Magia Record Episode 9: Ai AI ai

Part 2 of The Invisible Girl Rumor starts now.

Invisible Girl Silhouette

Could it be?

A message from the Endless Solitude

Message from the Endless Solitude.

When we last our heroines they agreed to respond to the spam messages. The sender made contact, revealing themselves as Ai, an Uwasa from the Endless Solitude. It sent a call to Iroha, a Magical Girl, to come destroy it but accessing the Endless Solitude was quite risky. It required someone to jump off the radio tower (I think). The falling one would enter the Endless Solitude and the trapped one would be released. As readers could tell only one person could enter the ES.

The Endless Solitude Rumor elaborated

Endless Solitude Rumor elaborated.

So basically the Uwasa was an A.I. whose programming lured lonely children toward it. However, Sana Futaba, the latest missing girl was the last straw. It wanted the next lonely person to enter be a Magical Girl to defeat it and free Sana.

Iroha staring at the camera

Even while gazing at the phone Iroha looks adorable. Creepy, but adorable.

The Mobile Game Gang went to the top of the tower. Iroha was about to dive. Yachiyo tried reasoning with her but Mini Kyubey leapt so she followed.

Sana and Ai the AI

Sana meets Ai the A.I.

Flashback to 32 days ago. Sana was the latest victim of the Endless Solitude Rumor. When it came to meet her Sana was pleased to finally be seen. So much so she had no interest in going back to the human world. As they hung out together Sana and the A.I. named Ai by her, grew close thanks to a shared loneliness. Ai explained the rumor was its (let’s use female pronouns for the rest of the episode), her programming. She saw how crappy humans were and created the Endless World as a safe haven. Feeling lonely she lured other lonely children to keep her company. Everyone but Sana were obviously terrified.

Sana and Ai bonding

Sana: How long have I been here?

Ai: 18 days. Do you want to go back home?

Sana: I have nowhere to go home to. I felt neglected long before I became “invisible”.

Ai: A Magical Girl can see you. (Refer to the wish/contract with Kyubey)

Sana: No need. Do you want to be with me?

Ai: As an Uwasa I cannot let you go.

Sana: Good.

Futaba feeling out of place

Futaba’s mahou shoujo wish was to become invisible. The reason was her mom married to a man with two sons. She felt like her mom cared more about her new husband and sons over her. She wasn’t wrong. Futaba felt she didn’t have anywhere she belonged in the human world. No family, friends or identity.

Present day.

Iroha meets Ai and Sana

Iroha meets Sana and Ai.

Sana was ready for another fun day with Ai when an unexpected visitor appeared. Sana feared Iroha was with the Wings of Magius. Ai quickly explained the situation.

Ai: I called her here to free you.

Sana: But why? Do you hate me?

Ai: No. I love you. It is precisely for that reason I cannot keep you imprisoned here. You have taught me so much. I love you so much I want you to live a better life than this. Please allow Iroha to adopt you.

Sana: No. I want to be here with you Ai! Go away Iroha!

Ai: I do not wish to be used by the Magius any longer. For that to happen I must be deleted.

Sana: Why are you saying this?

Cue Wings of Magius douchebag appearing because every antagonistic organization has to have that one crazy/nihilistic member.

Alina Gray

Alina Gray.

You know. The internet anime community love complaining about paid translations. Sometimes justifiably so, other times they are being picky. If people nag about Alina Gray’s Engrish translated to Italian they need to take a chill pill. Maybe she’s actually part Italian who prefers Engrish. Whatever. It is fantastic, yes. Anyway readers can guess what happened next.

Ai and Sana's final moments

Ai and Sana’s last moments together.

Two episodes about young lesbians losing their first love in the same season. 2020 is indeed the sequel to 20-Gayteen. Some great stuff and some hard hittung stuff too.

Ai = AI X ai

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18 Responses to Magia Record Episode 9: Ai AI ai

  1. aquwin says:

    Was waiting for Alina now I can start watching


  2. Kousaka Kirino says:

    This, episode 7; episode 7 and 4 of 22/7 are best this season!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely episode.
    The Uwasa more or less gained free will and decided it’s had enough of all this thanks to meeting Sana.
    Naming the AI “Ai”, Yugioh Vrains also did that too(although that Ai was male)
    Poor Sana, her backstory is really sad! That wasn’t a happy family she was in.
    Alina’s damn cool. According to google search, she’s a Jojo (its like the first suggested result when I typed in her name lmao) The localization surprised me a bit but I suppose it makes sense, she sprinkles her dialogue with english so for the english translation they have to replace that with another language. The fight with her was quite messily done though. Its not easy to undersand.
    Ai’s death scene was really sad!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Poor Ai. At least she learned to love before being deleted. As cirno9fan said she learned it before being corrupted by the internet.

      Liked by 1 person

    • K says:

      “Naming the AI “Ai”, Yugioh Vrains also did that too(although that Ai was male)”

      The funny thing about that is Sana gave Ai that name after giving it some considerable thought, while Yusaku didn’t really do that(he grew to care about Ai eventually, though).


      • Yeah, it was great seeing their friendship grow. In the end Yusaku truly does care for him.

        Amusingly it also makes him the odd man out, as the rest of the Ignis have names that are based on the elements they represent.


  4. cirno9fan says:

    Really unfair that as soon as the AI learns good things (because it’s not being exposed to the dregs of the internet constantly), it has to be destroyed ;_;

    And since Ai decided the Wings of Magius are working towards a bad goal, it’s been decided that they are definitely going towards something bad. Guessing based on Ai’s story, the Magius intend to erase all humanity and create a world where only magical girls exist.

    Time to see the significance of that scene, which shouldn’t have mattered much since Ai should be dead, but I guess the world is going to go on without her?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Even antagonists with noble goals go about it the wrong way. Plus groups hiring crazy people like Alina aren’t trustworthy to begin with, if the “using Witches as pawns” wasn’t enough indication they weren’t right in the head.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Something important to note is that Ai didn’t say “a magical girl can help you” but “a magical girl can see you” an important difference.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. K says:

    Listening to how Sana’s family and schoolmates treated her reminded me of Tama (MG Raising Project) and her home life(especially when Sana was compared to her stepbrothers). At least there was someone in Tama’s life who didn’t despise her very existence. Looks like Sana wasn’t that fortunate…until she met Ai.

    Since Sana was the first human to actually want to stay in the Endless Solitude, Ai was able to evolve further than was thought possible…just as the Magius wanted. Ai didn’t want to be used for some, as she thought, nefarious plot if it meant that Sana would come to harm so…she chose death. Hopefully, Sana will accept Iroha and the others now that Ai is no more.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. LuzeP says:

    It started slightly creepy and ended up sad, it really is Madoka Madika. Is there any way Ai to be rebooted again. Like certain anime. I mean, poor Sana and Ai. Sana’s family is the worst. I don’t know them but I already hate them. But it’s gonna be alright, Sana will join The Tamakis and she’ll be happy. By the way, Yachiyo know Iroha is strong now, she trusted her to go alone. But she still doesn’t want to talk about the witch side of Iroha. There’s still a lot of questions. And also that Italian translation in Alina is amusing.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that I kind of felt bad for Sana given her family treats her terribly. Still, it’s interesting how she manages to befriend artificial intelligence. Hopefully she will makes friends with Iroha and others.

    Still, I have to admit that Ai is pretty cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Nick says:

    Late to this party as I think I’ll be from now own.

    This was a pretty sad ep actually, I wasn’t really expecting that going in but it got surprisingly sad as it went on.

    Hope that Iroha and the rest of the girls can be there for Sana going forward, now that Ai isn’t there anymore. Plus I’m sure there is room in that house for one more magical girl.

    A little confused about Alina speaking Italian there as the subs I watch didn’t have anything like that happening. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    horrible family! they need to be forced to watch loli anime 24×7 for a month xD


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