Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 4: Underground Idol Gaylympics

Sports Festival and a very special day were covered in this episode.

Eripiyo reading the huge announcement

Eripiyo reading a huge announcement.

We began with a flashback but we’ll get to it later. First order of business was an upcoming election to determine the Cham Jam rankings. Eripiyo understandably gave up before the election even began.

Cham Jam Handshake Line percentage

Rough estimate of the Cham Jam handshake line numbers per show.

She knew Maina always had the least number of fans in line for handshakes (2 in total though she mistakenly counts only herself. Whether on purpose or not I can’t say). Thus she began plans of rallying all 30000 of Maina’s fans across Japan (though Kumasu knew a lot of them were extra accounts created by Eripiyo herself). As part of the election the girls would compete in a sports festival.

Reo and Maina

Don’t ask me why. Reo looked sexier than usual in this pose.

Cham Jam worried over the rankings and the festival as everyone but Sorane wasn’t very athletic. Maina worried the most. Reo came to her with words of encouragement. The exact words would be revealed later.

Reo's double injury

Signed autograph or Reo’s double injury.

Speaking of Reo she injured both legs the year prior so she would referee the competition instead.

Cham Jam Red Team

Red Team.

Cham Jam White Team

White Team.

The festival had begun and the first event was a relay race. Aya, aka A-ya, made a mad dash to Yumeri but tripped.

Yuka offering to help Aya

Yuka offering to help A-ya.

Aya suspicious of Yuka

A-Ya suspicious of Yuka.

Aya dash!

A-ya’s “You won’t get more votes than me!” dash.

We got a hint on what kind of relationship between Aya and Yuka in Episode 2. Here we got a better idea.  My “nee-san from another okaa-san” Luzeri-chan described them as Himawari X Sakurako V2. That’s about right.

The batons were passed to Maina and Yumeri.

The two “strolled” their way to Maki and Sorane. Maina had a hard time keeping up when suddenly…

Eripiyo cheering on Maina

Eripiyo cheering Maina on.

Maina's love boost

Maina’s love boost.

Cham Jam Sports Festival Photo

Sports Festival photo. A-ya was out of action after the relay race so Reo took her place.

Reo and Kumasu photo

Reo and Kumasu photo.

So back to the flashback at the beginning. We got to see Reo and her old teammates. She was the least popular member. She did have one super loyal fan. Kumasu promised to help her become #1. Those words motivated Reo to work harder than before. So much so that after her old group disbanded she became the leader of Cham Jam. Kumasu would happily continue to ensure she stayed #1.

One step closer


Reo’s words of encouragement to Maina came from her experience with Kumasu, “Believe in your fans and they will help you succeed”. As we can see they’re one step closer to fulfilling their destiny.

Eripiyo touched by Maina's words

Eripiyo touched by Maina’s optimism.

We already know this but Eripiyo’s gorgeous with her hair down.

Eripiyo exhausted

Eripiyo exhausted.

I honestly don’t have much to add about the 2nd half of the episode. Reo’s birthday was coming up and Kumasu was in charge of organizing it. Eripiyo and Other Guy joined in because they’re his only friends, something that was heavily emphasized. The majority of the segment was Eripiyo working her butt off in multiple part-time jobs to make enough money to afford more Maina CDs because “1 CD = 1 vote”. It was meant to show how hard devoted idol stans worked to support their favorite idols. Nothing would stop Eripiyo from supporting her one true love…not even injury via wild boar. The random boar attack was so funny I needed to take a long break before continuing.

Cham Jam Halloween CosplayNurse Maki and Shark YukaReo and Sorane HalloweenMaina Halloween

The birthday party went without a hitch and to the surprise of everyone Maina made ranked 3rd! Good for her!

Another excellent episode.










Main event time!

Yumeri imagining herself at the Fashion Show

Yumeri imagining herself at the next fashion show. #2 sexiest right here.

Let’s rewind back to everyone worrying worrying the rankings. Yumeri thought about what it would mean to rank #1. For a moment she relished it…until she remembered “the promise”. She was like “If I rank in the Top 3 with Sorane and Reo what will happen to my promise of walking down the runway with Maki?”

Maki cheering up Yumeri

Maki cheering up Yumeri. #1 sexiest.

Maki: No worries Yume. I’m sure your fans will help you rank up.

Yumeri (That’s not what I’m worrying about).

Maina's love boost

Back here again. As Maina got her surprise love boost Yumeri noticed Sorane and Maki in front of them and was like (I want to do my best but if I run hard and pass the baton to Sorane early Maki won’t stand a chance). Unfortunately, as Maki told her in Episode 2, “I’m always watching you”.

After the race:

Maki: You should give it your all in the rankings Yume.

Yumeri: But I…

Maki X Yumeri Sports Festival

I have a feeling these two will be the end of me.

Maki: …How about this. The loser has to do whatever the winner says. That enough motivation for you?

Yumeri’s team won the festival. If the preview was any indication expect her to have something big planned for Maki next time.

My body is ready.

Ah yes. This too is very important.

Maki Blog Update

Maki + ponytail = Heaven.

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15 Responses to Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 4: Underground Idol Gaylympics

  1. Makoto Itoshi says:

    An episode without misunderstandings is appreciated, such a nice break from last week. Eripiyo doing her best while Maina managed to thank her properly. If there was a cosplay contest Maina would win by a landslide, that outfit was on another level.

    Aya was funny, and we got more Maki x Yume, they aren’t just sexy but also quite romantic, I like them even more now.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Such a colourful and fun episode. Silly lovestruck Yumeri getting all bewildered mid-race the moment she sees Maki was one of the season highlights ^^

    And she won anyway thanks to Sorane being about five times faster than the rest (just like they feared). Looks like Yumeri will wish for a date… hoping it is true!

    Maina-catgirl is charming.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another fantastic episode!

    The Eripiyo work montage was hilarious and the boar attack at the end! I Died! So Good!

    Aya was also funny! The Sports Festival was fun!

    Maki x Yume just keeps getting more fantastic! Cant wait for more of these 2!

    And good for Kumasu. You keep going buddy.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. tsubasasfamily says:

    You have to respect Eripiyo’s dedication to Maina… 3rd place all by herself?! Oh, but of course I’m forgetting the 30,000 quiet Maina fans who don’t go to the shows 😉

    Still, if these is hope for a yuri kiss in this show, I’m actually holding out more for MakiYume. You don’t have to be a yuri fan to see the writer is obviously telling us they’ve got hots for each other. But man, if they do kiss… I might not survive. It would be worth it, though.

    Also, I literally lol’d at Eripiyo’s scream when she got hit by the boar xD Her seiyuu is really funny and energetic.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes indeed. Those 30000 fans across Japan whose accounts strangely all come from the same area code all pitched in to help the cutie rank up big time.

      Would be a nice bonus seeing MakiYume kiss on screen, yes. If they do then expect hospitals all over the world filling up with yuri fans.

      Every episode has a moment I repeat hundreds of times. Eripiyo vs Boar got that honor this episode.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. LuzeP says:

    What a fun episode. Everybody got their own fair share of screen time. Kumasa’s very dedicated guy. Reo is so lucky to have him. Talk about Reo, she sees herself on Maina, she is like Maina protector. She waited for her at that Festa event. The sports festival was so fun. Aya and Yuka, I think they belong to each other. Yes, l see Sakurako and Himawari on them. Maina love power! Too bad she didn’t win. Eripiyo proud of her so it’s okay. The photoshoot still a bit far, but at least we can see their full body in the frame. Maina looked disappointed tho, again. Also that Eripiyo’s working montage was so funny. The ending was hilarious, I did not see that coming. But her hard work and sacrifice paid off!

    Now for the main event. Maki and Yumeri, well, they need no fans. Yumeri always thinking about Maki. Can’t blame her, she’s hot. Maki knows where’s Yumeri and what Yumeri thinking. She has Yumeri radar. Now we know that Maki won, I wonder what she’s gonna do next. I’m so looking forward to it.


  6. Giack31 says:

    The sports festival was a lot of fun. The Tug-o-war was the best part, it was hilarious.

    I really like A-ya and Yuka’s relationship.

    When they were showing the social media post A-ya’s “I’m cosplaying Reo” made me laugh so much.

    Maina coming in 3rd place was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Also all the cosplays were really cute especially Maki’s nurse and Maina’s cat.

    I loved the Maki and Yumeri parts in the episode and looks like we are getting more next episode. We’ll see what Maki decides to make Yumeri do.


  7. yurimylove says:

    many idol shows have idol x idol subtext, but it’d be great if we actually get to see Maki x Yumeri kiss.


  8. Nick says:

    Another great ep!

    Ponytail Maki is soooooooo cute. Hell, Maki in general is super cute. I really like her. She’s so beautiful! And when she’s wearing the nurse outfit!!!! Yessssss!!

    Reo did look sexier than usual in that pose.

    The sports event was fun. And no leg breaking, so that was good too.

    Fuck them wild boars. This is why you need guns.

    Maina and Eripiyo finally got a little closer in that photo. Soon they’ll be right beside each other.

    Did I mention Maki already?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Maki is the most beautiful member no doubt.

      I knew it. Really hoping they do a swimsuit photo shoot.

      I think Aya hurt her leg.

      Poor Eripiyo. At least she got a wee bit closer to Maina.


  9. user says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Reo’s pose in that scene cause I thought the same XD

    I love Maki’s unconditional support for Yumeri, it’s so wholesome and I really do think they fit each other well from what we are shown already

    This was by far one of the funniest episodes for me (Aya never fails to crack me up! And I loved seeing the girls throwing bean bags at the staff, just being their silly selves)


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