Adachi and Shimamura Trailer

Probably the current #1 Hype Yuri Anime of 2020, a key visual was released along with a teaser trailer.

Adachi and Shimamura Illustration.jpg

Plot summary: Adachi and Shimamura, two young women who attend the same high school, are inseparable friends. Whether playing table tennis, chatting about favorite TV shows, or just relaxing together, they’re happy to share their days. When Adachi’s friendship turns into romantic attraction, the relationship begins to change, one day at a time.

No premiere date announced yet. Probably Spring or Summer 2020.

Thank you One Called Ach for providing the cast info.

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8 Responses to Adachi and Shimamura Trailer

  1. says:

    ahhh!! So exited for this! Hopefully sooner in 2020 rather than later. I would, however like to catch up on the vn before its release

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  2. Nick says:


    This looks so incredible, I can’t wait to watch it!!!

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  3. appbeza says:

    There’s a bike at the end with a wheel-lock. I’m in.

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  4. Liddo-kun says:

    wow, so hyped for this!

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  5. Cyan says:

    Wah! We need more innocent yuri like this that’ll make me squeal from cuteness.
    Patiently waiting~

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  6. I’ve been reading the manga, well and the moke (?) version, which is confusing me lol, I think it has potential if it ever gets legit yuri. I am quite picky, I gave up on googles, I need legit rrrrromance ,but the design is cute so will check it out.


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