LOVE BAKUDAN 18+ Yuri Visual Novel Kickstarter

This time we have an erotic yuri visual novel set in an erotic bookstore. It’s LOVE BAKUDAN by Noodletub Games.

Love Bakudan Cover

Receiving a letter in the mail is almost never a good thing. Almost.

Between bills, bad news, and junk mail, nobody in the modern age cares to keep up with what gets shoved into their mailboxes. But our protagonist, Haruka Mishima, receives a bittersweet letter that changes her life forever; her cheeky grandmother has just passed away, but with her passing comes an inheritance to a very particular type of bookstore, located back in her hometown of Akiyama.

The type of books this place sells? Erotic ones, of course!

Bakudan Books has been in the Mishima family for generations. The store is located in a particular area that quickly became Akiyama’s local red light district, filled to the brim with hedonistic living everywhere you looked. Haruka’s parents saw what the area surrounding their home was becoming, and quickly moved somewhere a bit less risqué – leaving the once tame family business in dear ol’ granny’s capable, smut loving hands.

One shameless rebranding later, the rest is history!

Haruka’s going to meet faces new and old upon returning back to town, not to mention the gorgeous women who frequent the store; dying for their own chance at love… could Haruka turn out to be the one they’ve been looking for all this time?

Whoever said you can’t mix business with pleasure clearly didn’t run a store like Bakudan Books!

The pitch for this project is that besides three lovely romance routes (more via Stretch Goals) each eroge sold can be read on the side, meaning the game comes with unlockable extra naughty comics (and possibly books).

On paper this sounds pretty good. I mean one of the love interests is a muscular black woman. That alone proves the people behind this project are people of culture. Thing is other than what the ladies look like there isn’t much else to go by. Still, I wish Noodletub games the best of luck. Maybe they’ll share some preview CGs the more people give their project a shot? I leave that up to readers to decide.

Update on why the KS doesn’t feature preview CGs:

Learn more about the cast and the project by visiting the Kickstarter Page HERE.

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1 Response to LOVE BAKUDAN 18+ Yuri Visual Novel Kickstarter

  1. qorl says:

    Interesting art style, I’ll gladly back this. The buff dark girl reminded me of Alpha’s Adventures and I got sad again. Remember that? The game that we’ll never get? :<


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