OshiRabu Steam Page + Demo

With the imminent release of the previously announced OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos a demo was released. As a reminder this is from the sister studio (SukeraSomero) of the studio (SukeraSparo) that brought us The Expression Amrilato and the hopefully soon to be localized “Folklore of Kudan”.

OshiRabu CG

Plot Summary:

“—I wanna marry you.”Those simple words set in motion a ♀ yuri ♀ game of cat and mouse!

“As a child, there was a love story that captivated me.
In the story, an alien came down from space and extravagantly proclaimed her love to an Earthling man.
I never imagined that, decades later, I’d be living out that story for myself…”

Akuru Hayahoshi is an unlucky otaku office worker who just can’t pull her husbando in the gacha game she’s obsessed with, no matter how much money she throws at it.
Until one day, she runs into the garishly gorgeous and freakishly lucky Ren Furutachi.

A series of misunderstandings lead to a proposal, and Ren starts to full-on pursue Akuru.
One thing leads to another, and in order to bring her husbando home, she ends up… bringing Ren home?!
Now they’re sharing a house… and a bed?!
To unpresuming Akuru this cool, lady-loving girl might as well be an alien!

Akuru wants her husbando, and Ren wants Akuru as her waifu…
Are these two ever gonna end up together?!

Tune in to this slapstick yuri comedy to find out!

OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos is scheduled for a February 28th release with a planned 18+ Patch coming soon (Most likely on the day of release a few days after)

  1. Visit the OshiRabu English Homepage HERE.
  2. Add OshiRabu to your Steam Wishlist HERE.
  3. The demo can be downloaded HERE. Click on the picture of the main menu.

How to install demo:

Right click on the downloaded file and using either WinRAR or 7Zip go to and click “Extract Here”.

Click on the Setup Icon

Click on the first option in the Demo Install Menu

On the bottom right corner click on the button left of Exit.

Exit the Menu

Before starting the demo click on the English button.

Start the demo.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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1 Response to OshiRabu Steam Page + Demo

  1. qorl says:

    Akuru is a freakin weirdo, dude. That is some serious delusion.


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