More Yuri Visual Novel Releases

Top Hat Studios recently released two neat looking Visual Novels on Steam.

Why is There a Girl in My House.jpg

The first one is “Why is there a (Cat)Girl in My House!?” by Betulasoft.

Plot Summary:

What would you do if you found a cat girl in your apartment?

Our protagonist has to answer that exact question! Elena is a hard working businesswoman who just can’t seem to find time for herself. She works a tiring job, and is lucky to relax in the time she has at home. After a hard day of work as usual, she returns to her apartment to find quite a surprise – there’s a cat girl in her home! Alice is an excitable, slightly air-headed cat girl who’s made herself right at home, thanks to Elena’s auntie. The two begin to bond in their free time – could this be the answer to Elena’s loneliness? Find out in this short, sweet, and lewd yuri visual novel!


  • Beautifully. Hi-Res illustrated CGs & Characters

  • 5+ CGs, with multiple variations

  • 1-2 Hours of Gameplay

  • Lewd Yuri Scenes

  • Cat girls!

Check the game out (Uncensored) on Steam HERE.

Our Lovely Escape

The second one was brought up here before. It’s Reine Works‘ Our Lovely Escape.

Plot Summary: Your life is a peaceful one. Each day, you work alongside your (otherwise?) all-female workforce in the pursuit of creating otome games.

Will you complete your life with a cute girlfriend, or will you be doomed to a life of normalcy?

Find out in this (mostly…?) normal visual novel! Experience all the twists, turns, drama and…more of living a normal, office job life.

Key Features

• Gorgeous, high-quality japanese artwork
• HD (1920×1080 native) resolution
• Three character routes, all with branching paths
• Play as a man or woman – affects gameplay and the story too!
• 15 endings
• 4 to 7 hours of fun
• E-mail mini-game
• Animated CGs!
• Steam Achievements!
• 19+ CGs, all with variations
• Classic JVN-inspired original soundtrack
• Available in both English & Simplified Chinese

The game is available on Steam and Nutaku (NSFW).

Lives So Sweet.png

The third is not yet available for purchase but can be added to the Steam Wishlist. This one is also by Reine Works. It’s Lives So Sweet.

The story of a beautiful masseuse and her equally beautiful clients as they share stories and get to massaging. This being an 18+ title readers can take a wild guess what kind of massage our heroine specializes in. It will feature four routes, the clients and a bonus route about the masseuse herself. Perhaps a harem route?

Visit the store page HERE (NSFW) to add the game to the Wishlist if interested. It’ll most likely become available for purchase at Nutaku later on. The game is set for a November 2019 release.

The two above mentioned Reine Works games can also be purchased on HERE.

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3 Responses to More Yuri Visual Novel Releases

  1. Nick says:

    I wish I could come home to a cat girl suddenly sitting in my room.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somebody says:

    I would recommend not buying our lovely escape. Unless your a fan of unlikable characters, uninteresting stories, and bad hscenes. Even the yuri falls flat as half the time you will forget the mc isn’t a man. I was very much looking forward to this title but can find no redeeming qualities aside from production values. Do yourself a favor and save your money.


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