Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 11: Road to Idol Festival

Looks like the last storyline we get to see animated will be Cham Jam’s road to an idol festival. Let’s see how it starts.

Maki's TV debut

Maki’s TV Debut.


Maple Doll on TV

Maple Doll.

As mentioned in the intro the big story going in was Cham Jam invited to perform at an Idol Festival. The girls and their fans were excited and worried at the same time. The big group headlining the event was a trio called Maple Doll. The interesting part was the lead singer, Mei, was also the Center of Reo’s old group.

Kumasa meets Reo

When Kumasa met Reo.

Seeing Mei on the poster reminded Kumasa of the the first time he saw Reo. Remember, she’s a lower rank member of the group similar to Maina in Cham Jam. Reo felt she was in Mei’s shadow back then and still felt that way in the present, hence her being a bit nervous while practicing for the festival.

Aya and Yuka calming each other down

I said this a couple of times before. Aya and Yuka are the HimaSaku of the show.

A-Ya was the most intimidated by Maple Doll’s aura. She wanted everyone to train their butts off for the festival.Even Yuka had some difficulty keeping up with her routine. Fortunately the girls  found the right tempo to keep up. Most of them anyway. More on that later.

Eripiyo messed up

Eripiyo messed up.


Let’s check in on our uber Maina stan heroine. Thanks to the training fans saw how pumped Cham Jam were for the festival. Eripiyo wanted to give Maina one of her best 5 second support speeches yet. Too bad that was the one time she got tongue tied. Poor dear was haunted by the slip up for a while. During lunch break she got a Cham Jam blog update. The group would make some kind of TV appearance together. This being Maina’s first potential TV appearance she was quite nervous to watch it alone lest something “unsanitary” happened. Neither Kumasu or Other Guy would let her come.

Miyu watching Eripiyo

Eripiyo and Miyu.

Fortunately her romance gossip loving coworker Miyu agreed to join her, mainly to find out who she liked.

Eripiyo's inner Maina Shrine

Eripiyo’s inner Maina shrine, because her room wasn’t big enough to contain her love.

Little did Eripiyo know Maina worked as hard as she did to get closer to her. Anyway Miyu’s visit to Eripiyo’s went exactly as fans would expect.

Miyu's life forever changed

Miyu would never be the same.

But late that night she saw something that forever changed her life…So much so it opened Eripiyo’s eyes to how lucky she was. She wanted to share Maina’s greatness with everyone but didn’t know how. Other Guy recommended she use Twitter. Eripiyo only created an account because Maina liked it.

Maina checking Eripiyo's tweets

Maina checking Eripiyo’s tweets, because of course she secretly followed her on Twitter.

Moving ahead a bit remember the practice sessions? Maina was the only one having a hard time keeping up. She felt deflated when suddenly she read a barrage of Eripiyo’s “Why Maina is the greatest idol in the universe” tweets. Happiness restored.

There’s also Reo being nervous about meeting Mei again. She didn’t feel like she was ready to face her. Her not mentioning Cham Jam to watch out for didn’t help. We’ll see what happens when the two clash in the finale next time. Great stuff as always. Very sad the next episode will be the last, unless we miraculously get an S2.

No need to build up anticipation for the main event this time.

Yumeri proud of Maki

Yumeri proud of Maki.

Yumeri called Maki for some reason (Wanting to be with her obviously). She saw a fan greet her and was like “You got a lot more popular after the idol ranking”. Bringing up the ranking reminded her of their little bet.

Yumeri: Oh yeah. I’m supposed to do whatever you say.

Maki: I see you remembered. Right then…I want you to surpass me.

Yumeri: I-I can’t do that…

Maki: Hmm. Then how about we stand side by side. It may be tough at the Festival so…let’s stand together Budokan.

Yumeri and Maki Promise

Their promise.

So it wasn’t as heart pounding as their previous moments together but still powerful. A promise to become equals on stage. Can you all imagine YumeMaki and Maina as the Center dominating the front row? The dream babeh.

Yumeri bringing Maki's water bottle

Not much else to add. The two were close to each other as always. #Glorious.

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11 Responses to Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 11: Road to Idol Festival

  1. Red says:

    Mr. Stopwatch sure had a lot of energy this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Makoto Itoshi says:

    For the final episode I’m going to predict that they’ll show why ChamJam isn’t as popular as other idol groups, which might bring some very harsh scenes, but right before things start to go south Eripiyo saves the day. That’s for the idol festival, but I have no idea what they can do specifically for Eripiyo and Maina to close the show with them, I’m sure it’ll be something really good, these tweets this episode were amazing and heartwarming, Maina is happy right now and the show is in the right path for both of them to end happy together.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode.

    Eripiyo continues to be hilarious and amazing. And her constantly remembering her mistakes and just screaming, hits home for me. Because I literally do that all the Time!

    Maple Doll is pretty cute and I really like their outfits!

    The Tweet scene was really heartwarming!

    Best Couple being Best Couple.

    I Hope everyone is staying healthy!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Jack Cactus says:

    Please, pleaseeeee, let me have a spin off short series about the life of the Hot Couple, I’d pay for it. (Yumeri is definitely bottom)

    Kudos to Miyu, it takes a weird person to befriend a weirder person but my heart still goes out to Eripiyo. And that mad tweeting speed, it’s a good thing that Maina appreciates it immensely, hopefully one day we’ll bear witness to her confession.

    Also, Yuka is actually reaaaaaaaaaally hot when she’s not wearing her idol uniform

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Nick says:

    Maki on TV!!

    Maple Doll girls were really cute. Interesting to see Reo’s old idol teammate in the group, felt a little late in the show to start introducing a side story like that, but oh well.

    More tough times for Eripiyo in trying to talk to her beloved.

    I didn’t think Miyu would get to invested in the idol world after one night, but I guess that’s the power of idols.

    Maki and Yumeri being such a hot couple as always. I love those two so much!!

    Maina following Eripiyo on Twitter was so nice. I loved how she had tweet notifications turned on too for whenever she tweeted something. It really says a lot that Maina was following Eripiyo for that long, waiting with notifications turned on that whole time for her to tweet something. I just really thought that was special.

    Gonna miss this one when it ends next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ok so far Eri is my favorite character, Yumeri and Maki make my rainbow heart beat a bit faster, it’s the most legit couple-ish pair here 😉 and Yuka omg she makes me laugh so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mauron says:

    Maki: I already decided on what I’d ask you… when the time is right.
    Me: Is this it? Is she going to ask what I think she is? I CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Maki: some question about idol stuff
    Me: Oh.

    Maki wasted a perfectly good opportunity. Darn.

    I’m curious if Eri will get to know her goofy coworker better.


  8. yurimylove says:

    Miyu’s got a point… guess I should start looking for idols from the same dimension as mine from now on ^_^;


  9. Giack31 says:

    Maki and Yumeri are great as always.
    The tweet scene was really cute.


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