389th G-View: Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Girls Club anime or shows starring girls who have great difficulty making friends is nothing new but there is something special about this one that sets it apart from others. Join me and find out what I mean as we take a look at Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu.

Hitoribocchi Cover

Alternate Title: Hitori Bocchi no ○○ Seikatsu

Genres: Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Bocchi Hitori, a girl with extreme social anxiety, has had only one friend throughout elementary school. When Bocchi learns they’ll be split up after graduation, she makes a promise to her: “By the time of my middle school graduation, I’ll make friends with everyone in my class.” And if she can’t do it they won’t be friends anymore. But Bocchi has a hard time talking to people. When she gets nervous, her legs cramp. She can’t look other people in the eye. She doesn’t even know how to make friends. Every way she thinks of to make friends ends up failing.



Put simply Hitori Bocchi is a fun show about a socially awkward girl doing her very best to befriend everyone in her class to keep the promise she made with her childhood friend so they can reunite and get married in the future. At least that is what Bocchi hopes to achieve at the end of her arduous quest. Of course that is easier said than done due to Bocchi being one of the most inept students in Interpersonal Public Relations Class, meaning her social skills are quite poor. Worse than KAOS from Comic Girls for example. Fortunately she gets plenty of help to slowly but surely become more confident. One step at a time for our adorable weirdo. Even when calm her habits are adorably odd. One of the best parts of the show is seeing how much strategy Bocchi puts into everything from approaching someone to taking over the school for a quick win…often resulting in her passing out after a successful mission or regurgitating from massive anxiety. Some would consider her reactions as exaggerations and they are to an extent but ask people who relate to Bocchi and they will tell you she is their spirit animal, aka “That’s pretty close to what I was/am like”. The reason socially awkward protagonists are common in school anime is because even after graduating it is still not easy for people to become more social, among other reasons. It is not just because shy girls/timid boys are adorable.

Bocchi, Nako and Aru

Left to right: Nako, Aru and Bocchi.

Speaking of social awkwardness Bocchi is not the only one who has trouble talking to other people. Of the many girls Bocchi meets throughout her journey three become permanent members of her harem. First up is Nako. She looks and acts somewhat intimidating but is actually quite nice though she enjoys playfully teasing Bocchi. Cannot blame her due to the adorable weirdo’s numerous hilarious actions and reactions. Next is Aru whose goal is to become the “coolest vice-president ever” but is quite unfortunate, resulting in numerous small accidents and silly mistakes. Lastly we have Sotoka, the token “foreign student” who likes certain famous Japanese warriors and takes devotion a bit too seriously.

There are other cuties Bocchi encounters and tries to befriend and all but one are likable. It is not difficult to discern which one is difficult to like (No. It is not the tsundere. She too is precious). Her intent is understandable but her method and actions are terrible.

Another neat thing about the show are the characters’ names which give viewers who know some or are fairly knowledgeable in Japanese a clue on what kind of people they are. For example, when Bocchi’s name is pronounced in Japanese without stopping, hitoribocchi, it can be roughly translated to “alone” or “lonely girl”. One of the girls’ names introduced in the last quarter of the show literally spells out what she is.

Bocchi meets Rakota Sakita

Bocchi and Sotoka.

The presentation is solid. The character designs are cute, the animation, particularly when the characters move and react, are pretty good and the soundtrack fits the mood. The OP and ED are delightful, especially a second ED somewhere in the middle.

The yuri is all shipping. Bocchi’s slowly growing group of friends can easily be seen as her harem (which it is) and some of them can be shipped with each other. Like the show they are cute and funny.

Overall Hitori Bocchi is another cute and funny Girls Club show with plenty of fun, creativity and cuteness. Seeing all Bocchi interacting and doing her best to befriend her fellow adorable weirdos is fun to watch with Bocchi herself being worthy of cheering on. I could not help rooting for her to succeed throughout the show. This is one of many Girls Club shows worthy of a second season because the finale obviously left room for more. Whether we will get more in animated form remains to be seen. Highly recommended to Girls Club aficionados and others who are cool with this slice of life sub-genre.

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32 Responses to 389th G-View: Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

  1. Mauron says:

    Bocchi is basically me, but cuter and better at making friends. I even had my own situation similar to hers where I changed schools around the same age and had to make new friends, but that was because I moved, not because a friend was trying to give me a push.

    Kei would be far more likeable if this wasn’t a gag anime that required her to stick to her guns.

    Bocchi x Kurai and Nako x Aru were both wonderful.Bocchi needs to pass on her ninja-poke-Nako technique to Aru.

    Bocchi was the undisputed AOTS, and Bocchi herself would have been the undisputed most relatable anime character of the season if she didn’t premiere the same season as Fruits Basket, where it finally clicked how relatable Tohru is. Choosing to live in a tent in the woods over asking my friends if I could stay with them for a few months seems like something I’d do.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Relatable protagonist.

      Still went about it the wrong way.

      I’m pretty sure those are the top two ships for most fans.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Little Viktoria says:

      Ooh, I never thought about Bocchi x (Kurai) Kako. That works really well for me, especially since Kako managed to steal my heart in the end, even surpassing Aru which was no small feat ^^

      Can’t get enough of Kako’s cute voice and her heart-melting rare smile.

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    Despite this season being barren, this is obviously the most enjoyable show. Sure, Bocchi is probably shyer than Kaoruko and Miyako combined, but I enjoyed her character development. Not only that, the characters are really enjoyable. But yes, easily the best show this season and maybe a good contender for the best show in 2019.

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  3. Umedyn says:

    I said it on Twitter, but I’ll say it again: If Bocchi was like Deadpool and could break the 4th wall, she’d know she has more friends than she could ever have imagined.If Bocchi was like Deadpool and could break the 4th wall, she’d know she has more friends than she could ever have imagined.

    That being said, I really don’t like her friend that put her up to this in the first place. I mean, EVERYONE in the class seems like a really hard task, even for someone who is extroverted, much less an extreme introvert. Some personalities just will never mesh, and assholes might take advantage of her trying to do that. This series, as bubbly and cute as it is, could have taken a DARK turn really fast.
    I could see a limit, like a few more close friends than just her, and I understand the “It’ll be for her best interest mindset”, but it just seems like a really shitty thing for a friend, let alone a best friend, to do to someone.
    But I love this show all the same, and it is my #2 for the season (I’m sorry, but Carole & Tuesday take that #1 spot, and probably will for the summer season as well.)

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  4. destiny says:

    The biggest problem with this show is the the class is COED!


  5. cirno9fan says:

    I feel Kei is pretty misunderstood all around. What she’s asking seems really cruel, but do you really think she won’t be friends with Bocchi again once they’ve graduated middle school regardless of whether she “befriended the entire class”? She’s doing this because she knew how Bocchi was. And part of it of course is that she’s just a bit odd herself. I’m sure she wants this to be over with just as much as Bocchi does. And she still does her best to help in her own way. And she certainly hasn’t forgotten about Bocchi. In a lot of cases, Kei would have forgotten about Bocchi and just happily lived her own life while Bocchi is struggling so hard. But she’s not that sort of person at all. She just didn’t know how to help Bocchi, and while it’s really extreme, it’s been a push that she needed. The show has proven this. If it weren’t for that last ditch desparate move from Kei, Bocchi would probably be all alone her entire middle school life. But thanks to it, Bocchi’s gotten herself a nice circle of friends, while creating a network of people who aren’t in that circle. There was also help from Nako of course, but none of this would have meant anything if Bocchi didn’t have it in her head that she “must make friends”.

    That essay about Kei aside: Aru ❤ Easily my favorite character in the show! Her, Bocchi and Sotoka definitely took my top three~ They’re all so much fun in their own ways~ But Aru was definitely #1!

    The show was so full of heart and laughs~ If I had all day to spend on this, I probably could keep on writing about it, but I really need to do other things in the day than write an essay for an anime I loved to pieces XD

    Really hoping for a second season! (My guess is Kei, you didn’t seem to like her much Only other guess would be the rich girl, but I am hesitant to think you would find her bleh.)

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    • Mauron says:

      If this was a more serious series, I’d recommend Kei take a slightly different approach. Start harsh, but keep in contact, and soften up as Bocchi makes progress. Since this is a gag series, Kei can’t reunite with Bocchi anymore than Hana can mention her gap year, Sophie Twilight can walk freely in the sun, or a girl named Yuri can be straight. Only at the end does she have a chance of changing that.

      Your choice of #1 is unfortunate, and I’m not just saying that for the adorable headbutt (Ok, I am)

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    • OG-Man says:

      Of course the endgame is for the two reunite.

      Aru being your favorite is a given.

      Fingers crossed there’s a way for the show to continue. Any kind of profit to warrant a 2nd season.

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  6. tbiscut74 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this series to pieces! The characters were cute, the op was catchy, and every episode warmed my heart! Nako was really pretty and Aru was a joy every scene she’s in. And Bocchi was Adorable and needs to be protected at all cost!

    Also one last thing: WAHAHA!

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  7. LuzeP says:

    I really love this show. Bocchi is so cute and funny. Just see how Nako and all her friends helped her to get new friends. That’s what real friends do, Bocchi. I’m sorry but that scene with Kei really broke my heart, I don’t think I can’t forgive Kei. I mean the least she can do just talk to Bocchi, praised her for her bravery. Even without befriending all class promise, Bocchi will eventually have friends, that what’s school for. I read the manga (it’s so funny, btw), the new chapter Kei explained why she did that to Bocchi, but I still can’t forgive her. Bocchi was devastated, I don’t wanna watch that scene again.
    So yeah, this probably my best show this season. Not include CandT and Precure. Also because Dancho greatness is slowing down for a bit. Again. I’m hoping for a second season.


  8. DLZ says:

    I would kill for another season of Wahaha Gang. Bocchi may have surpassed Kaos as my spirit animal, and that is no easy feat. I think thats a series that everyone could enjoy, even if they dont like moe that much. Is definitely one Im recommending. Also the sooner we get those sweet NakoAru doujins the better.


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  9. yurimylove says:

    very cute and heart-warming show! Aru’s headbutts are hilarious. And the poor teacher never got over hear fear of “yankee” Nako, haha

    Liked by 1 person

  10. K says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this anime and would definitely watch a second season if it were announced. Bocchi’s quest to befriend everyone may seem impossible but with pluck and grit, she can pull it off…maybe.

    The characters are cute. In fact, I heard on a podcast that the designs were done by the person who did the designs for Mitsuboshi Colors. Looking between the two shows, I can see the similarity.

    Bocchi’s one of those shows where the background characters (the girls anyway) have distinct appearances. That was a nice touch.

    The girls are likeable and very adorable, of course. Sotoka’s my fave of Bocchi’s circle of friends, with Nako and Aru close behind. It was nice that she was the first one who asked Bocchi to be her friend (and, if I remember correctly, Bocchi didn’t pass out from that. Maybe that’s because it wasn’t Bocchi asking). I gotta say this; Nako looks pretty good with glasses on. I also have to say; Aru, that scatterbrained nature of yours when it comes to your uniform is really…unfortunate (Headbutt). Maybe she could call the school in Anne Happy for some advice.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. I too noticed the diverse background characters. Neat.

      A Bocchi and Anne Happy crossover would be fantastic.

      Sotoka is a great choice for best girl, yes.
      Astute observation regarding Bocchi’s friendship ritual with Sotoka.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. nash says:

    “Lastly we have Sotoka, the token “foreign student” who likes certain famous Japanese warriors and takes devotion a bit too seriously.”

    Basically… blonde Eve.


  12. yurimylove says:

    Official drink of Bocchi’s fan club:

    Liked by 2 people

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