Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 8: Underground Holidays

It’s Christmas time in the world of OshiBudo. Let’s see how our favorite idol group and their wotas prepared for the occasion.

Eripiyo suspicious of Maina's whereabouts

Eripiyo suspicious of Maina’s whereabouts.

We joined our wota trio at their usual hangout. It seemed the dirt sheets were after Sorane again. Other Guy bought a blue shirt for her and because it had a matching male one they again wrongly suspected her of having a het affair. Eripiyo went on a tangent worrying her Maina secretly had a male companion also. Other Guy was like “I worried over nothing”. No Other Guy. You can judge Eripiyo’s crazy love all you want. You’re still worse.

Sorane and A-Ya having a talk

Sorane having a talk with A-Ya.

After the OP we saw Sorane sulking. She made one of the worst mistakes a celebrity could do, looking up themselves on the internet. Besides the “affair” nonsense fanboys noticed trouble brewing between her and A-Ya. Sorane was like “You may not like me but I recommend not showing your dislike in front of fans.” A-Ya recalled her rant at the maid cafe. She was surprised Sorane wanted the two to keep working together.

Sorane's plan

Sorane hiding all “animosity” like a pro.

To sum up the A-Ya and Sorane debacle the green shortie was jealous of Sorane’s popularity. A-Ya gave it her all but the higher ups favored Sorane. Even when her popularity waned blue was still more popular than green. Despite this she didn’t ignore Sorane’s pain over the fanboy backlash. Also part of her kinda wanted to be doted on by insecure fanboys like Sorane’s.

Sorane's beauty

A-Ya understood.

Not sure what happened exactly but my best guess was when Sorane used her magic A-Ya got why she’s so popular before the “scandal”. They buried the hatchet. Sorane’s in the top 3 sexiest members for good reason.

Eripiyo and Maina last Christmas

Eripiyo and Maina last Christmas.

Back to our leads Eripiyo and the guys were super excited for the Cham Jam Christmas concert, especially seeing the ladies wearing cute and sexy Santa dresses. Eripiyo recalled what happened last year. Maina was too shy to wear a costume, opting to wear a Santa cap. This year Eripiyo had high hopes things would be different.

Eripiyo kind of proposing

Eripiyo proposing.

Eripiyo was so focused on Maina she didn’t change clothes after work. Maina was naturally puzzled. She didn’t want her beloved to know she was super excited to see her in a cute Santa costume. Not only did she propose to her but while in the moment said it anyway. That’s Eripiyo for ya.

Eripiyo mesmerized by Maina againSanta Maina

Her boldness paid off. Maina got the courage to put on a very lovely Santa outfit. Eripiyo fell in love with her all over again. Maina told Reo while shopping she got the courage to go all out this year thanks to the fans but we all know the real reason.

Going back a bit there were two important moments. The first one happened during the shopping scene. Eripiyo bought a Rudolph cap. The second was an incoming storm. Eripiyo was concerned but Kumasu thought since the show took place underground it wouldn’t get in the way. SPOILERS. It did.

Eripiyo saves the day

Eripiyo saved the day.

Fortunately the Rudolph cap came with a nose light. Thus Eripiyo saved the show.

Eripiyo and Maina closer than usual

Eripiyo and Maina standing closer than usual.

She was rewarded for her quick thinking. The photo was sad and hilarious. Still, step in the right direction. Maina hoped she could one day shine just as brightly for Eripiyo like she did that day. Maina continues falling deeper in love with her crazy fan. Hopefully there won’t be anymore backtracking like the misunderstanding a couple of episodes ago.

Reo and Sorane Christmas walkAya and Yuka on the train

There’s still hope for Reo X Sorane. It’s small but it’s there. A-Ya X Yuka isn’t complicated but more a “go with the flow” thing. They’re the first to notice each other. Yuka has an “open book” bluntness to her. She speaks her mind without shame. As for A-Ya, she’s tsundere for her. As mentioned a while back they have a sort of Himawari X Sakurako relationship.

Maki and Yumeri in the darkMaki and Yumeri Christmas Date

Waiting patiently for the hot couple to get their time to shine once more. Till then they continue being awesome in small bursts. Great stuff as usual.

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13 Responses to Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 8: Underground Holidays

  1. Makoto Itoshi says:

    This felt like a final episode but we’re only in episode 8, I feel that the progress is gonna grow exponentially now that Maina is being bold with what she wants. Yes, this picture ended with a gag, but they’re gonna take hundreds and hundreds of more pictures in the future with Maina getting closer and closer because they want each other in their future and absolutely nothing will stop them with their goal of a life together.

    I appreciate that Aya and Yuka were more explicit than usual this episode, even if they don’t have their own episode I can accept them progressing off-screen.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Christian Appel says:

    I would say that we already have 3 idol yuri couples, but an onscreen confirmation – or better say confession – in particular of Reo x Sorane – would be great, because the other 2 are very clear.

    You spend Christmas with the one you love and they are doing it.

    As for Maina x Eri: Like the episode title says, Eri wants to have a future with Maina, so they are on a good way, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another fantastic episode!

    Eripiyo was adorable this episode as usual. Loved that Rudolf hat!

    I really like A-Ya X Yuka. They are a really cute couple.😊

    Maki x Yumeri is gonna be the death of me! How they huddled/snuggled together during the blackout, Maki warning Yumeri about the wire on the floor, and then the hand holding. How is it that even though so little was shown of these 2 this episode, that the little things they do turns my heart into a puddle! Ah I Love these 2 SO MUCH!!!!! ❤😍❤

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Five seconds after the OP ended and the episode started, I said “Yes, now we got to the good part, Sorane only posting nude pictures of herself!” ^^

    There is also a part of me that would love to see an alternative-universe mix of this winter season where Sorane seduces Aya (or for that matter, everyone), and Suzu steals Ao and has her way with her. A girl can have silly daydreams ^^

    I love the deepening love confessions from Eripiyo and Maina, even if the latter shy cutie hasn’t said them out loud yet. And girls imitating other girls is one of my absolute favourite things, especially when they do it so nonchalantly. Eripiyo’s Maina impression was fantastic!

    Maki and Yume are like Suzu: in a few seconds they can shine as brilliantly as everyone else combined, or more.

    Sending lots of love vibes to Reo x Sorane and Yuka x Aya ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I’m sure your delightful mind will cook up something fun as always.

      Eripiyo loves Maina so her imitation being spot on was unsurprising and awesome.

      Best couple.

      Enjoy seeing those two couples developing their own way too. So nice.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Giack31 says:

    The whole group in Santa costumes was really cute.
    Finally we saw Mania taking the initiative and standing closer to Eripiyo.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lionqueen says:

    I like how Eripiyo had her moment of showing how capable she is. And I hope from this moment, they keep taking pictures closely. I also like how Maki and Yumeri doesn’t care if they are found, they would continue doing their best as idols without a care. For now Aya and Yuka are still a little bit fresh, for now they are the bickering friends. And the feeling that I have about Sorane and Reo is that they might have feelings for each other, at least Sorane seems to, but they are the most keen to follow the rules of Idols of not being allowed to go out with anyone. That conversation they had in the train where Reo said “I love you” and Sorane responded “you love everyone but that’s something I like about you” seems like there is an understandment between them like “we are idols is impossible but I guess I like how professional you are ” let’s see if with time Reo would get more receptive.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. LuzeP says:

    What a wonderful episode. Sorane should stop googling herself. She thinks too much about how her fans see her. That’s not very healthy. But she is a pro. She’s handling her problem smoothly. I just hope things don’t get out of hand.

    Because of Other Guy, now Eripiyo is anxious about Maina maybe having a boyfriend too. Dammit, Other Guy. We all know Maina is only thinking about Eripiyo and Eripiyo’s only. Screw other fans, Maina only wearing that Santa’s outfit just to look good in front of Eripiyo. So now that both agree (in their own monologue) to have a future together, which warm my heart, it saves to say they’re moving forward too. Hence the closeness of the photo. Although, misunderstanding will still be the theme of this show.

    I knew Aya and Yuka is really close offscreen they just don’t want to admit it. That’s tsundere love for you. Sorane kind of ruin their dinner date tho lol. Maki x Yumeri, they’re so sweet I might die over and over again. Reo and Sorane can take their time together.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nick says:

    Sorane nudes, ooooh wow.

    Glad that the Sorane and Aya drama didn’t get too out of control and they were able to sort that our pretty quickly.

    Santa Maina is super cute!!! All the rest of the girls looked excellent too. Especially Maki.

    Eripiyo came up big time when the power went out. I was actually kinda wondering what happened to the staff, they kinda disappeared for that whole moment. Oh well.

    Some nice Eripiyo and Maina moments this week too. They’re slowly but surely getting closer together. It’s great to see.

    All the girls spending Christmas together was nice at the end. Reo X Sorane is still a thing by the looks of it, which is nice. And of course it’s always a welcome sight to see Maki and Yumeri together. Like you said, they’re the hot couple. Really hope we get to see more of their relationship in the future.

    Great ep all around. Looking forward to next week as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Feels a bit odd to watch a Christmas themed episode during February, but hey, santa outfits! Not complaining 😀
    The whole thing with Eripyo’s Rudolph light guiding the girls and the other fans’ lights acting like an impromptu runway is pretty cool.

    one hilarious shot that has nothing to do with the plot of the ep at all, in the mall Eripyo, Kumasu, and that guy are hanging out there’s a Pteranodon decoration with a santa hat. As a prehistoric life fan I found that amusing.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    I would so love to watch a Maki x Yumeri spin-off series…

    Liked by 1 person

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