OG’s Summer 2019 First Impressions

These posts, as usual, are to sum up my thoughts on the other anime I’m watching during a season but don’t plan on covering weekly.I’ll give my impressions after watching two episodes of each show.

Oh yes. The only shows not centered around a group of girls I’m watching are Magical Senpai and Fire Force.

Homare Kisses Mutsu.jpg

Sounan Desu ka?

Let’s kick things off with Sounan Desu ka? a show about four sexy girls trapped on a seemingly deserted island doing what they can to survive. Luckily one of the girls, Homare, is the daughter of a survivalist. Thanks to that she uses her knowledge, toughness and lack of embarrassment to help the others hang in there. Expect to learn some interesting tidbits about edible insects, where to find water, building shelters etc. Speaking of lacking in embarrassment Homare’s attitude is slowly rubbing off on the other girls, leading to hopefully more scenes like the one above. That or ongoing hilarity. Either is fine by me. WARNING! The show is not for people with weak stomachs. It is not gory (yet) but it can be crude. It is all part of nature after all.


Shion. 2nd best girl.

While Homare is currently Best Girl Shion to me is in 2nd place. Whether that’ll change as the show progresses remains to be seen.

Dumbbell Nice Bulk.jpg

Dumbbell nan Kilo Moteru.

Next is the bodybuilding girls anime. For the most part it is exactly what I hoped it would be: Sexy girls working out, lifting weights and educating viewers on how to stay healthy while being hot and hilarious. Our lead hottie Hibiki (right) and bestie Ayaka (left) are my favorite girls so far. Hibiki fills to “pudgy beauty” quota I like and Ayaka the “nice abs” quota. Besides the five main babes pther more ripped beauties can be seen alongside the manly men. Speaking of men let’s talk about Machio-kun. I was concerned the show would devolve into another het harem. Not so. Machio-kun is a most impressive and gut busting hilarious guy who isn’t trying to pick up girls at all. His sole purpose is to help them become healthy while flexing his mighty 30 inch pythons. Think Natsumi and Komari’s brother from Non Non Biyori but with a voice. So far he is no danger and I was assured by reliable comrades he will continue being harmless and funny.

Point being this show is currently in my Top 3 Summer anime. I’m so happy I live in a time where muscle babes are becoming more commonplace in anime.


Akemi. My sort of spirit animal.

So far three of the five main girls got a proper introduction. The last one we’ll briefly talk about for now is Akemi. An experienced bodybuilder who has a muscle fetish. Best part? It’s not gender specific. Whether you’re a buff macho or babe the more muscles you have, the more you’ll turn her on. Her dream is to become a muscle mistress like Tsubame (UzaMaid) and Valmet (Jormngand).


Robo. Best Girl.

Third is Joshikousei no Mudazukai. Currently it’s my favorite comedy of the Summer. What’s the show like? Think of shows with random/nonsensical humor like Nichijou or Asobi Asobase (With less screaming or freaky facials) or Mitsuboshi Colors (with less poop). I am not a big fan of the “boy hungry” member of the main trio (nicknamed Baba) but Wota, Robo and everyone else introduced so far are all wonderful one-note characters. The second episode not only proved the show is incredible when Baka isn’t the main focus but I think it was on the nose about what it’s like being a young aspiring artist. If it keeps up the pace from episode 2 then this may end up being one of my AOTY.

RE;Stage Dream Days duo.jpg

NodoSaki vibes.

Lastly we have RE;Stage Dream Days the requisite idol anime of the season. So far it’s been a run of the mill anime complete with a group in danger of being shut down and there being some members playing hard to get like the token stubborn seitokai fuku kaichou. Everything about it screams run of the mill idol anime…HOWEVER, it still has an adorable charm that helps it stand out. Examples include said fuku-kaichou being incredibly long-winded, the main duo giving off super gay vibes akin to Saki X Nodoka and let’s not forget “Idol Tony Stark”. Fingers crossed the NodoSaki vibes continue growing stronger.

There’s a Revue Starlight chibi shorts anime but its episodes appear to air infrequently. I did see the premiere and enjoyed it.

That’s all the other Summer shows I’m watching. The Spring leftovers I’m keeping up with and enjoying are:

  • Carole & Tuesday
  • Star Twinkle PreCure
  • Aikatsu Friends 2 (REALLY need to catch up with this one)
  • Miru Tights
  • Fight League Gear Gadget Generators

If I were to rank the Summer shows I’m watching so far:

  1. Symphogear XV
  2. Machikado Mazoku
  3. Dumbbell
  4. Sounan Desu Ka?
  6. Joshikousei no Mudazukai
  7. RE;Stage
  8. Magic Senpai
  9. Fire Force

See you next time for my halftime thoughts.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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30 Responses to OG’s Summer 2019 First Impressions

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Mudazukai – Losing interest, but still watching because Robo, Loli, and Yami are saving the show right now. Oh, and honestly, I’d even put the teacher above the characters I didn’t mention.
    Sounan desuka – Hilarious…..absolutely hilarious XD The comedic delivering is masterful
    Re Stage: This is one of my top three anime right now! Turned out way better than I expected and:
    1. EVEN NUMBERED UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SHIP WARS ARE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. So far, no CG dances. Very surprising (not that I mind cg dances of course)
    All the characters have a real charm to them, and I look so very much forward to more! Vice prez is upset because her gf (the prez of the club) left her high and dry after promising a bunch is my theory. Excited for when she joins!

    Granbelm had a rough start (first episode just really lacked any direction and was an honest mess in terms of presentation), but the second episode really redeemed it for me. I very much look forward to more!

    Demon girl was surprisingly good, and I love how they’re handling the premise~ It’s a really interesting and unique take (them not only being cursed with poverty, but also losing their height, strength and more), which makes the premise make way more sense than It did when i first read about it. Very much looking forward to more!

    Current Ranking:
    2. Re: Stage
    3. Demon Girl
    4. Granbelm
    5.Sounan Desuka
    6. Accelerator
    7. Cop Craft
    8. Yami Shibai
    9. High School Girls

    I don’t rank stuff that’s always airing, because it’s unfiar to put long running shows up against seasonals.

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  2. Mauron says:

    Wasteful Days: Fun. Chuuni is the best, and needs more screentime.

    Are you lost?: Some bad advice mixed in with the useful stuff.but I’m sure that’s mostly because survival girl wants to throw her fetishes in. Currently leaning towards two pairings that haven’t kissed yet, specifically water finders and stay at the beach.

    Re:Stage: Sit here. Now click this. Now click this other thing. anime starts playing The pres is lots of fun.

    Dumbbell: This is where my list starts to shift from gay girls to pervy girls. Muscle Fetish was wonderful throughout the episode.

    O Maidens: Girls reading literature decide they want to have sex. Disappointing so far for yuri fans, but great for perv fans.

    Hensuki: Extremely weak first episode considering the premise. Hint: If your show title talks about how the girls are pervs, don’t hide that until just before the end credits. Another downside is the boring het harem setup, but the last scene gave it a second episode for me.

    It’s a great season for pervy girls. Hopefully this keeps up.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Magical Senpai has my non-yuri ecchiness itch covered. Hope you enjoy the ones you picked though.

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      • Mauron says:

        Magical Senpai isn’t a perv, sadly. She just gets into pervy situations.

        Akemi announced she came from her muscle fetish, O Maidens has multiple girls saying they want sex, and HenSuki has girls who want a relationship that acknowledges their kinks.

        It’s the difference between the accidental pantyshot, and the girl behind her enjoying the accidental pantyshot.

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  3. LuzeP says:

    Sounan De suka: Very hilarious. Also, I learned something from it. Yes, some people will say, that’s not very hygienic but hey you gotta do everything to keep living. Homare and Shion are my best girls.
    Dumbbell anime: We can learn something from this too, the kinda thing I like from sports anime. Wait, is this sport? Hibiki is my best girl I love pudgy but still healthy-ish girl. Akemi is my second, she’s hilarious. Ayaka is great too. If Ayaka got that abs, imagine how ripped her sister is. I’m looking forward to it.
    Re: Stage: I love this show, yes, I like idol show but this like you said has some charm to it. Mana Sayu gayness vibe is so strong from episode one. They do have NodoSaki vibe to them. And Mana did say she just wanna sing and dance with Sayu. Powerful stuff. Also, Mana looks up to Sayu. She keeps calling Sayu, Sayu-san while she calls Kae with Kae-chan right away. I hope the show keeps them that way because they are the charm. Re: Stage is a rhythm game belongs to Pony Canyon. They are known for yuri shows, btw.

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    • LuzeP says:

      Almost forgot about Mudazukai. I like episode two more than 1. Not because episode one was bad, it was funny but Baka long journey to find a boyfriend kinda boring. Although some girls do that sometimes until they find the right girl. Overall I like this type of comedy. My best girls at the moment Robo and the chuuni girl.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s all about surviving.

      Bodybuilding is indeed a sport but it doesn’t look like this is that kind of show.
      As Rory showed us there are three excellent ladies this season all named Hibiki: Symphogay, Dumbbell and Aikatsu Friends! 2

      I do hope we get to see her sister showing off her magnificent physique too later on.

      RE;Stage has been delightful so far.

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Mana and Saya are totally hot for each other. So much eyegazing. Re: Stage has a gentle feel to it. I thought Saya was a argumentative tsundere, but she’s just a sweet adorable girl. I thought that Kae was one of those emotionless robots, but she’s a sweet adorable girl too! Lovely.

    Can’t wait for my favourite girl to appear in Joshikousei no Mudazukai, although Robo and Loli are plenty to enjoy while waiting.

    Hibiki needs to build a bit of muscle and then have her way with that cutie Akemi.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Kae is still more human than Mei-Tron.

      Hopefully they’ll continue to strengthen their love for each other, Mana and Saya.

      Didn’t read the manga (as usual) but heard there is a bisexual among the cast. Robo is wonderful.

      Until then Hibiki is a pudgy hottie.

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  5. chikorita157 says:

    Sounan desu Ka is a fun show. Sure, I have mixed feelings about the male trainer in Dumbbell, but so far, he is harmless and the characters so far are enjoyable.

    As for Restage, its surprisingly enjoyable although the premise is somewhat generic. But yes, Sayu and Mana is a cute pairing. I wonder if Minori is actually sabotaging Mizuha’s efforts because she has a thing for her or secretly wants to become an idol. Also, Kae is cute and also a big idol fan like Nico, but not conceited and shyer, which is probably a good thing.

    But yes, Crunchyroll is disappointing this season since the other streaming services have the good shows.

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    • OG-Man says:

      He’s like Trainer Guy from Uma Musume but much tamer from the looks of it so no need to worry.

      The setup doesn’t matter. It’s what they do with it. The cast so far has shown they’re all cute and fun to watch, which is the most important thing about idol shows. We’ll find out what Minori’s deal is next episode or later on.

      At least they have Symphogear, which is THE MOST IMPORTANT SHOW!

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  6. tbiscut74 says:

    I will definitely check out Dumbbell when I get the chance, since I love me some beautiful lady abs!

    Speaking of Lady abs I’m definitely lovin Fire Force for Best Girl Maki! Since I’ve read quite a bit of the manga I was pretty hyped for that one. Can’t wait for the anime to show more of Maki’s beautiful muscle bod!

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  7. I already love Machikado and Sounan desu ka. Dumbbell was a disappointment for me though, all these muscles and no lady biceps? Here’s hoping that would change till the end of the season, so till then I’ll just defer to your intrepid reporting, OG.

    On the other hand, I hadn’t watched Symphogear since season 2, so I can’t help but wonder, did it get any yuri progress that goes beyond strong subtext?

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    • OG-Man says:

      Depends what it is you exactly want.


      • Well, I do realize that it’s unreasonable to expect it to have a clear romantic couple, although I’d personally like at least a Nanoha-Fate level subtext (as in, it’s blatantly obvious that they are together even though it’s not explicitly stated). Hibiki-Miku was pretty strong in the beginning, I wonder how it held up over the years?

        On another note, am I the only one who’s getting Kaos-sensei vibes from Shamiko (Machikado)? A bit taller, angrier, but an adorable ball of uselessness nontheless. ❤


  8. Sounan Desu ka has been pretty fun. Shion is a lot of fun, so completely out of her element, while Homare is also fun in her own way, so utterly shameless and focused on efficiency.

    Dumbbell is more fun than I expected. Trainer guy is indeed hilarious, and the girls are all fun in their own ways.

    Yamai (Chuuni) is definitely best girl in Mudazukai. Though Robo and a bunch of others seem fun too. Interesting there’s a Bi girl in there too later on, will have to keep my eyes open!

    Re: Stage indeed gave me vibes of “oh, another generic idol anime” when I first saw it, but having seen a bit of it, it indeed seems very fun and cute.

    And I don’t think I commented about Mazoku yet, so…that one’s great! Amazing comedy. Love it.

    Also don’t think I’ve commented on Granbelm yet, so…Oh My. That is all.

    Also watching at least Fire Force, Cop Craft, El-Melloi Case Files and Accelerator this season, all of which seem really good so far. (Accelerator and Case Files being the only ones I was aware of before the season started, in addition to Symphogay)

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  9. Destiny says:

    Fire force will be axed for glorifying arson.


  10. yurimylove says:

    I’m very ashamed of myself right now because I haven’t watched a single episode on you list yet. If you need me I’ll be sitting in the corner reflecting on my life…

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  11. SomeName says:

    I decided to check out some later chapters of the manga just to see if it was worth giving a shot but Hibiki in the dumbbell show is in love with the trainer guy. Though it does seem pretty one sided it definitely is enough for me to steer clear.

    Other then that disappointment for me it really is great season.However any season with Symphogear is going to be great. Granblem, are you lost, and Restage also have a surprising amount of yuri which is nice. And while that demon girl show doesn’t have much yuri (yet) its probably my second favorite of the season.

    On the non yuri front really enjoying Lord El-Melloi (thought I have a soft spot for anything Fate series). I’m also a fan of Isekai shows so been watching Arifureta and Demon lord retry though they have been just average for me sofar.

    After reading this review definitely need to give Joshikousei a try now honestly didn’t even realize it existed.

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  12. Nick says:

    Dumbbell is absolutely brilliant so far. Loving that show soooooo much. The latest ep with the swimsuits was glorious!

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