GRANBELM Episode 11: Penultimate Resolve

A lot was said this episode but it can be summed up in a few sentences, which I will attempt to do. SPOILERS, I failed.

Shisui's tears.jpg

Shisui had a “My heart knows what my brain does not” moment.

We resumed the episode right where we left off with Shisui’s surprise visit. To her it felt like she’d woken up from a very long sleep, her eyes opened and having a newfound appreciation of life. She also mentioned their meeting not being a coincidence. Mangetsu mentioned Kuon and while Shisui had sadly forgotten about her…her heart had not. This moment sparked an epiphany in Mangetsu.

Ernesta apologizing to Mangetsu.jpg

Ernesta apologizing to Mangetsu.

As Ernesta held her doll and reminisced of what could have been between Anna and her she got a message from Mangetsu. She was about to apologize for something but Mangetsu beat her to it, asking if it would have been better had she never existed. Ernesta rushed over to their meeting point, apologizing for Mangetsu essentially being created to comfort her in her time of confusion. Someone to be there for her as she tried figuring out what it was she wanted from competing in GRANBELM. Mangetsu didn’t mind. In fact, the aforementioned conversation with Shisui and another moment at a snack bar with friends helped her realize that although certain GRANBELM mages were pretty much erased from existence they weren’t entirely forgotten as Shisui and her classmate showed. This epiphany helped her appreciate life all the more despite being a “doll”. She was more determined than ever to help Ernesta fulfill her wish of erasing all magic. It’s at this point for most viewers that Mangetsu’s goal became clear.

Mangetsu and Kibou at the campsite.jpg

Mangetsu and Kibou at the campsite.

Later the two went to Nene-Nee’s pad to make a request. Mangetsu wanted everyone to go camping before the Final Night. A lot was said and expressed but it’s best seen to be appreciated. Let’s get to the heavy stuff.

Bye Bye.jpg

Bye Bye.

Mangetsu motivating Ernesta to do what must be done.jpg

Mangetsu motivating Ernesta to do what must be done.

So yes, Mangetsu had decided to help Ernesta win at the cost of her life. When Ernesta figured it out she of course tried pleading with Mangetsu to let her help find a way to keep her from disappearing but she was like “No. It must be done. Magic must be erased from the world so that humanity can open their eyes and learn to appreciate the world around them. Though I’ll disappear when this is over I’ll live on inside your heart, my love”. The last two words were added but she clearly expressed that sentiment. We all know these two are lovebirds cursed by fate. Ernesta obviously was torn inside but time had run out for the Final Moon rose. It was time to take down Suishou and the Magiaconatus.

I shed a tear this episode. Hopefully the subtitle of this show isn’t misleading and our heroines find a way to live together.


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17 Responses to GRANBELM Episode 11: Penultimate Resolve

  1. Yuri and Me says:

    My eyes were filled with tears and seriously, I was holding myself back not to cry out loud after “Bye Bye”, these two words spoke a thousand words. Mangetsu’s character development was one of the best development in the anime.

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    • Yuri and Me says:

      And I bet almost no one have actually realize… that the ones who were defeated by Mangetsu are ironically the one who weren’t erased
      The list of people who were defeated by Mangetsu
      – Nene who is the best girl in the show if main love birds weren’t counted
      – Rosa, the unlucky girl… and the first one to get the very taste of Mangetsu’s magic
      The list of erased ones
      – Kuon who was defeated by Suishou
      – Anna who was defeated by her ex-girlfriend whom she basically dumped because of her jealousy.

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      • K says:

        Now that you mention it, you’re right about that. Interesting how that played out. Maybe the worst a being created from Magiaconatus could do was take back the magic from those it defeats. In that sense, Nene and Rosa should be counting their lucky stars that it was Mangetsu that ended their participation.

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  2. LuzeP says:

    I was all teary when Ernesta ran searching for Mangetsu in the woods, broke my heart. I too hope Ernesta find a way to keep Mangetsu and kill Magiaconatus. They have to. With the power of love, they can be strong. This is gonna be a long wait.

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  3. Little Viktoria says:

    This made me cry too, the moment when Ernesta ran out of her house to find Mangetsu and finally hug her and let her emotions out. I hope so much that at the end of everything, Mangetsu will be there, waiting for her at the meeting point, somehow.

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  4. mikubikki says:

    this episode crushed many peoples hearts. I am also one of them. if I may be so selfish to animegod…..pls let there be some kind of happy ending for the couple u.u, i …simply can’t bear to see the girls suffering ToT

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  5. cirno9fan says:

    The only way I see this not ending in a bad way, is Mangetsu being made into an actual human being somehow. The key thing to recall is Mangetsu said how “as long as I exist, that means magic is keeping me alive, and that means magic isn’t gone”. If she becomes an actual human being before magic is erased, then magic is still truly gone and Mangetsu can be there.

    At the very least, I could do with Shingetsu finding someone at the end. But I am just pretty doubtful this is going to go well. Getting a strong feeling I’m really not going to like how this ends….

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    • Yuri and Me says:

      As much as I hope for that kind of ending, it’s not possible. Even by some magic or miracle, Mangetsu became human, that would STILL mean magic wasn’t erased completely. Mangetsu want Shingetsu to fulfill her own wish even if it mean erasing Mangetsu. The only way I could see the ending is Nene found and told Shingetsu a way to let Mangetsu live without magic. We saw Nene’s little pig in preview which could mean she found a way to keep Mangetsu alive without magic…

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      • cirno9fan says:

        If Mangetsu were made human entirely, she’d have no magic on her or in her. And if magic were erased after that moment, it would truly be the erasure of all magic. The problem would be mangetsu would have no family/identity, but that’s something that could be worked out somehow (especially having connections to a rich family like the Fudous).

        The point is magic has to be erased after the fact. Magic won’t be able to “magic up a background/family/etc” for Mangetsu, but she would still be there, alive and human. It’s just a lack of creativity thinking that there’s no way for magic to be completely erased and Mangetsu to be human. I am doubtful the writers cared to even think like that, as I fear they’re going for the age old “sacrifices must be made for the greater good” adage.

        At least give Shingetsu another girlfriend at the end….

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  6. kitsu260 says:

    Uffs, Mangetsu makes everything simple for Shingetsu, sadly because she shouldn´t had existed in first place so accept her end is more natural to her. Beside, after what happen with Anna and Kuon, could be not fair for Shingetsu stay with this girls since the chance of the other two don´t comeback is big for how tragically this look.


  7. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely a somewhat bittersweet episode. It’s obvious that Ernesta wanted some by her side since her family is gone along with Anna. If Mangetsu disappears, she will be lonely again. Then again, she could use the magic to turn her a human before getting rid of magic, well she can do both. Still, I wonder what will happen to the end after they defeat Suishou.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    This is a very well written and presented episode, very touching.


  9. mikubikki says:

    in case if anyone misses this, it is ok. so…when there is a white flower bloom in this episode, there is a certain meaning to it, according to google, one of em is honest which is shigetsu conveying what she truly felt, and also sincere, which is why her beloved convince her that it is ok even if magic does not exist anymore

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  10. K says:

    Shisui helped Mangetsu realize something very important about her existence. It’s sad that no one (especially Kibou)but Ernesta will remember her but she’s fine with that. I gotta say, her telling Nene to undo the magic she and her sisters were using to see her was a good mercy for Nene. Now she won’t blame herself for not letting Ernesta know sooner that there would have been a way for Mangetsu to still exist, not that Mangetsu would’ve gone with that option anyway. Now, with pained but renewed vigour, dash onwards to the Last Night!

    I got a slew of tracks for these heartfelt feelings under the stars…

    1) Mangetsu’s talk with Shisui

    2) Ernesta rushing out to meet Mangetsu in the park

    3) Mangetsu and Ernesta’s conversation outside the convenience store

    4) Mangetsu steeling Ernesta’s resolve to erase magic from this world

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