Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 21: Cure Cosmo Blasts Off

This will be my last post before the blog’s 2nd name change. It is fitting since we will be talking about the conclusion to the Black Cat/Cure Cosmo Arc.

Cure Cosmo playing with her hair.jpg

Cure cosmo playing with her hair.

Last time Blue Cat (Real name not yet revealed. I doubt it’s Bakenyan) proved herself worthy of receiving Twinkle Ranger powers and became Cure Cosmo. She cleaned Super Eyewon/Ayewan’s clock complete with cat paw strikes instead of punches and cat puns because despite being an alien cat being she isn’t immune to following anime cat girl tradition.

Darknest Appears.jpg

Darknest takes over Ayewan/Eyewon.

When it looked like Cure Cosmo had the advantage Ayewan/Eyewon was hit by a familiar dark energy. Darknest had taken over. Cure Cosmo thought back to the day Ayewan/Eyewon finished the first Dark Pen prototype and didn’t care about losing her imagination because she’d still be herself all in the name of science, or so she thought.

Ayewan-Eyewon suffering.jpg

Ayewan/Eyewon suffering.

Hikaru saw the one-eyed girl in agony and was like “We have to rescue her.”. Cure Cosmo was like “Okay fine.”

Cure Soleil Kick.jpg

Cure Soleil kicking ass because she is love.

The other Twinkle Rangers engaged the enemy Kappard and the Notriggers but Darknest powered them up too.

Kappard being ignored.jpg

Kappard being ignored.

Cure Star and Kappard faced off once more with Kappard reminding Star of her losing the Aries Zodiac Pen and while it partially affected her she saw Ayewan/Eyewon suffering and was like “Out of my way. I’ve got a hostage to save.” Kappard was like “She’s not focusing on my challenge” as he was beaten with a Star Punch. She got the Aries pen back too.

Back to freeing the girl Cure Star and Cosmo teamed up to beat her down but Darknest was like “Abandon all emotions whelp”. and she got another power boost, suffering even more in the process. The Rangers were busy fighting the powered up Notriggers so Star and Cosmo had to find a way to save her themselves. Kappard again preached about Darknest’s reign being absolute but Star reminded him and Ayewan/Eyewon about when she accused Star of not having imagination. She was like “Don’t give up what you value most”. She was about to be pulverized for her troubles when…

Cure Cosmo saving Cure Star.jpg

Cure Cosmo saving Cure Star.

…touched by Star’s courage Cosmo was like “What Ayewan/Eyewon did to my people was horrible but what you’re doing to her and others is much worse!”

Rainbow Perfume.jpg

Rainbow Perfume.


Badass flashiness ensued as Cure Cosmo prepared her Finisher with her newly acquired Rainbow Perfume power up item. It’s basically her Twinkle Stick.

PreCure! Rainbow Splash!.jpg

PreCure! Rainbow Splash!

Ayewan-Eyewon retreating.jpg

Ayewan/Eyewon cured but embarrassed too.

First reaction after being freed “How dare you embarrass me traitor!” Cure Cosmo’s response?

Cure Cosmo's ship stolen.jpg


Afterward it was time to visit the Zodiac Shrine with the newly acquired Aries Pen, making the total awakened princesses so far 9. Blue Cat wanted to make sure finding all the pens would restore her people. Princess Aries and Taurus were like “With our combined powers after we’re all awakened and Fuwa’s I’m sure we can help them”

Blue Cat Yuni.jpg

Blue Cat Yuni joins the Twinkle Rangers.

Back on Planet Rainbow Blue Cat explained that Olivio was the Rainbownians’ father and mother. DBZ fans surely noticed the parallels between the Namekians and Rainbownians. I have a feeling the whole thing was some kind of homage to the Namek Saga. Hikaru of course wanted Blue Cat to join the team but she was like “Now that I’m Cure Cosmo I got all I need so no thanks” Lala was like “Dood. I tried the lone alien thing before and it didn’t work out-lun. Trust me. You’re better off joining her-lun” Cat was like “Fiiine. I’ll join. Name’s Yuni by the way”.

Darknest corporal form.jpg

Darknest’s corporal form.

Back at the Notraider base Darknest took a corporal form. Pretty cool I’d say, befitting a standard imposing villain. One thing of note is who wasn’t there to greet the dark lord.

PreCure Cure Cosmo and Ayewan-Eyewon.jpg

Image source HERE.

I’m telling you all. IT HAS TO HAPPEN! Parfait X Bibury 2.0! Please make it happen!


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4 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 21: Cure Cosmo Blasts Off

  1. cirno9fan says:

    And this time go full on and don’t backtrack like KKP did with things.Since it’s already the second half, maybe we might be okay.

    Am actually really curious why Eyewon is/was siding with Darknest. Must be something to do with her own home planet, but what was it that made it so she would do all that?

    It was very intriguing that she was the only one who hadn’t shown up at that point indeed. Not sure if it’s a “get in the machine and get rid of your feelings” sort of thing, or that she’s had some second thoughts, though. Either way, should be pretty great!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Prediction is Ayewan/Eyewon will struggle with her feelings for Yuni, Darknest will manipulate her again and the Cures (especially Yuni) free her for good. Fingers crossed their story will end the way we all hope it does.


  2. Yup, I think Cure Cosmo is my new favourite PreCure of the Twinkle Rangers. (Sorry Soleil. You’re cool, but she sparkle, and she rainbow, and cat puns, and makes enemies pause with the power in her paws.)

    Hmm…Yuni/Cosmo x Ayewan/Eyewon, huh…well, I guess we’ll see where the season goes. (More gay is always good.)

    Liked by 1 person

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