Magia Record Episode 6: Hot Tempered Luck

More magical girls and chaotic predicaments this episode.

Witch Show

Even Killer Doodles have idols or favorite pop stars.

A group of magical girls were in stealth mode watching the Killer Doodle show but one was like “Screw stealth! KILL THEM ALL!”



Suffice to say Felicia’s “smash first, ask questions never” was met with criticism as we’d later find out.

Yachiyo and Iroha breakfast

Yachiyo and Iroha having breakfast.

Iroha had breakfast with Yachiyo. she thanked her for purifying her Soul Gem last time. Yachiyo was like “Don’t mention it” (In her head she remembered Witch Iroha and was like “Seriously, don’t mention it again”). Iroha planned on continuing her search for Ui in Kamihama and Yachiyo warned her not to use her powers or let anyone know she’s a magical girl.

Iroha and lucky water

Iroha and Lucky Owl Water.

The search led her somewhere one would normally stay away from but she went in. How she was unfazed by the creepy stuff around her I’ll never know. Must be a magical girl trait. Anyhoo she was invited to try out the so called Lucky Owl Water. For some reason Felicia was there too. Both took a sip, which of course was a bad idea but more on that later. On her way out Felicia noticed the magical girl ring and insignia on Iroha’s nail. Felicia charged her a toll but they were interrupted.

Magical Girl Felicia

Felicia Henshin.

After disposing of the Witches Felicia charged her a protection fee and Iroha was like “How about I treat you to ice cream instead?”

We cut to Yachiyo dropping by Coordinator’s pad for info on other rumors. Felicia’s a wanted girl for her recklessness. She was about to get info on the lucky water when she sensed another visitor.

Kyouko Returns

I know some pals overjoyed seeing her again.

Not much to say about Kyouko and Yachiyo’s discussion. Kyouko heard about the abundance of Witches in Kamihama and wanted in on the action. Yachiyo was like “Go ahead but don’t cause trouble for other magical girls”.

Iroha and Felicia super lucky

Iroha and Felicia super lucky.

Back to Iroha and Felicia. Their day was full of super luck. Pay attention to the numbers counting down each time they won big. Felicia introduced herself as a mercenary to Iroha earlier and now that she had more money offered to become her bodyguard. She also explained the reason she became a mercenary was to get revenge on all Witched for murdering her family.

Lucky Water Rumor

Lucky Water rumor.

Later they rendezvoused with Yachiyo and Tsuruno, the former warning Iroha of Felicia’s bad reputation. However, she’s more worried the two drank the lucky water. Basically after getting lucky 24 times the drinker would suddenly be flooded with overwhelmingly bad luck. To avoid this they needed to drink more luck water. Felicia and Yachiyo bickered over the rumor and Iroha calmed down the former by hiring her.

Back to the Lucky Water place

Back at the Lucky Water place.

Yachiyo wanted to gather information but Felicia preferred doing things her way. It didn’t go well. She got scolded for not protecting Iroha. I’m not 100% sure but this is the first time the new enemies were referred to as “Uwasa”. The girls found the Uwasa selling Lucky Water but it seemed not everyone noticed it. Not even our heroines initially. In any case they gave chase.

Shadowy figures stopping the girls

Shadowy figures blocking the girls.

They followed it to a tunnel but were stopped by shadowy figures. They offered more water in exchange for letting the Uwasa be. Tsuruno asked for the missing magical girls and they said they’re safe with the Magius who promised to get rid of all Witches.

Felicia intrigued

Felicia was like “Get rid of all Witches, you say? Tell me more”.

Solid episode. I feel indifferent toward Felicia. For now she’s a dollar store Kyouko.

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10 Responses to Magia Record Episode 6: Hot Tempered Luck

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I guess Felicia’s backstory is kind of similar to Kyoko, but they are slightly different. While Felicia said her parents were killed by witches, I wonder what actually happened.

    Still, it’s still interesting that Felicia almost has the same voice as Cocoa. Also, I envy her luck as all I get in gacha is worthless pulls or 4/5 stars that I don’t want.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gurrenprime says:

    “Uwasa” just means “rumor” so the names didn’t change, just how Funi is subtitling them. I guess because “rumor” seems like too normal a word to be a proper noun.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    I was thinking more Yachiyo was thinking “But I didn’t purify her gem by giving her grief seeds”….because I recall at no point her having done that. Or anyone. Methinks Iroha is a bit broken, and can purify herself after going “berserk”. There was indeed something said about how Iroha’s wish must have given her a crazy powerful ability if it resulted in someone being “erased”.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. X says:

    I think those shadowy figures are the missing magical girls. I would love a drink like that if I didn’t give me bad luck at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. New girl Felicia is definitely hotheaded and eager to charge into battle.

    Grants lucky you say? I’ll take… wait, I’ll have to keep chugging them to prevent the bad luck from catching up to me? I’ll pass then….

    Yay Kyoko! She is my favorite of the OG five.

    I figure those hooded figures that cornered them are the missing magical girls that this new monster repurposed as minions. We’ll see next episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You already know I’m stoked to see Kyoko again. 😉 Glad to see Yachiyo is becoming a bit softer with Iroha and even a bit protective. Felicia doesn’t come close to my best girl, but dollar store Kyoko made me chuckle lol. This was a satisfyingly creepy episode as I expect from a Madoka show.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    Kyouko makes any food look delicious.


  8. Nick says:

    Late as always for this show, but that’s because I’m always waiting for certain subs.

    Nice to see Kyouko back again. Funny how she’s always eating something when she’s in a scene.

    Dollar Store Kyoko (Felicia) is a great nickname I gotta say.

    Of course the Lucky Water would come with strings attached. That’s why you don’t drink random things strangers give you.

    Liked by 2 people

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