Princess Principal: Crown Handler Trailer

I don’t have much to say about the trailer. It does its job hyping fans up for the first part of six cinematic sequel to the Princess Principal TV anime. Enjoy.

Princess Principal Crown Handler Poster.jpg

Personally I want am the most interested in is continued development between Ange X Princess and Dorothy X Beatrice. Everything else I’ll sit back and enjoy.

Crown Handler is scheduled for an April 10th, 2020 premiere in Japanese theatres, which of course means a much longer wait for subs. Kinda hoping the movies are seasonal so they’ll all have come out before the end of 2021.

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10 Responses to Princess Principal: Crown Handler Trailer

  1. Nick says:

    The hype is real!!!!

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  2. Error says:

    Yeah! 😀

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  3. k1ll1ngz0ne says:

    Finally some info.
    Can’t say I’m not concerned about the staff changes, but hopefully they dont mess up too badly. I’m cautiously optimistic, but they have a tough act to follow.

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  4. Wanderer says:

    More PriPri sounds great. And I’m all on board for yuri princesses.

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  5. philipbaxton says:

    I’m so hyped. I can’t wait for this to come out. Chise is so cute and adorable.

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  6. The Otaku Judge says:

    Six movies are planned? Wow, I had no idea the series was so popular. I haven’t watched it, but I do dig the old England look.

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  7. Somebody says:

    I am super excited yet kinda nervous because the writer change I mean were going from Code Geass to some guy that seems to only do harem show scripts. But as long as they dont kill the yuri I can find something enjoyable with the movies. Also I really hope they are dating as implied by the last episode but I do doubt it will be the case.

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  8. I hadn’t noticed we had gotten a trailer for more already! My levels are definitely intensifying the closer we get to April, and then further once subs might become a reality!

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  9. yurimylove says:

    The big question is, will the princess finally become the school principal?


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