagonists” on the show. They are not evil. My favorite is the blue one.

…That is until the bands perform. Then they transform into cute cg chibi animals. This is a perfect segue to the presentation. Not much to say for veterans. S3 is as good as S1 and S2, meaning the characters are excellently drawn and the CGs are cool and adorable. As usual whether viewers enjoy the performances or not depends entirely on how they feel about Japanese CG. I still think they look nice in this series. The show is extremely colorful and lively, especially in Midi City where it is busy 24/7. The show is set in a world where music is celebrated and bands can become legends. Speaking of music the Insert songs are glorious. I like all the songs, especially every Mashumairesh tune from the OP, ED and their other songs.

As mentioned this show has no looming darkness threatening the lives of the cute animals. The show follows the journeys of three bands with Mashumairesh getting the most development and REIJINSIGNAL the least screen time though their backstory and role in the story is quite clear. Our four heroines each have personal obstacles to overcome, some greater than others but nothing too heavy (except maybe one).


DOKONJOFINGER. The ShingancrimsonZ of the season but not as manly.

Let us briefly go over the male band, DOKONJOFINGER. No. They are not love interests. They have their own separate journey from Mashumairesh. Like ShingancrimsonZ they are loud, brash, passionate and manly but not as manly as their predecessors. Still manly enough and a blast to watch. They are four high school delinquents who must somehow become in sync. Bless manly anime boy bands, their limitless energy and especially their passion.

As mentioned in the above Note viewers need not have seen the previous two seasons to follow this one but there are references to the old cast, from CDs, posters, videos, songs and maybe even a cameo or two…Oh yes.

The main reason I enjoyed this season so much is because there were no distractions and the number of bands were smaller, giving them enough time for viewers to get to know the characters and potentially become their fans. Not to say this was a big problem in the previous season as all the old bands got time to shine but as the show progressed some of them started to feel less relevant. Not so here. All three bands had simple and clear purpose. The story was simple, which helped keep things in line. Most important of all there was a proper conclusion. Not a series finale as I will explain at the end of the review.

On to the main event. Let us briefly go over what to expect from the leading ladies, starting with the side-couple.


Ruhuyu the wolf.

Ruhuyu is the genki of the group and one of my all-time favorites in anime history. Yes. I loved her that much. She has a very special kind of energy, one you could call “Lunatic”. Besides becoming a legendary drummer she wishes to become a deity. Readers will have to watch to see what I mean.


Delmin the mint dragon.

Delmin is the soft-spoken (poker face) one as she is far from quiet.She is very good at knitting and cannot help but want to help people in need, especially the elderly. She is very wise but lacks social skills and knowledge despite being helpful.

Howan entranced by Himeko

Howan the fox.

Howan is a country fox with a poor sense of direction. She is very friendly and does not think ill of anyone. She does not give much thought to many things. Not to say she is an airhead. It is like she goes with the flow most of the time. She is capable and easy to like and befriend.

Sparkly Himeko

Himeko the cat.

Himeko is the tsundere. Not much to say about her character…EXCEPT the reason why she acts distant toward others. Once the truth is revealed viewers can understand why she does not feel comfortable playing in a band at first.

Another huge reason why I loved this season so much was the TRUE main story. Yes. Forming the band and working hard to become legends is an important plot point…but the real main plot is about Howan and Himeko’s blossoming romance. They are/were one of my Top 4 favorite yuri couples of 2020. I love/loved them that much. Ruhuyu X Delmin are great too but Howan X Himeko is where it is at in SBR 3.

Overall Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! is my surprise hit of Winter 2020. I did not expect to love it as much as I did. The cast is smaller than past seasons but greatly benefited from it. The story is much simpler but again better for it. The presentation remains colorful and excellent. While there were no battles or evil villains this season I do not feel they are the main draws of the show. It is the story of animal girls (and boys) forming bands and rocking out in cute chibi forms. I am not certain longtime fans will love this season as much as I did but give it a try. You never know. As for newcomers, if interested, same thing. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

Hopefully the same kind of awesomeness established here will carry over to Season 4 when all bands come together for one big All-Star Super Show.

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10 Responses to 412th G-View: Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I was also very surprised about how much I ended up loving it~
    Howan was my personal favorite, but they all were amazing, and Rufuyu really created a fun catchphrase! But Howan was just so….Howan ~ ~ ~
    I think it also benefited a lot from being a smaller more focused cast. And I think they needed that, because it was only getting one season to really shine so they could be a major part of the upcoming mega season.
    Howan and Himeko were just so fantastic ❤
    The studio did such a great job of showing how much they meant to each other, and it really helps that they’ve decided to live together, and Howan made the promise that she’ll never leave Himeko’s side (Am guessing this might get tested in Stars, as I’m pretty sure they’ll bring back the “looming evil” for that one) ~ And all their moments together, and that love song….THEY’RE TOO PRECIOUS!!!
    Rufuyu and Delmin were no slouch either. They had a really cute story of getting closer too, just Himeko and Howan were definitely the protagonists of this teen romance story about bands.
    It might actually be my favorite show this season, but I’ll have to see how Asteroid finishes out.
    So good!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      A beautiful main love story with a cute side-couple. So much win. Hope to see them keep up the lovey-dovey goodness in S4 and share some tips with Cyan and Retoree on how to improve their love lives. Kumaria-Sama knows we deserve a proper resolution for CyaReto. If we for some damned reason still don’t get one, at least we were blessed with HimeHowa.

      S4 hype, as of this writing, is damn real.


  2. LuzeP says:

    9/10. I too enjoyed this season more than the previous ones. And yes you don’t have to watch the previous ones to watch this. But you should, they were good. At first my original thought was the girls are so cute and the only ship was Ruhuyu x Delmin. And then one memorable scene happened. The yuri is all over the place. Mostly because of Himeko and Howan. Himeko the cool one. And Howan is the adorable one who enjoys skinship. We can feel their chemistry, after Himeko arc of course. Ruhuyu x Delmin still there. Not as much as Himeko x Howan but they’re cute too. The songs are good, very catchy. For both girls and boys band. And the boys are cool too, I enjoyed them a lot. I can’t wait to see more of them with the previous girls. It’s gonna be awesome.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Super cute!!

    I liked how there was no looming evil and it was all about the girls and their relationships. Howan and Himeko are so lovely, I adore their hugging and cuddling. Himeko let the sweet fox into her home and into her heart, and she will never push the fox away again. Such a lovely romance. I hope we will see more of them.

    I love Howan’s clothes and her pretty shoes. In the beginning my brain could hardly make sense of the colours in this series but it looks gorgeous now.

    It’s difficult to choose favourites, but the adorable mini sized devil-mint demon dragon Delmin stole my heart. I like her “shubiii”, her lace-wrapped clothes and the way she says “thank you onigiri kuma man” to her backpack every evening. I want to hug her all the time! She’s the perfect quiet girlfriend for the ultra-energetic and cheerful wolf girl Ruhuyu.

    If Himeko and Howan’s love was instant attraction and overcoming insecurity and fear through unwavering commitment and affection and cuddling, then Ruhuyu and Delmin’s love is pure fascination and mystery and wonder, and slowly discovering romantic attraction together.

    Yay for fourth season! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wasn’t gonna watch this, but I saw a pic you posted and thought… “well why not” Howan and Himeko are the cutest couple-ish I’ve seen in a while ( pardon me, I am the type of girl who needs a kiss or an “ashiteru yo” to confirm couples) but! they are so cute and charming, Lunatic girl is off the roof! she is quite amusing, I even liked the stupid boys, I mean the manly delinquents haha. But I still don’t understand why the “people” in bands are somehow human shaped and eeeeeveryone else is tiny, like, what sort of thing is going on?? I’d love a proper clarification on this, because I don’t entirely get it.

    Other than that, thanks for showing me the light with this one, I think I watched all first 10 episodes on one day heheheh. I also liked Reingnal (spelling).


  5. Somebody says:

    I was not happy when I heard it would be a new cast but this season really blew me away. This was also my favorite season and I was really happy there was no villains but just a group of girls forming a band. And as always show by rock incorporates male characters without ruining the show. Just like shingancrimsonz I actually liked the band especially the curling episode. As for the yuri they really stepped it up this season. I cant really remember an episode were they didn’t have a moment together. Show by rock continues to be one of my favorite series and really looking forward to season 4.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. kitsu260 says:

    Now they will be regular guest since the mobage will be here for a while


  7. K says:

    When I first saw that Show By Rock had another season and that, from the title, it was going to focus on a different band, I was interested. The fact that Plasmagica wasn’t in this season didn’t bother me at all. After seeing this through, sure the plot may have been simpler, the number of bands smaller and the stakes virtually non-existent, but this season was just as electrifying as the previous two. Heck, I’d even say that Mashumairesh!! is one of my favorite bands in this series.

    I just loved these girls so much. Now, when it comes to choosing a favorite, my pick is Delmin. Hwan/Himeko’s an absolute beast of a pairing, one of the best pairings so far this year. Ruhuyu/Delmin has its moments also.

    Dokofin’s an alright group but they’re not on ShinganCrimsonz’ level and Reijinsignal made a nice rival band for our main girls. It was nice that Rararin didn’t reject their music path.


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