22/7 Episode: The L.V. Episode

This episode was dedicated to L.V. She’d been waiting for this episode since the founding of Jellystone Park, meaning 1958.

Baby Nicole

Baby Nicole.

Getting right into the flashback since that’s where we left off previously. Baby Nicole was very shy and cowardly to the point she developed a stutter and got teased for it by other kids because most kids are jerks. It’s a fact of life. Nicole was inspired by idols to one day grow strong and confident.

Baby Miu

Young Miu.

Then one day she met a familiar shy cutie. Miu wasn’t much different to how she was before joining 22/7, someone who kept to themselves. Nicole initially saw her as more “boxed in” than her but was intrigued.

Nicole bullied

Nicole bullied into playing the witch.

One day the teacher asked the class who wanted to play the role of the witch in an upcoming Snow White play. The girls wanted to play Snow White so the class nominated Nicole. The teacher FOR SOME REASON didn’t ask for her input and immediately wrote her name. She tried objecting but didn’t have enough courage. She noticed the witch having some songs, remembered her fav idols and was like “I can do this”. Bullies sarcastically rooted for her.

Miu helping Nicole practice

Child prodigy Miu.

While the above happened Miu saw all of it and after class teleported to the music room to help Nicole practice by showing her already mad piano skills.

Bully tried sabotaging Nicole

Bully about to sabotage Nicole.

The play went well at first but the bullies had other plans. Things looked bad for Nicole when suddenly…

Miu to the rescue

Miu to the rescue.

Miu channeled her inner Roman Reigns (or Edge for nostalgic fans). She transferred schools afterward. Nicole didn’t get a chance to thank her, which explained her harshness toward her years later. Notice the sarcasm while writing that line. Thus Nicole was motivated to toughen up thanks to pro wrestling, proving once more it is one of the best sports in history.

Miu not remembering Nicole

Miu didn’t remember her.

This has been my gripe with these kinds of stories for a long time. People expecting someone who had a strong influence on them long ago to remember them as much as they do years do. Not everyone has the memory of an elephant. Heck, before this episode I had forgotten my last girlfriend from college.

Miu and Sakura reunited

True End route.

Miu returned to the 22/7 building. She had a score to settle with a certain enigmatic barrier. Fortunately a ray of sunshine was there also. A month had passed since the group disbanded. This day was their anniversary too.

22-7 reminiscing

22/7 reminiscing.

The gang talked about what they’ve been up to followed by reminiscing of the good times and how they’ve grown stronger since teaming up.

Miu about to take action

Miu about to take action.

As everyone let it all out Nicole saw a familiar flame lighting inside Miu. The same flame she saw when Miu speared the bully. The same flame she saw when Miu declared her joining 22/7. Her inner power to fight for what’s most precious to her. Will we see it again in the finale?

Won’t say what happened after the ED this time but I have a feeling the finale’s going to be a wild one.

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10 Responses to 22/7 Episode: The L.V. Episode

  1. Christian Appel says:

    Sakura x Miu were lovey-dovey as always and I am curious, how they solve the “back to the USA” problem in the final episode.

    Like always in such a situation, the best solution would be, if Sakura moves in to Miu – like Ao to Mira.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Aww, thank you OG! You know me ^^

    So much lovely Nicole. Can’t have enough of her, especially since she’s so unreadable. Is she attracted to Miu? I have no idea. But I love how she got over the shadow of bullying and insecurity, went for her dream and became such a dashing performer.

    Tough mode Miu is a real saviour. This story is absolutely fascinating. I somehow knew that the Wall means good, and that once the girls learn their next lesson (to realize how much they appreciate and love each other and their group), they will be back together again. At least that’s what I hope the Wall plans…

    We definitely need to keep Sakura right where she belongs. She has seven dear friends by her side, I’m sure she can do an Ao ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      You are a shipper who doesn’t flip flop at the drop of a dime. Plus your imagination is delightful,

      Her backstory was yet another fascinating one. Plus Defender Miu is badass. Looking forward to seeing what she’ll do in the finale.

      The Wall may have had good intentions but like most sympathetic antagonists they deserve a good kick in the groin or slap in the face.

      Six friends and a soul mate.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Kids can be cruel, sad but true.
    I’m more of a Miu than a Nicole back in school though, I was too uninteresting to bully so I was largely left alone. That said I definitely feel for her. After Nicole did all that practice too, it’s all for nothing in the end since the bullies messed up the play.
    Although now Nicole is an idol so who’s laughing now, bullies?
    Well damn that ending, that was… unexpected.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I knew it when Miu tackled that bully and started punching her that I’d made the right choice in making her my best girl of 22/7. She was such a badass and clearly had enough of the world’s BS from an early age. I’m kind of curious about what Nicole really feels for her, but at the same time, Sakura x Miu is the undisputed OTP. I expected the wall would bring them back after that tearful exchange, but never expected the mascot to actually speak. Can’t wait to see what the finale has in store. As I’ve been saying all this time, I love this show.

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  5. Nick says:

    Another great ep this week.

    Finally the Nicole backstory ep. After last week’s shocking ending with Nicole and Miu meeting so long ago, I was interested to see how their story would play out. Nicole was so different when she was younger. Sad to see her getting bullied like that, not cool at all. Miu sure taught them a lesson.

    And yeah, why didn’t the teacher say something? It was pretty clear Nicold wasn’t down for the part.

    Loved seeing everyone meeting up again in the 22/7 bunker.

    Also what was up with Goda? He noticed the elevator but we never checked back in with him after. Unless we’re supposed to assume he was noticing that someone was using the elevator. But more importantly, what was he even doing there in the first place?

    I was totally expecting Miu to throw a chair at The Wall or something. He just had that look and I was totally ready for her to snap again and beat the shit outta The Wall.

    Also that ending scared me. I don’t need that kinda scare at 1am. That’s not good for me, I gotta sleep after all.

    Excited to see how this all pans out in the finale, but I’m also a tiny bit worried that they’ll pack too much into this final ep. Maybe they’ll make it an hour of power?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. cirno9fan says:

    Rather enjoyed this ep much more than the last. Sadly, all idol episodes need That one single episode that everyone who watches them knows what i”m talking about. And this one was on my list of shows that didn’t succeed. But, they pulled up from that less than stellar performance last week (not referring to the cast at all, they did a fantastic job with what they were given, including most of the staff), and really delivered a powerful episode. And within that powerful episode, the final blow to prepare us for whatever may come next.
    I didn’t know “wrestling” involved punching someone repeatedly when they’re on the ground? Wrestling really is a sport/event that’s not for me, but I”ve never been much into physical contact stuff. I prefer mind games (unless it’s fictional characters doing the physical contact).
    The teacher thing I’m not surprised about. Why make a bunch of students upset, just to keep one student from being in an uncomfortable position?…is the sort of mindset that produces these situations. Gotta remember: Adults are just kids with bigger bodies that have (oftentimes) seen more.
    Guess we’re going with the Wall is an AI. At first I was thinking maybe alien, but AI is definitely it this time. Curious where the Wall will go with this, but it was obviously not ready to give up yet.
    Should be quite the finale!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. yurimylove says:

    I have been expecting the wall to eventually order them to regroup, but I think a better resolution (to this story) would be for them to regroup of their own accord. Just my opinion.


  8. Giack31 says:

    Not as much Miu and Nicole shipping material as I wanted but I’m fine with it.
    The flashback made me realise that we haven’t had a Miu flashback yet so maybe next episode?
    The acoustic version of their song in the background of the reunion scene were absolutely amazing. Very good job.
    The ending was a pretty good setup for the the final episode. Now I hope they can do at least a decent ending (there is still a lot to explain and not much time)


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