First 2020 Yuri Game News Batch

Let’s talk about some games with yuri content I recently noticed.


Summer from Summer at the Edge of the Universe.

First up we have another Studio Élan project to get excited for (Alongside Lock & Key of course). This time it is a sci-fi fantasy “Solarpunk” tale (most likely inspired by the Aria series or something like it). It’s Summer at the Edge of the Universe.

Summer at the Edge of the Universe is a solarpunk lesbian visual novel. After several years without talking, a chance encounter brings four best friends back together for the journey of a lifetime. For Summer Nansen (CV: Hikaru Station), this trip is a chance to not only rekindle old friendships, but also to discover what it is she wants out of life. Joined by the spunky robot Curiosity, the four girls travel from planet to planet, exploring the natural wonders and diverse alien cultures that they come across. Their journey culminates at the borderline of existence itself: the very edge of the universe.

There are three routes, centered around each of Summer’s friends. All routes contain both romantic and platonic endings. More fantasy than sci-fi, Summer aims to be a positive and uplifting experience, with one of the core tenets for the game being “good vibes only.” The game was first teased and eventually announced via a series of audio logs featuring each of the characters.

Check out the audio logs for previews of Summer’s friends/potential love interests.

Summer at the Edge of the Universe is scheduled for a 2021 release on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

Lives so Sweet Cast

Lives So Sweet

Lives so Sweet is available for purchase on Steam and Here’s a recap of the story and content:

Everyone has their insecurities. Sometimes, you need someone else’s help to overcome them–or at least learn to accept them. Explore the stories of three women who, one way or another, find themselves booking an appointment at a certain massage parlour. What change will this experience bring to their lives…?

  • 3 (1 extra unlocked after the main 3) short and sweet stories of self-acceptance and self-love
  • Play the character stories in any order
  • 1 to 2 hours of reading
  • Gorgeous, vibrant artwork by Mur Moruno
  • 10 unique CGs + variations
  • Uncensored adult scenes

Azur Lane Crosswave

Azur Lane Crosswave will be available on PS4 and PC (Steam) February 13th in NA and February 21st in Europe. The reason I am reminding readers of the game is Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise is free to download for a limited time upon release day so everyone interested in the game be sure to get her right away.

To get more info on the game and Limited Editions visit the Azur Lane Crosswave English homepage HERE.

Nijigasaki Huddle

Nijigasaki Girls Huddle.

Love Live fans excited for the Nijigasaki anime, aka “Love Live! 3” who want an early preview of what the girls are like need not wait long nor rely on a Japanese account because the English version of Love Live! All-Stars is on its way to the West. While this was confirmed last year I am here to share a potential release date. February 25th, 2020. It appears to be similar to School Idol Festival but with more features and animations.

Pre-register by going to either the Apple Apps or Google Play Stores.

Symphogear XD Unlimited

Symphogear XD Unlimited will be fully playable February 14th and will also kick things off with both the main story and an Attack on Titan Event.

There’s still time to pre-order by going HERE.

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4 Responses to First 2020 Yuri Game News Batch

  1. CrazySuicider says:

    So many yuri stufff >\\<

    Liked by 1 person

  2. k1ll1ngz0ne says:

    I’ll be honest.
    I was considering All-Stars, but after seeing the pictures here:

    Im very disappointed. They’ve taken the worst part of these franchises, and amplified their focus on it to worrying levels.
    Pandering to the lowest common denominator.
    Im dreading the valentines day/white day events already, considering that instead of the focus being on the girls’ spending the day with each other, they’ll be spending it… (shudder)
    with you.


    Liked by 3 people

    • cameronsaryn says:

      I’m gonna give it a chance anyways, I have a high Umi deficiency. But my reason for switching to Bang Dream was that we actually get to know more of the characters and their relationships with each other through the event stories. In LLSIF I have countless unplayed stories waiting for me because I know the girls will just try to sweet talk me.


    • Somebody says:

      On the bright side it says you play a student and I can only assume it will be an all girls school like the others.

      Liked by 1 person

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