Fragtime OVA Trailer

The format of the previously announced Fragtime animated adaptation was revealed. It would be an OVA. A limited theatrical screening is scheduled for sometime in November 2019. Like the Kase-San OVA it most likely won’t be too long before the OVA comes out or gets subbed soon after.

Fragtime OVA.jpg

Brief plot summary: Timid girl has the power to stop time for 3 minutes. Uses it to see what people are doing. Finds a beautiful girl and stares at her panties. The beauty shocks our heroine by being unaffected by her time freeze. Thus our duo’s love story begins.

Not too surprised they went with the OVA format as the 2 Volume manga isn’t really that long. Hopefully like the Kase-san OVA it’ll be an hour long movie,covering each chapter or the gist of the whole story. Looks good. Excited for it.

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7 Responses to Fragtime OVA Trailer

  1. kracen says:

    Its nice to see that even old manga is not lost and forgotten to the possibility of getting an adaptation.

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  2. Nick says:

    That would be quite the shock. Looking at her panties then suddenly realize she’s not frozen in time like everyone else. Should be good, looking forward to watching it when subbed.

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  3. k1ll1ngz0ne says:

    Unlike Kase-san, since the source material is shorter and finished, I feel the OVA format works well enough, though I will always prefer a one-cour season.
    I hope if the use of OVA for yuri titles increases, that it doesn’t become used as an excuse to relegate yuri titles which could very well just be made into seasons, to basically shorts, as a safer and cheaper approach.
    (I know thats not why Kase-san was made an OVA, but that looks appealing to others)
    There’s enough anime screentime and episodes to go around.

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  4. Same staff as Kase-san, guess they seem to love the OVA format

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  5. Mauron says:

    Can’t say I wouldn’t do that if I had time stop powers. Also dumb pranks.

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  6. appbeza says:

    This story’s beginning is not great. I think I’m not gonna watch this.


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