Koisuru Asteroid Episode 9: ValenGrads

When we last left our heroines the savior Misa-Nee had the brilliant idea of having Ao move in with Mira to avoid going abroad with her parents. Let’s see how it went.

Mira encouraging Ao

There lied the challenge.

Ao presenting her case

Ao came prepared.

Mom was a tough cookie to crack, using the ever powerful “worried parents” card that’s super effective in loving families. Fortunately Ao had a trump card of her own, the “tantrum”, if you could call what she did a tantrum.

Mira super pumped

Mira seems beyond ready for her future spouse to move in with her.

Mira’s Mom was more accepting while at the same time equally as serious as Ao’s Mom. In the end the young couple were victorious. HUZZAH!

Ao and Mira promising to be more open with each other

Ao and Mira promise to be more open with each other.

Mira apologized for not noticing Ao’s grief sooner and Ao apologized for not telling her so as to not cause her worry. It’s all good ladies.

Suzu sad Misa's leaving


After school Ao and Mira visited Suzu to give her the good news and thank her for helping. She wasn’t her usual gay gay self. She hid her sadness with one of her patented Suzu flirts but she couldn’t hide the sadness of seeing her one true love moving soon. She’s devastated. Understandably so.

Suzu and Sakura

The Suzu and Sakura segment was great!

That evening Suzu waited anxiously for Misa-Nee to reply to her message. To her surprise she got a text from Sakura. She asked for her help baking Valentine’s sweets. Naturally Suzu’s like “WHO’S THE LUCKY GIRL!?” but Sakura said they’re friendship chocos for the club. Sakura had an epiphany during Suzu’s lecture.

Suzu tried flirting with Sakura to no avail. To her surprise the reason was Sakura could tell she wasn’t being true to herself. Yup. The tsundere ironically noticed Suzu hid her true feelings.

Sakura's smile

Sakura’s smile can melt many frozen hearts.

It was V-Day. Sakura’s day went quite well. She hoped Suzu’s did also. Speaking of Suzu…

Suzu's big momentSuzu's big moment 2

I’d like to think they figured out a way to make a long distance relationship work.

Monroe X Sakura

Monroe X Sakura fans rejoice! You won.

Next up was a Monroe segment. To sum it up Monroe had a last minute reflection. With her time as president ending very soon she stopped to ask herself “Did I have fun as club president or was it all just to obtain experience for my future goals?”

Monroe's Special Album

I’m still waiting for the Monroe and Sakura bikini fanart. I NEED THEM!

Thanks to the gang gifting her with a photo album with all of the best Monroe photos she noticed how happy she was in all of them and had a long overdue cry. Not an off-screen one like Sakura.

Mira and Ao lovers' quarrel

First day. I repeat, FIRST…DAY.

No sooner did Ao move in with Mira the two had a lovers’ quarrel. Mira wanted to help Ao unpack but Ao didn’t appreciate her going through her stuff.

Misa worried over college life

You could have Suzu move in with you. I’m sure she’d be elated.

Thanks to Misa’s words of wisdom Ao knew what to do.

Mira and Ao making up

Viewers who saw the episode know why this was hilarious.

Now that they’re living together they have plenty of time to learn more about each other in preparation for their marriage in the near future.

A very important episode, this was. Tune in next time for the formal introduction of Sakura’s imouto and the grumpy girl.

Sakura's Imouto againSixth Member

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16 Responses to Koisuru Asteroid Episode 9: ValenGrads

  1. cirno9fan says:

    SO GOOD!!!
    I was always never sure where Sakura would go, because sure Ino had a crush on her, but she didn’t really seem to reciprocate. At the same time, Monroe was a real enigma. Seems the show decided to solve both mysteries in one move. Well played. Now the wait continues for Ino to find someone special for her (newspaper girl maybe. Verdict’s still out on that one)

    I don’t know how the Suzu thing went, but I’m thinking it was left unknown for a reason. I hope we get to see the results! Maybe white day is what they’re waiting for? I’m sure there’ll be an episode involving that.

    “Lover’s quarrel” or more like just the reality of when you move in with someone. Fights will happen. You can’t avoid it (and if you do, it’ll be much worse when it eventually explodes). For them it was definitely a “Lovers quarrel”, but I’d say it’s a natural thing for anyone who becomes a roommmate. No matter how close you were before, once you live together, it changes things.

    Finally we are getting the full cast in! It should be very interesting to see how things go from here! This series really does go through things at a quickened pace, but not in such a way that it leaves you feeling lost. But maybe the point has always been to get to this point? Either way,

    Excited for more!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Suzu’s confession puts this show as the top yuri show this season, so far.

    I seriously want those bikini pictures too, it’s criminal we haven’t gotten any. Or at least something with them flirting.

    That lover’s quarrel was the icing on the cake. Perfect way to accurately portray a couple getting used to live together.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jack Cactus says:

    From team Inose, I send you, team Monroe my congratulations for you victory in seizing Sakura a.k.a 2nd Best Girl’s heart.

    That confession scene was so wholesome, sadly we never got to see the outcome, the only thing we can do is hoping for it to be a positive one. Oh btw Suzu, Misa-nee has yet to move out so use this little little time to meet up with her one last time (or perhaps the confession did reach out to Misa-nee and that to Suzu is enough)

    While Misa-nee offered Ao her room, I doubt that Ao will ever sleep in it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    This might have been the best ep yet!

    Mira and Ao finally are living together! What a big step in their relationship! I hope they grow closer to each other even more now.

    Loved the Suzu content in the middle half of the ep. And of course the confession scene was excellent! Really nice to see Suzu work up the courage to give her chocolates for real this time. So good to see and I wish them all the best going forward!

    Monroe and Sakura had some quality moments this week too. Another great couple in this show.

    Hyped for Sakura’s imouto as she’s soooooo cute! Nothing like a cute red haired anime girl to get me going. I can’t wait to see more of her in the coming eps!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Another fantastic episode!

    Sakura’s smile is a thing of beauty.

    I Awed so many times this episode! So heartwarming!

    And I felt so sad for Suzu feeling down for Misa-nee moving. But then She got the courage to confess and all was well! It was such a romantic scene! I’ll keep cheering for you Suzu!

    Can’t wait for the 2 “new” members next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love this ep!

    Good thing Mira and Ao’s parents were convinced.

    Ah valentines chocolate… I was surprised to see Suzu finally make her move. You go girl!

    What Misa-nee thinks the argument Ao and Mira had was hilarious (my friend who loves space things hasn’t even heard of the Capture theory lol, so Team Ao all the way wooooo)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Giack31 says:

    I’m glad Mira and Ao were able to convince their parents to live together.

    Suzu remains best girl. Her bikini bread was hilarious. Imagine what she will do when she actually owns the shop. I too hope that her confession to Misa worked.

    I haven’t really thought of Monroe and Sakura as a ship but I’m fine with it. I wonder if they’ll still show them or they are gone for good.

    Finally it’s time for the new people to join.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mauron says:

    We need new Valentine’s from this episode. Valentine, you’ve made a giant impact on my heart.

    I had a feeling about Monroe and Sakura from day one. I was always waiting for Monroe to suggest new outfits for club events because of it.

    Ino-senpai will have to chase after one of the two new club members. She’s got options.

    Ao and Mira have the best fights. Next one is hopefully about best girl in the idol show they’re watching.

    Ao is definitely relatable character of the season, and maybe even the year.

    Now to scan the rest of the series for clues about what’s happening with Misa and Suzu.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice that Ao’s mother finally gave in and allow her daughter to stay with Mira. I guess Mira should be really happy now that she can be with Mira and achieve their dream together.

    Also, it’s nice to see Mikake’s little sister possibly joining. Still, I wonder who is the green-haired girl who is also interested in the club.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. K says:

    Ao’s mom probably thought that Ao would just accept things as they are like the previous times they had to move but her determination to realize her dream alongside Mira took her by some surprise. Seeing that resolve played a major part in sealing the deal, I believe.

    Suzu wasn’t her usual jolly self even Sakura saw right through her. Of course, I don’t think Suzu’s advances would’ve been effective on her at all. Anyway, knowing that she won’t see Misa for a long while, she summoned her courage and laid her feelings bare.

    Gee, I knew the Astronomy and Geology Clubs had their misgivings about being merged but seeing how Sakura and Monroe butted heads before Mira and Ao joined up was quite revealing. Looking at them now, you wouldn’t think that they were enemies. As for Monroe’s doubts while heading this club, her genuine smiles said it all.

    Having a lover’s quarrel so soon was a bit troubling but it resolved itself just fine. They’ll have plenty of time to work things out. Misa’s commentary on their quarrel was funny.

    Let’s see what fun the ES Club’s second will bring!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Little Viktoria says:

    Suzu has done so much good for the world that she deserves a girlfriend. Let’s hope all goes well with Misa!

    Ao needs to cuddle Mira more, that will make all the magic happen ^^

    And finally our dazzling Chikage!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully she moves in with Misa-Nee after graduating. We all have our fingers crossed that’s the plan.

      Plenty of time to grow closer now that they live together.

      The wait will soon be over.


  12. yurimylove says:

    I hope Suzu gets to move in with Misa-nee for college after gradating, so that she can bake delicious bread for her in a cute maid costume every day.

    Liked by 1 person

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