Mary Skelter 2 + Gun Gun Pixie Release Dates

Quick post to update readers excited for the Western release of these two games.

mary skelter 2 visual

First of all we have Mary Skelter 2, a Dungeon Crawler starring a duo who might as well be a married couple and the protagonist of the first game, Jack, somehow turned into a Nightmare creature like the other threats our heroines and their potential allies will face.

Mary Skelter 2 (which includes a remake/revamp of the first game, Mary Skelter Nightmares) is scheduled for an October 22nd release in NA and October 23rd in Europe on the Nintendo Switch eShop. A Steam release will most likely follow in the future since most other Idea Factory and Compile Heart games got PC ports simultaneously or after the console versions. The initial price will be 39.99 US Dollars/Euros respectively with a 20% first week discount so keep an eye out.

For more information on Mary Skelter 2 visit the official English website HERE.

Gun Gun Pixies

Besides Idea Factory International Compile Heart also teamed up with PQube to release Gun Gun Pixies internationally. is about two pixie soldiers on a mission to a girls’ dormitory, entering several girls’ rooms, including The All Mighty Nepster’s (Neptune from the Neptunia franchise), to fight evil tiny aliens while making sure they don’t get squashed by the giant (to them) cuties. That and learn about the “huu-mans” from these giant babes to assist their home planet with some crisis.

The game is scheduled for a September 6th release in Europe and September 10th in North America on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

To learn more about the game and potentially pre-order a Day 1 Switch Collector’s Edition visit the English homepage HERE. which includes an exclusive artbook.


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2 Responses to Mary Skelter 2 + Gun Gun Pixie Release Dates

  1. qorl says:

    So I can safely skip Mary Skelter 1?


  2. Christian Appel says:

    You get MS2 for 40€ including MS1 as remaster/remake?


    Wait for the Steam release.


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