Dizzy Hearts Planned Release Schedule

Recently Studio Lupiesoft posted an update on how the release of their latest game, Dizzy Hearts, is coming along. Due to many circumstances this year beyond their control there was a change of plans and the game will release in an episodic format. Continue reading for more details.

Dizzy Hearts Cover

Old Cover but useful to promote the news.

The followin excerpt is from the Kickstarter update HERE:

Dizzy Hearts release and the unfortunate state of Visual Novels

This project started 6 years ago, and unbelievably in this time we’ve seen the VN market rise, and fall. Games like Taimanin Asagi have been pulled of Steam and the future of the indie games market remains uncertain.

Recently Steam did a promotion for Summer Sale that caused millions of Steam users to dump cheap games off their wishlists, as a result our sales dropped by over 50%, as indie developers are heavily reliant on wishlists and game sales for long-term sustainability.

To remain stable and able to continue making games, we’ve decided the best course of action is to begin releasing Dizzy Hearts immediately chapter by chapter. This allows Lupiesoft to not only release our games sooner to the public, but also spend more time on quality assurance, backer rewards, recording voice acting, without slowing down our overall release schedule.

This is the breakdown

Things are subject to change, as always I listen to feedback of our fans to improve our games.

All backers will be getting the entire bundle as part of their game key pledges. If you are a backer, or a patron this will not affect you.

  • Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1 $10 – Release October
  • Dizzy Hearts Chapter 2 $10 – Release this Winter
  • Dizzy Hearts Chapter 3 $10 – Spring 2020
  • Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting DLC $5 – Spring 2020

To reiterate if you backed this kickstarter and the Voice Acting kickstarter, you get everything listed. If you backed just this kickstarter, you get chapters 1 through 3.

Keep an eye out for a public demo coming very soon before the planned October Chapter 1 release.

For newcomers who do not know what Dizzy Hearts is visit the following pages for more info:

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4 Responses to Dizzy Hearts Planned Release Schedule

  1. rumia445 says:

    I love yuri. I read this article about who yuri is for the article said yuri is mainly geared towards girls and not men. My personal opinion is yuri is for anyone who likes yuri. Also it’s been about a year and 8 months how you been ogman.

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  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    I had not heard about the Taimanin Asagi case on Steam. To be honest I am surprised the game made it onto the platform at all. Valve’s rules are a joke to be honest. They want to host adult games, as they make money, but if a title starts to attract bad PR they will pull it. Certainly the content of Asagi will be offensive to many people, but I always find it funny when mainstream titles that feature murder get a pass.

    Hopefully the episodic release schedule will work for this company. They get a cash injection with each part that can be used to make the next installment. Well, that’s the theory anyway. That model didn’t work for Telltale in the long term. I wonder if breaking up a game affects profits? If you sell a full game at £40 you get all the cash. If you break it up into four £10 parts people might buy the first episode, but then not purchase the rest.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s Valve’s stigma on “picking on the little guy” because they see small/índie developers as disposable compared to the big guns. Annoying.

      The decision is understandable because this title has been in development for a very long time. Plenty of factors led to it.

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