OG’s Winter 2020 Halftime Impressions

We’ve about reached the halfway point of the Winter 2020 season so once more I’m sharing my thoughts on the other shows I’m watching but not covering weekly, except this time I’m not including Eizouken or the other non-yuri potential shows like last time.

Oboro and Syrup

Oboro and Syrup. Maple and Sally’s not PokeDaugters.

Let’s start with BOFURI, aka the Shield Girl Show. As our good friend Rory described it’s a video game isekai with no life threatening risks. Nobody dies for real, loses their memory or anything like that. It’s about two girls and their eventual party members doing their thing in an MMORPG. It’s kinda refreshing. The only “antagonists” so far are the boss enemies and developers stressing Maple constantly breaking the game with her “OP-ness”. Put simply it’s like watching a MMORPG Let’s Play with commentary except the Let’s Players are the protagonists and far less cringe

Kanade and KasumiMay and Yui

In the most recent episode Maple and Sally formed a Guild called Maple Tree (Our lead’s username is Maple and they bought a literal treehouse) recruiting the shield guy, Iz, Kanade, Kasumi and the twins May (maybe it’s Mai) and Yui. I guess the 2nd half will focus on Guild Battles and challenging stronger players with Maple becoming even more OP each episode. So far the yuri remains Grade 5 but there’s still the 2nd half to go so you never know. BTW, May and Yui are other players, not Oboro and Syrup’s evolved forms as I and a few others initially thought.

Nodoka about to transform

Nodoka about to transform.

Healin’ Good PreCure, aka the 17th entry in the Pretty Cure franchise started around February this year and I’m digging it so far. I knew I’d automatically love Nodoka thanks to her seiyu (my lady love) but she’s already proving to be an excellent protagonist so far. The main theme of this entry appears to be animal raising and medicine, hence my dubbing this group the Medic Rangers.

Cure Grace

This time the mascots join the Rangers in battle fusing with their combat sticks. They too are cool so far. The first two episodes built up Nodoka quite nicely.

Chiyu about to transform

Chiyu about to transform.

Cure Fontaine

Episode 3 had the Blue Ranger Chiyu, aka Cure Fontaine join the team. Like many previous Blue Rangers she’s the elegant beauty of the team. She’s great too. The third Rangers is getting ready to join the team next time. She’ll be the goofball, a role normally reserved for the Team Captain.

Howan and Himeko having a touching moment

Skyrocketed to one of my favorite couples of the season.

When I first saw the new cast of Show By Rock Mashumairesh!!, aka SBR 3 I was bummed it wouldn’t revolve around Plasmagica. It didn’t take long for Mashumairesh to prove they’re worthy successors. SBR 3 has been the surprise of the season 3. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do. I was invested in Howan X Himeko’s relationship since the premiere but like the show I didn’t expect to be blown away by them as much as I was. SO GOOD!

Ruhuyu and Delmin having a moment

Ruhuyu X Delmin make a nice duo too.

Ruhuyu X (best girl) Delmin are great too. Hopefully their bond will grow as strong as HimeHowa’s. There’s still hope Plasmagica may make a guest appearance since ShingancrimsonZ are set to appear in the next episode (my body is ready for peak machismo).

Railgun T Kongou

Bless Kongou.

Best thing about Railgun 3 is some of the Railgun veterans getting more to do this season, especially my girl Kongou.

That’s about it. BanG Dream 3 should resume airing near the end of February or early March.

Winter 2020 has been an excellent season and we’re only halfway through!

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9 Responses to OG’s Winter 2020 Halftime Impressions

  1. The only show you have here that I’m not watching is Show by rock. Maybe I’ll try getting into it some other time.

    Bofuri continues to be a fun show. It’s hilarious how OP Maple is.

    Healin Good, only 3 eps in and I’m really enjoying it. Aoi Yuki as a cure is very cool. Now we just need a mascot voiced by Emiri Kato lol

    Oh,so bang dream was delayed or something?
    I must have missed that news. Well that explains why there haven’t been any new eps. What was the reason?


    • cirno9fan says:

      The first five episodes were dashed out on physicial merch (because can’t have singles out before the episode is seen!! Stupid suit logic >_<)
      And the actual airing of the tv show didn’t begin until I think it was late January. Episode 6 should be next week, as episode 5 tv broadcasted in Japan yesterday.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Show by Rock is delightful and Delmin is absolutely best girl. Her reading in English was the cutest thing so far this decade ^^


  3. Mauron says:

    Sally and Maple remain my favorite couple from this season.

    BanG! Dream has a weird airing schedule.

    Someday I will catch up on Railgun, but U or V may have aired by then.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Gasp! The only show from this list I’m following is Railgun. My Otaku Point must have dropped.


  5. Liddo-kun says:

    Bofuri, Show by Rock, and the new precure season has been good so far.

    Only one I’m not following is Railgun. Have got tired of the franchise..


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