387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

This show had quite the bumpy journey reaching its conclusion. Long story short it was revealed the staff were being horribly mistreated during production to the point that the animation quality in later episodes got worse and the pacing felt extra rushed (more than usual for the show). Because of that the final two episodes were repeatedly delayed for over a year until they finally aired in May 2019 (the show premiered Winter 2018). Was the wait worth it? Was the show as a whole any good? Let us find out as we take a look at Maerchen Maedchen or Märchen Mädchen.

Update: As the first person in the comments (cirno9fan) pointed out the author of the light novel passed away before finishing the story. That also played a role in the pacing issues.

Maerchen Maedchen.jpg

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi-ish, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Yuri.

Themes: Magic, Tournament

Number of Episodes: 12 (11 and 12 are marked as Special Episodes)

G-Rating: 8/10 (Favoritism), 7/10 overall (probably)

Plot Summary: Hazuki Kagimura is a normal girl who is usually alone. Her relationship with her new family is not going so well, so she retreats every day to the world of stories and books. One day, after school, one of the library’s bookshelves sends her to another world with a magic school, where she meets Shizuka Tsuchimikado. She finds out that girls (called “mädchen”) who attend the school are selected by old fairy tales and folk stories to wield their magic, and are taught how to wield it in the school. Hazuki herself is chosen by the Cinderella story. She begins her new life at the school to become a magic user and grow closer with Shizuka.

Hazuki Training

Hazuki training.

Without going into spoiler territory the setup is Hazuki joining the above mentioned Magic Academy and learning to become a magic user and roped into competing in a magic tournament where teams of mädchen/mäedchen from around the world do battle for the grand prize of a super wish. Oh and something about academic supremacy but that is not important. This being a supernatural tournament there is of course something greater brewing behind the scenes Hazuki and her new allies must inevitably face. As far as the main story goes it is good enough to keep viewers interested in seeing what obstacles, personal and magical, our heroines must overcome. Nothing worthy of anime awards but still an enjoyable tale.

Yumilia vs Shizuka

Magic battle.

The magic battles are one of the main attractions of the show, seeing what kinds of magic attacks the girls use and seeing how they connect to the Origins (magical storybooks) they wield. Some of the magic makes sense based on the storybook protagonist while others are tied to the theme of the story, even ones where writers took “liberties” with the stories. Unfortunately because the show is only 12 episodes long and there are 8 teams total not everyone of them gets their time to shine on the battlefield. Some teams are relegated to Squash Matches of the battles take place off screen. I am personally sad Team India did not get to show their full power. On a somewhat bright side the team captains get their time to shine in different ways outside of the tournament in either unsanctioned battles or other events. It is not much but it better than simply being there I suppose.

As mentioned in the introduction the staff were mistreated behind the scenes, resulting in the deteriorating animation quality. It started off solid but worsened as the show progressed. I recommend picking up the Blu-Rays of this show over watching the original broadcast of Episodes 1-10 (8-10 is the animation and pacing at its worst). It is far from the worst animation out there but the badness becomes especially noticeable in the aforementioned 3 episodes. The soundtrack is solid. OP and ED are neat.

Hazuki's gym booty

Fortunately the ecchi goodness was unharmed. Priorities ladies and gentlemen.

The cast of characters are mostly likable with my personally disliking only one of them (Team America’s captain can buzz off). The rest of the characters are cute and/or sexy with moe and cool charms. Again not all of them get enough time to shine but it is enough to enjoy seeing them on screen (except that American brat. Fans of hers need not waste time singing her praises to try and convince me otherwise. She sucks).

Hazuki fantasizing about Shizuka

Bless Hazuki and her inner gay.

Now we come to the leading ladies of this tale. First we have Hazuki. She is a token timid and socially awkward protagonist. As the plot summary explained when interacting with people she initially retreated to the safety of her beloved storybooks she grew up loving thanks to her mom (Remember this while watching the show). Of course as Hazuki grows accustomed to her time at the magic academy she slowly becomes less timid and more sociable (emphasis on slowly). This is all thanks to her fated encounter with the love of her life, Shizuka (and her adorable face. It is no wonder she fell in love with her). Speaking of, Shizuka is a kind and polite young lady with a huge chip on her shoulder, being the daughter of a legend (Remember this too). Because of this she feels like there is a huge burden on herself, bringing honor to her family. Like with Hazuki Shizuka’s life slowly changed upon meeting her that fateful day.

As for the yuri. Put simply Hazuki is a lesbian, made clear by her reactions to sexy ladies and especially her token yuri fantasies. The show even goes all Re-Kan with HazuShizu as the story progresses. There are of course some potential side-couples.

Lastly we have the final two episodes. As mentioned it took over a year for them to be released. Was the wait worth it? Personally I would say…yes. Nothing was tarnished and I was left hopeful for the future. Basically I was satisfied. Somethings could have been better but taking the mentality and ages of everyone it ended as well as I hoped and left me feeling optimistic.

Overall Maerchen Maedchen or Märchen Mädchen is a cute and fun show. It has some cool battles, nice ecchi goodness, a decent story, a mostly likable cast with an adorable main couple with some potential side-couples. The presentation is solid but it is highly recommended watching the show on Blu-Ray as the animation quality of the original airing gets worse over time. The conclusion was personally satisfactory. Not an epic but I am glad I remained faithful and patiently waited for it to be completed. Dunno who to recommend this to as so many things plagued the show and many understandably lost faith in it because of everything that happened. Maybe the curious can give it a try.

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29 Responses to 387th G-View: Maerchen Maedchen

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I enjoyed it, and the team did the best they could do since the original author died before they finished it, and no one knows how it was actually supposed to end, but you can really feel the sudden change in everything at a certain episode where they forget one of the most important underlying plots and focus on something else, while also making the “villains” kind of lose their edge. Some heavy things plagued this show, and unfortunately it did not make it out unscathed 😦

    Still, I do think it was enjoyable, I just can’t recommend it to to many people. Even with the BDs, the quality is still on the lower end, and for the reasons about the story that I already talked about, it’s a hard sell.

    I was satisfied with the ending, only because I knew of the circumstances. If things hadn’t gone so wrong for the actual real life stuff going on with this show, I probably wouldn’t be as generous about all the weird plot holes and the rushed finale. It’s very unfortunate the world will never get the author’s intended story, but when a person dies su8ddenly, there’s not a lot that can be done. Very few are as prepared as say Eichiro Oda, who has ample notes waiting in case he should die before finishing One Piece. But that can’t be expected of everyone. ti’s a lot of work just to get these stories out, taking the effort to put together comprehensible notes for others to take over your work if you don’t make it is a huge addition of burden, and most don’t plan for their deaths anyway.

    I will never get your seething hatred of best girl, but everyone has their preferences shrug

    Maybe one day someone else will get a second season to happen, and we can explore all the things that were brushed over

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    • DLZ says:

      When an autor dies before finishing the story is really hard to make a good conclusion, regardless of notes and knowing how is supposed to end. If Oda dies(knocks on wood 300 times) we would notice things like dialogue and character interactions changing, so it would ruin to some people. With all the problems surrounding this series production I find really hard for us to get a second season, wich sucks because it had good potential.

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      • cirno9fan says:

        we would, but I imagine that it would be much less rushed than this was. I am not saying anything bad about the job the studio did with what they had. They were besieged on all sides and did what they could. And I commend them for finishing it in the face of everything.

        But when telling others about a show, all that stuff won’t mean anything, they’ll just want to know how good it was. And that’s what makes it hard about recommending it to others. There are a lot of issues that can’t be overlooked.

        I know, it’d be a miracle if this somehow got another season. would also have to be another studio.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As you said the writers did the best they could. It was far from flawless but for me the good outweighed the bad. Hopefully the series is given another chance and it gets picked up by another studio. Highly unlikely but we can always hope.

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  2. LuzeP says:

    Finally some closer. Is it worth the wait? heck yes. Hazuki introduced Shizuka to her family, then they got married, of course, it’s worth it. I almost forgot how gay Hazuki is. It’s a good show, I wouldn’t mind season 2. But I don’t think they are willing to do that after what happened. I heard this show hurt the creators bad. Very unfortunate, this show deserves better, that’s why I kept waiting patiently. I haven’t had the chance to watch the Blu ray. I should’ve watched before watching Ep 11-12, I just can’t wait any longer. Lol. So yeah, 8/10 for me too.

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    • LuzeP says:

      I mean, the show deserves to treat better.

      Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        That it does. Hopefully this wasn’t the last we’ve seen of our heroine, her girlfriend and the rest of the gang. Not getting my hopes up but you never know.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. They already finished the first step, wanting to be together forever. Hazuki’s family look to be accepting as well so it’s only a matter of time before they take their love to the next level.

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  3. Error says:

    Well, at me only 6-7… 😦

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  4. Nick says:

    I was honestly only ever really interested in this show because of the original art being by my man Kantoku. I watched eps 1-10 and yeah it started out well and there definitely was potential, but yeah it kinda fell flat mid way through and then all the other issues happened and the delays and terrible drop in animation. It’s sad the author died before the story was finished. I knew that going in but thought maybe they could do something about it, guess not. Granted I haven’t seen the final 2 eps, not sure if I will, but I watched enough of the show to have some opinion on it. Like I said, Kantoku was the reason I picked it up in the first place, but it did have potential to be something great. It’s just too bad things ended up how they did.


    • OG-Man says:

      If a show were drawn by Tem then maybe I could relate with you on picking an anime based on the artist. Anyway I don’t blame you for giving up on this one. A lot of other people did for valid reasons.


  5. tbiscut74 says:

    I quite liked the show myself. I loved the concept of the series magic based on stories is a pretty cool idea. Hazuki was wonderfully gay and the Russia episode is my favorite episode of the series hands down. Glad it got an ending.

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  6. I know I’m nitpicking here, and it doesn’t really matter… but as a grammar nazi and native German speaker, I’d still like to point it out: You don’t write “Mäedchen”. The correct diacritic -> non-diacritic conversion is ä -> ae. It’s meant for typing on non-German keyboards and other environments where our special characters (ä, ö, ü, ß) are unavailable. So it should be either “Märchen Mädchen” or “Maerchen Maedchen”.

    My apologies for splitting hairs. 😉

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  7. chikorita157 says:

    Only watched up to the 7th episode and I find the series rather enjoyable. It’s unfortunate that this show received a poor treatment from Hood’s Entertainment covered in one long editorial post. You would think they would go bankrupt over this big fiasco. Of course not! Then again, it seems that Matsu’s works get messed up one way or another, Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai probably being the exception.

    That said, I will eventually review this series in the near future, although I have to suffer through the bad animation for Episode 8 at least. Fortunately, I found Bluray rips for Episode 9 and 10 so I don’t have to suffer through the terrible animation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The mistreatment of the staff is legendary but as you said corporations got each others’ backs so they can be as douchey as they want to be. Only way to take them down for good is them going bankrupt, I think.

      Yeah I too plan on watching the whole show again on Blu-Ray.


  8. yurimylove says:

    it’s a pretty enjoyable show, despite the production difficulties. Yuri is not bad either.

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  9. Liddo-kun says:

    feels like they chose the wrong studio to animate this. Production is a wreck.

    However, I’m still glad they gave it a slightly better ending.


    • OG-Man says:

      Could have been amazing but many circumstances stopped it from achieving greatness. Even I feel what we got was pretty good despite its flaws.


  10. K says:

    I got around to watching the final two episodes recently and things wrapped up in a satisfactory manner. It seems as if Hazuki and Shizuka’s mothers knew each other and died in that same battle (at least, that’s what I understand). If that’s the case, then Hazuki’s meeting with Shizuka is nothing short of destiny. I would’ve loved to see what the German Team (Agate especially) were capable but that stupid Lynne had to turn everything inside-out to impress a dad that forgot all about her for some reason. Can’t say I was a fan of Arthur’s method of defeating the Fleck but I can’t be all that mad at her, seeing as she was a Child of Fate. Good thing Hazuki showed her that anything can change.Lastly, I repeat, this magic council’s one of the most incompetent vague councils I’ve ever seen!

    I liked the concept behind this show but but I gotta admit that it wasn’t one of the better shows when it came out. The production issues didn’t do it any favours either. Not gonna hold it over the animators heads though.

    The characters were fine but they weren’t all that fleshed out but what can ya do. Mai’s my fave of the side characters.

    A second season doesn’t seem possible with all that happened, on top of the author having passed on. That’s unfortunate.

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  11. Somebody says:

    Finally was able to watch it and it was great ride but it needed 24 episodes as it was definitely rushed at times. The yuri was also wonderful goggles not even needed. Though that last scene in the flower field should have ended with a kiss. I know it’s impossible for a 2nd season but this show has so much potential it’s a shame we will never get to see more.

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  12. piano_cello_conducting says:

    Despite all the production issues, I have to say Hazuki x Shizuka is one of the sweetest yuri couples in quite couple (excluding the ending of episode 4 – as I’m never a fan of “I don’t want you to get hurt so I’m going to pretend to dislike you” plot devices). So this show is proof that a good yuri couple can make poor production values tolerable and elevate the show higher. I’m a bit disappointed though that the producers had no guts to go full yuri and still had to throw the “friend” word around despite everyone around clearly acknowledging that Hazuki x Shizuka are a lesbian couple. A kiss at the end would have been nice.

    Nobody has mentioned about the other yuri couples. Maria x Tatiana are clearly a canon couple. I’m pretty sure the principal had a thing for Hazuki’s mum. Charles x Molly are clearly a couple (and possible threesome though I’m not getting that vibe from Yumilia.

    Sadly there’s barely any yuri fanart of Hazuki x Shizuka around.

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  14. fff says:

    this show isn’t really a yuri, at the end they claim their eternal friendship, not their love.
    i’ve been jebaited by the yuri list


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