Lives so Sweet Mini-Kickstarter

I mentioned Lives so Sweet before in this post HERE promoting its eventual release. The Reine Works team launched a mini-Kickstarter to add some potential finishing touches to the game. The main goal was already reached as of this post but there are some neat Stretch Goals that do not look difficult to reach.

Lives so Sweet 2nd Cover.png

Refresher on what the game is about:

Everyone has their insecurities. Sometimes, you need someone else’s help to overcome them–or at least learn to accept them. Explore the stories of three women who, one way or another, find themselves booking an appointment at a certain massage parlour. What change will this experience bring to their lives…?

Lives so Sweet Cast

The three customers about to receive an unforgettable massage.

  • 3 short and sweet stories of self-acceptance and self-love

  • Play the character stories in any order

  • 1 to 2 hours of reading

  • Gorgeous, vibrant artwork by Mur Moruno

  • 10 unique CGs + variations

  • 7 Steam achievements

The remaining Stretch Goals:

  • $500 – base goal *ACHIEVED*

  • $1,000 – special art for the credits sequence

  • $1,500 – voice acting for main CG scenes

  • $2,000 – voice acting for the epilogue scenes

Lives so Sweet CG.png

The masseuse, Yuri Johansson, has a route of her own unlocked after finishing the first three. Note: She already has a girlfriend who can potentially appear in the sequel should this title do well.

  • The interested can help reach the Stretch Goals on the Kickstarter Page HERE.
  • Pre-order the game on HERE. (NSFW Warning).
  • Add the game to your Steam Wishlist HERE. (Requires logging into Steam first)
  • There was a Steam page but it disappeared all of a sudden. Hopefully it’ll return after the KS campaign is finished.

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1 Response to Lives so Sweet Mini-Kickstarter

  1. qorl says:

    Oh, she has a girlfriend already? I hope this isn’t cheating on her. I’m keeping fingers crossed for a sequel regardless.


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