GRANBELM Episode 8: Dialing up the G

Things got a bit steamy this episode, yes.

Suishou about to bless Kuon.jpg

Suishou about to “bless” Kuon.

With Anna out of the picture (in more ways than one as we’ll soon see) Kuon continued her battle with Suishou who enjoyed seeing the avenger squirm. She was curious about her magical aura and got an up close and personal look. Let’s just say it wasn’t off screen. Oh and Mangetsu got a front row seat. She had lots to think about, yes.

After the OP we were greeted by a familiar sight. Only this time there was another guest.

Kuon having a wonderful dream.jpg

Aww come on Mangetsu. You should have let her enjoy her dream a little longer. Ah, but we know why she resisted, oh yes indeed.

The sad part about this scene was the myth of Ernesta enjoying sleeping in the nude being debunked but I’m sure peeps in the comments will find a way to say otherwise, yes. I got it! Ernesta’s explanation leaves out how Mangetsu ended up naked in her bed after Night 1. Yeeeeeeeeessssss.

Nene not remembering Anna

Nene-Nee forgetting something (someone) important.

As the three discussed their situation Nene-Nee reminded Mangetsu of her handy dandy Piggy Cam. Back at Nene-Nee’s they tried analyzing Suishou’s fighting style when she was asked about Anna. To Ernesta’s horror Nene-Nee didn’t seem to remember the sexy roid rage lunatic. Fearing the worst they ran over to Anna’s place.

Familiar face returns.jpg

We knew she’d be back, just not this way.

Poor Ernesta didn’t like what she saw at all. Put simply Anna was erased from the public conscience. Only the GRANBELM Warriors seemed to remember. More on that in a bit.

Night 4 scarred our heroines hard as shown throughout the episode. Mangetsu got another surprise at school with a visit from a certain manipulator.

Mangetsu standing her ground against Suishou.jpg

Mangetsu standing her ground against Suishou.

Suishou listened in on Mangetsu consoling her beloved on the phone.

S: You know you can’t use mobile phones on school grounds.

M: What do you want?

S: 3 on 1’s so unfaiiiiiiirrrrr. What do you say you team up with me? I’ll grant you any wish after I win.

M: No thanks. I don’t need anything. I’m happy helping Ernesta achieve her goal.

S: Whyyyyy?

M: Because she’s my girl and helping her is all I want.

S: Oh really. You sure about that?

M: Wait a minute! What were you doing to Kuon during Night 4? You know…that.

Naughty Suishou.jpg

That’s not the “Tee-hee” tongue. No sir.

S: Ohhhhhhh? Wanna taste?

M: FOOL! I am saving my blessing for Ernesta.

S: Your loss. So yeah. Kuon and her sister are super yummy. Yes indeed. Oh by the way. If I were you I’d drop out of GRANBELM. You’re not cut out for it. After all, you have nothing. Noooooooooothiiiiiiiing.

Immediately after Suishou was attacked.

Kuon tries attacking Suishou.jpg

Kuon almost attacks Suishou.

S: Ohhhhhhhhh. You almost got me there. But you can’t do it, can you? Recognize this smell. Your sister Shisui’s soul was sooooo delicious. So, want us to continue where we left off?

K: Give it back. Give back my first! I was saving it for Onee-chan you bitch!

Let’s skip a little bit to Mangetsu meeting up with Ernesta. Our adorable heroine was having a nightmare thanks to Suishou’s words and the whitening…The whitening…”Shivers”. She got a text from Ernesta to come over. Took her less than 10 minutes. Dunno how far her house is from the meeting point. She got there pretty fast is what I’m saying.

E: You didn’t have to come.

M: It’s cool. I needed the “walk”.

E: So how did it with Suishou?

M: Eh. She said some stuff. Nothing serious.

E: Usoda.

M: Right back at ya babe.

E: How?

M: Tear tracks. Ya really loved Anna, didn’t you?

E: I don’t deserve to cry for her. What happened to her was my fault.

(Pay close attention to Mangetsu’s lips)

M: I’ll always be there for you. It’s not your fault.

E: Mangetsu. Please drop out of GRANBELM. There’s nothing in it for you.

M: Suishou called me “nothing”. Said I had nothing to fight for.

(Ernesta with a “come closer” motion)

E: Seeing you fighting hurts because we all have/had strong burdens on our shoulders but you have nothing keeping you down.

M: Having nothing IS my burden. Feeling worthless is as heavy as everything you are/were carrying. I want to use this driving force to continue fighting beside you!

Ernesta mesmerized by Mangetsu.jpg

Ernesta having a “What am I going to do with you?” reaction.

E: You know we’re eventually going to have to kiss.

Kuon and Shisui.jpg

Shisui saying something important to Kuon.

We’ll find out whether Shisui yearned Suishou’s flesh or something else.

Nene makes a huge discovery.jpg

Nene-Nee makes a huge discovery.

After a cool scene of our heroines being ready for Suishou’s mind games we joined Nene-Nee investigating. See, she didn’t sit idly by when our heroines brought up Anna. She researched tirelessly to find out whether something was off. Thanks to one of her sisters she found it. The investigation took her to the Kohinata household where a surprised Kibou greeted her. What could the Kohinata family have to do with the suppression of magic across the globe? We’ll have to wait and see.

So yeah. This was the gayest episode so far. Tune in next time for Night 5.

So the show found a way to make Suishou an entertaining antagonist. Before this episode the only thing she had going for her was being voiced by my goddess. As I said on Twitter writing this episodic was going to be fuuuuuuuuun.


Ulith's LRIG form

Some fans rightfully compared Suishou to Urith. Anna and Aki-Lucky comparison was made too of course.

Yurizono returns

To me she’s a bargain bin Yurizono. “Drools”. Yurizono, yeeeeeeeeesssssss.

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19 Responses to GRANBELM Episode 8: Dialing up the G

  1. mikubikki says:

    i eventually squeal very loud when the shuisou did “that” , also bless this episode…phew….getting all steamy here owo. the build up hype and tension is reallllllllll XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    I am wondering if all the talk of “mage dynasties” and everything up to now….was all a story. And magic is heavy in the world, and there’s one single being controlling it (unconsciously). A being who literally had “nothing” after she became the Princeps. Her family were all killed, the world was a wasteland. And she used her magic to fabricate a world before everything went wrong. Similar to what Homura did possibly.

    But pay me no mind, my imagination always goes off in crazy places!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Christian Appel says:

    Most important question and answer in this episode:

    Q: Why are you doing this?

    A: Because I like her.

    I am sensing a confession.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nick says:

    “You know we’re eventually going to have to kiss.”
    lol yes please, that’s all I was thinking of during that scene. Needs to happen at some point in this show.

    But yeah this ep did open up pretty steamy wasn’t expecting that but hey I’m not complaining at all.

    The Suishou vs Mangetsu battle will be a good one, looking forward to that.

    Random side point, I don’t know why but I just had this feeling Shisui would end up being voiced by someone like Yukari Tamura, but seeing how I was actually right was pretty surprising.

    I wonder what the Kohinata family has going on too, that was surprising to see, and I wonder if Kibou has anything to do with it. Unless I’m just reading too deep into that.

    Good stuff all around though. I’m glad I stuck with this show.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Jack Cactus says:

    As if Bikkie wasn’t gay enough, Aoi Yuuki-sama just smacked it out of the park with Suishou this season. I’m GLAD we got to see an uncut, unedited scene, that really goes to show the underlying gayness of this anime has been brought to the forefront. Also, I believe the kiss wasn’t forceful entirely because if you look at the very last frames, you can see Kuon puckering her lips out voluntarily(?).

    Soooooooo Anna just got herself erased from existence, probably from over abusing her magic. I assume that Shingetsu will have a change of decision and will try to bring back Anna, THAT or she will ultimately disappear into oblivion which is very likely judging from how dark this show can be when it wants to. Either way, you’ll never be forgotten, forever my gorgeous Scream Queen. (gotta give it to Yoko Hikasa for screaming ERRRRNESTAAAAA!!!! constantly and still being able to sing normally in Symphogear)

    I assume from Mangetsu’s lack of anything particularly special is that her family’s magical power is so potent that the her plainness(put on her by other people, she’s still adorable and precious to me) is almost a way to preserve the balance.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Mauron says:

    Suishou’s evil words had given me shivers before, but her seductive words this time melted me. If she was in a series where being the bad girl didn’t require her to be awful, I’d totally be into her.

    At the end Ernesta firmly declared “I will out sexy you.” However that battle goes, I’ll win.

    This show definitely needs more kissing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mauron says:

      Ernesta: You need to visualize where you want to return and what you’ll be wearing.
      Mangestu: …Yeah, I’ll definitely do that… next time… so I don’t end up naked somewhere by accident.

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Makoto Itoshi says:

    The gay was ramped up and I’m more than ready for the 2nd half of the show. Ernesta is loved by magic, if Mangetsu herself is an avatar of magic that would explain some things, including why Anna was erased.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. chikorita157 says:

    Yuri is now turned up to eleven. It’s probably not too surprising to see Suishou having an interest in Kuon and her older sister, which is probably the reason why she wants to kiss her not one, but twice against her will.

    It’s not too surprising that Anna got fate worse than death as in being erased from all existence. After all, she used a crystal that she couldn’t control the powers of properly. Still, it’s obvious that Fukami is sad that she disappeared since she just only want to possibly teach her a lesson rather than make her disappear.

    Still, I wonder why Fukami never told Mangetsu about the naked thing. Maybe she has some kind of motive since she likes her. Then again, Magetsu feelings for her is not surprising since her Armanox is White Lily after all.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. kitsu260 says:

    Is good they re-forced the scene of the kiss, in other cases if will be a gest without the physical meaning like the fews one of Symphogear

    Liked by 1 person

  10. LuzeP says:

    I gotta say I’m sad Anna was erased. It’s so much worse than death. Oh damn, I’m still sad. A lot of things happened. I can’t believe we got an onscreen kiss. Credit to the creators, I tip my hat for their bravery. I can see they care about having a quality show. I mean look at the list of their seiyuu. The only rookie seiyuu is Mangetsu and Kibou. And they highly popular right now. The love triangle(?) of Kuon, Suishou and Shisui is interesting. I can’t wait for the next episode. Also the talk between Ernesta and Mangetsu always wonderful to see. I’m waiting for dem kisses.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. As crazy as she was she didn’t deserve it. Just needed a lot of help.

      Hopefully Mangetsu X Ernesta will be taken to the next level. Both show the desire to do so.

      Suishou is an admittedly erotic gay heel. Unsurprising as her glorious seiyu has experience voicing such a character in the past as shown above.

      We shall see what the truth is between Suishou and the sisters next time.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. yurimylove says:

    Is Suishou telling the truth when she said she liked Shisui? Unless, the curse was not from Suishou??

    Liked by 1 person

  12. K says:

    Suishou, you manipulative dastard…! That kiss,her rubbing salt in Mangetsu’s wound, the way she carried herself, she was on fire this episode!

    Using Yu-Gi-Oh parlance, Anna wasn’t sent to the Graveyard, she was banished. Seriously, I was thinking that her reckless actions would’ve landed her in a hospital in the real world at least but being wiped from existence? Also, Rosa resurfaced…as Anna’s happier stand-in. Oof. I don’t blame Ernesta for feeling the way she does.

    Mangetsu and Ernesta needed that convo. Otherwise, Suishou would’ve run circles around them, I’m sure.

    Huh, so that explains why Mangetsu (and Kuon this time) was naked and at Ernesta’s place. If I remember correctly however, Kuon wasn’t with those two when the battle resumed, so why did she end up where they were? On a side note, I’m thinking that being kissed by Suishou jumbled her brain so much that she forgot that rule;).

    What a shocking discovery Nene made. Could it be that Magionatus couldn’t all the magic in the world after all or is it that there are magical locations and people out there with an affinity for magic but they haven’t realized it…like Kibou?

    Liked by 3 people

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