OG’s Spring 2019 Impressions 2: WA HA HA!

Since I’ve pretty much taken a break from covering anime weekly this season I decided to keep the compiled impressions going to make up for it. Enough episodes aired of the shows I’m watching to write more impressions of them so let’s continue from where we left off last time.

Bocchi meets Rakota Sakita.jpg

Bocchi meets Rakota Sakita.

We kick off once more with the shows I’m most enjoying this season. Hitoribocchi is still adorable, hilarious and a delightful tale about socially awkward cuties. We learned some important things in the recent episodes (4-6):

1: Bocchi is a kunoichi and has Superhuman speed.

Bocchi teaching Rakita.jpg

Bocchi teaching Rakota.

2: Because of that Rakota Sakita, the token foreign cutie of the show, wanted to become her apprentice, which Bocchi was obviously against but she soon came around and took her in. Bocchi needed to pass down her teachings to someone after all. There can never be enough socially awkward moe ninjas in this world.

Aru Beam.jpg

Aru Beam.

3: We learned Aru can fire laser beams from her fingers and got a preview of her legendary tennis skills.

Hitoribocchi Nako X Aru.jpg

Image Source

4: Episode 5 intensified Nako X Aru.

Teruyo Triangle.jpg

Miss Teruyo disguise.

5: Miss Teruyo can transform herself into a triangle but it is useless against her greatest fear, Nako, who she still has no idea how to deal with.

Gang Leader.jpg

Bocchi. Gang leader.

6: Not only was Bocchi a kunoichi but a master of disguise and a gang leader. She truly is an awkward girl of many talents.

So yes. Hitoribocchi is still awesome. Oh. One last thing.


Speaking of Girls Club shows check out this cool editorial by my good friend Macho Chikorita discussing the popularity of Manga Time Kirara series compared to others of its ilk.

Marie and Anne

Carole & Tuesday still kicks serious ass. We got the awesomeness that was episode 4 (Unless you’re a purist) and Episode 5 had me going “Seriously. I NEED THE OST, ALBUM, EVERY SINGLE SONG IN THIS ANIME!”

Angela singingCarole and Tuesday singing another great song.jpg

Speaking of episode 5 I thought it was pretty cool seeing a well known yet still enjoyable setup taking place. What I mean is the difference between a performer who has all the backing and tools needed to become a mega star in Angela compared to Carole and Tuesday who are barely making ends meet but when they do get opportunities to show their awesomeness they make it count. I’m really looking forward to seeing the two sides eventually cross paths.

Tuesday's brother searching for her.jpg

Tuesday’s brother searching for her.

There was also the Tuesday’s family plot where her brother Shane McMahon under orders from Linda McMahon to bring her back. The above scene was neat in that it showed the landlord somewhat caring about our heroines despite not showing it. Shane eventually found the bar our heroines got their first gig at and, maybe as a sign of supporting his sister (or waiting to get her another time) he didn’t interrupt their performance. We know they’ll eventually have to confront him and, worse yet, Linda so it’s only a matter of time. Great stuff.

Yamaneko Nurse Bazooka.jpg

I think the show is aware Dancho and Yamaneko are the two best characters.

Million Arthur’s streak as my one of my favorite anime of 2019 continued in Episodes 5 and 6. Episode 5 was a neat “Hardcore Food Porn” anime parody and Episode 6 took the classic “The Impostor” setup and added some awesome twists.

Dancho about to unleash her true power.jpg

Dancho about to unleash her true power.

We thought Season 2, Episode 3 was Dancho at full power. Episode 6 was like “Oh you haven’t seen anything yet boys and girls”.

Yamaneko and Utahime.jpg

Highly anticipated encounter.

We were also blessed with the highly anticipated face to face meeting between Yama-chan and Utahime. She’d seen her in person once before but this was the first time the two spoke to each other. It was worth the wait.

Now for everything else.

Tsubasa almost quit the team.jpg

Tsubasa almost quit playing baseball were it not for Tomoe.

Cinderella Nine started getting better after episode 4 which was a flashback episode for Tsubasa and the ice princess joining the team. Let’s start with the former. We got more glimpses of the big game between Tsubasa’s Team and Ice Princess’. The former played their best and thanks to Tsubasa’s optimism played their best whereas Ice Princess played TOO seriously and her team lost. However, Tsubasa felt down afterward because many of her old teammates lost interest in playing baseball, greatly demotivating her. Luckily Tomoe was at the game and she was like “Let’s go to the same high school together. There we can form our own team!”. This got Tsubasa right back in the game.

Shinonome joins the team.jpg

Shinonome joins the team.

As for the ice princess Shinonome she had a big tryout to join a professional team. While she played well enough she focused WAY too hard on being a great player. Luckily for her Tsubasa was stubborn and she convinced the team to come cheer on Shinonome. This being Japan Shinonome didn’t pass the test but on the bright side joined Team Tsubasa. With that the team had the minimum 9 players to form a team.

Team Uniform.jpg

Team Uniform.

Episode 5 was the one we were waiting for as Team Tsubasa played their first official game against a team that had tournament experience.

Seijo Team Captain.jpg

Seijo Team Captain.

Our heroines expected a difficult challenge and while they were DESTROYED by Seijo they at least held their own for a brief period. It wasn’t a flawless victory for Seijo but again our heroines were decimated. Tsubasa and Tomoe thought this loss would scare everyone away but of course everyone was far from done. They would play again one day. Methinks the rest of the show will be about Team Tsubasa trying to beat Seijo Academy.

One last thing about episode 5.

Shinonome and Ukita.jpg

I want to ship these two so much. Ice Princess X Kitty Hoodie. SO GOOD!

On to episode 6…hoo doggy.

Tomoe still struggling.jpg

Tomoe still struggling.

Exam week was coming and our heroines took every opportunity to practice before needing to focus most of their time studying. During one of their practices Tomoe noticed that she was still struggling…but when she saw that even Kitty Hoodie was getting better it hit her hard how much she needed to improve. Tsubasa offered to help after exam week but this secretly didn’t sit well with Tomoe for reasons to be revealed later.

Tomoe asking Seijo Captain for help.jpg

Oh my.

One day Tomoe noticed some Seijo players finishing their training at a shrine. She took the advantage to train herself when suddenly the Seijo captain appeared. Tomoe convinced the captain to help her train.

Tsubasa jelly.jpg

You jelly brah?

The older Team Tsubasa players spot Tomoe with the captain and call Tsubasa. She responded calmly to the situation…

Several days later the team devised a plan to get the two to finally talk things through.

Tsubasa and Tomoe make up.jpg

Not best friends but not comrades either. Something beyond both.

Tsubasa: Why couldn’t we talk about things sooner?

Tomoe: Because you’re going too soft on me. I needed some serious training so I wouldn’t drag the team down. It felt like you only saw me as your sidekick and not your equal. That’s why we can’t be besties anymore. That way we can focus on being better on the field. Oh yeah. I’ve been working this study planner to help you for quite some time. Here you go.

Tsubasa: No more besties? Are you saying you don’t love me anymore? Are you saying focusing on becoming pro athletes means we can’t snuggle anymore? “F” THAT! I WANT SNUGGLES DAMN IT! I WANT YOU!


On their way to future marriage. Yes indeed. Not besties, not comrades but something more.

Joshi Kausei Skateboard.jpg

Joshi Kausei is a solid comedy. Not much to add that I haven’t last time. You either like it or you don’t.

Eila wants Sanya.jpg

Eila wants Sanya.

The show is still enjoyably random. I’m having a good time but a certain someone brought up valid complaints.

Erica and Charlotte making fun of Minna.jpg

An evident Erica and Charlotte favoritism. Nothing against the two. They’re both cool in the main series but them getting so much screen time over the others is weird. Poor Lynette is the one who suffered the most because of this as she’s BARELY appeared throughout the show thus far. The biggest crime of all on a personal level is RAMBO’s love of big breasts referenced only once so far…ONCE! Another gripe brought up was “These girls aren’t the same characters”. This one gets a pass because it’s a comedy and characters acting out of character isn’t unusual. I will say Perrine STILL being madly in love with Mio is kinda weird as this mellowed in during the 2nd season and movie, especially because everyone realized Minna is Mio’s soul mate. Speaking of the yuri jokes between the top two couples are still going strong at least. Sadly RAMBO X Lynette hardly get to snuggle because as I said, Lynette hardly shows up. Still enjoying this one.

Miru Tights Yuiko.jpg

Miru Tights. Miss Yuiko.

My friends Sir Nickolas and Other Joe were eagerly anticipating this one. I will join them in relishing the steamy tights so as to ensure they survive long enough to make it to Summer where the super mega shows await. Oh and I have never seen AXYPB this happy. His dream anime has come. I’m so glad.

And there we have it. Still need to catch up on Star Twinkle PreCure and Aikatsu Friends!

PS: “Hey OG. Aren’t you going to talk about the UzaMaid OVA?”


UzaMaid Midorin and Tsubame Swimsuit.jpgUzaMaid Tsubame Yellow Bikini.jpg

These two pics are all anyone needs to talk about. nothing else that happened in the OVA mattered. Just these two bikini goddesses.

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19 Responses to OG’s Spring 2019 Impressions 2: WA HA HA!

  1. DLZ says:

    Hitori Bocchi is quickly becoming one of my favorite moe anime. The only thing I regret is not waiting until is over so I could binge watch the Wahaha Gang .

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mauron says:

    I’m behind on everything that isn’t Bocchi, Ao-chan,a Quartet, or containing at most One Punch, so my comments may seem dated.

    Bocchi: Still likely AOTS. Bocchi is on her way to being the most relatable character of 2019, but she’s a better ninja than I am.

    Carole & Tuesday: I hope they play at the wedding. And get paid in more than exposure. And that they’ve been inspiring lyrics from one another. “Hold me down. I’m finally fulfilled.”

    Cinderella Nine: “the boys have a different goal than me” Yeah, they want to find a nice girl they can marry… wait, what?

    Ao-chan: Even in this show, I find a yuri ship. AoxMiyabe please. Anything with pervy girls is a plus.

    Senryu Girl: Reminds me of Bocchi in some ways. I was hoping they’d have a crossover in Bocchi’s 5-7-5 episode.

    Wise Man’s Grandchild: It’s kind of amusing to see an Isekai protagonist so OP that to fail he has to set goals so far beyond normal expectation that everyone else sees him as succeeding impressively. Him: “Darn, I didn’t climb that mountain in a day.” Everyone else: “You climbed that mountain in two days?!” Redhead is actually a good character, and deserves a better show.

    Sarazanmai: Really curious where this one will go. Amusing so far, but will land anywhere between horrible and awesome depending on how things are handled.

    Fruits Basket: Still very Fruits Basket. Kagura is fun.

    Fairy Tail: My ships are mostly going strong this season. Only the long shot based mostly on “they’d be cute if they hooked up” is having trouble.

    AFTERLOST: A slow start, but now it has me hooked. Not sure where everything is going.

    Dororo: Dororo started as one of the most interesting boys of last season… then spoilers happened, but Dororo is still interesting.

    RobiHachi: After the first episode, I was convinced this was going down a yaoi route. The most recent episode I saw backed that possibility.

    Shield Hero: Mostly riding this one out. Hasn’t gone into drop territory, and I’d want a fluffy birb to cuddle.

    Attack on Titan: Exactly what I’d expect from Titan this season. Actually, exactly what I expected from Titan season 4 after season 2 finished. Expecting a tease of the next arc at the end.

    Isekai Quartet: Albedo seriously needs to rub off on Rem. It would restore some of her lost coolness since deciding to join camp Barasu.

    One Punch Man: This one’s actually going for the appeal found in Wise Guy’s Grandkid. That’s a good thing.

    Midnight Occult Civil Servants: This one was just boring. Dropped.

    Demon Slayer: Kimitsu no Yaiba: Starts off with a very interesting character and predicament, then makes in about her brother. Dropped.

    There’s still a Fafner I will watch this season, but it’s starting oddly late. I may check out the other shows mentioned above at some point.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Rory says:

    Hitoribocchi continues to be a really fun time. I’ve even attempted to make an origami shuriken of my own – the attempt was all right, but I think I can do better.
    To sum up my thoughts on the show: WA HA HA!

    Carole & Tuesday has been excellent so far, and the stellar soundtrack is just one of its many good points.

    Million Arthur’s second season has been delivering, too. You made your thoughts about Dancho clear on Twitter, and I totally agree with you there.

    I was hoping that there would be something between Tsubasa and Tomoe in Cinderella Nine, with them being childhood friends. Episode 6 gave us exactly that, and before that, we finally got a game of baseball. Though I’d say I’m more interested in the characters than the sport. Ice Princess x Kitty Hoody sounds like a good ship to me – the experienced baseball player taking a rookie under her wing with feelings blossoming between them…

    Joshi Kausei continues to be small bursts of fun.

    Strike Witches has been giving us dome decent humour, but it would be nice if it could strike a better balance between each of its cast members.

    I’ll be watching Miru Tights as well. First episode seemed neat enough.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Little Viktoria says:


      I love Hitoribocchi. All the girls are adorable, but I’ve irreversibly fallen for Aru in particular. She’s just perfect ^^ Don’t lose, Aru! Shine bright, Aru! Aru on top of an aluminium can! You’re dependable, Aru! You’re perfect, Aru!

      Can’t wait to see Kako though, I wanted to hug her throughout the manga.

      Yamaneko blushing and tugging on the grass on her date was so sweet. Her crush on Utahime makes her a yuri girl in my book.

      Looks like I have to start taking Cinderella Nine more seriously. Having a girlfriend for kitty girl too would be great. And Waka is love just being there ^^

      By the way, in Yatogame-chan no Kansatsu Nikki, Mai the brunette adores the main girl Monaka and states very clearly that Monaka belongs to her.

      Liked by 3 people

      • OG-Man says:

        I have a feeling I’m kinda figuring out your type.

        So long as the WTF 4Koma stuff continues being separate from the main story then yes we can mark Yamaneko as another yuri hottie.

        Waka has a sexy head for sure.

        Let me know how things go in the Yatogame anime. Not in the mood to jump on the bandwagon yet.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Little Viktoria says:

        Fascinating! What do you think my type of girl is?

        I’ll report on Yatogame. So far it’s fluff and nothing else, plus only a few minutes per episode.

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        I’ll leave that to my imagination for now.


        Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Bless Bocchi and her harem.

      Looking forward to more. So good.

      She’s a legend.

      Understandable. I grew up watching baseball hence why I dig the sport. Tsubasa X Tomoe is already set. Hopefully Kitty Hoodie X Ice Princess will follow suit.

      Nonsensical fun.

      Indeed. Too much favoritism for a select few.

      Embrace the tights my friend. EMBRACE THEM!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu is probably the most enjoyable so far, especially with a season without a Kirara anime. Bocchi is precious, but of course, I find the antics between Aru and Nako rather hilarious. Not only that, it’s easy to feel bad to see how unfortunate Aru is, although some of it can be avoided such as carrying the wrong bag and wearing an elementary school uniform. It makes me think that she is a bit careless.

    Cinderella Nine on the other hand meets expectations. It’s nice to see Ryou defrost. The last episode is nice, but I suspose some expect them to kiss. Fanart maybe? But I think Akane, the girl who wear the cat sweater/hoodie is the most adorable out of the team.

    Uza Maid OVA: At least there is a proper pool episode. Still, Misha trying to be a maid for one day was hilarious though.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Bocchi and her harem are wonderful.

      Tsubasa and Tomoe kissing would be icing on the cake. Kitty Hoodie is indeed the cutest.

      Misha as a maid was neat but of course the main attraction was finally getting Tsubame and Midorin in bikinis.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. LuzeP says:

    Bocchi is so precious. She’s my best girl this season while Dancho comes close. And Dancho true power is magnificent, indeed. I too love all songs in C and T. I’m waiting for the full song to be released. I also enjoying Cinderella Nine very much. Especially episode 5 and 6 where the girls start playing the match. Tsubasa indeed responded to the situation very “calmly” to the point I got so anxious watching the show. It felt like watching my girlfriend mad at me. Good stuff tho.

    Joshikausei is really fun. I’ve nothing to say. So is the show. I have no problem with the comedy side of Strike Witches, I found the show hilarious and gayer. Same as the chibi version of Cinderella Girls, think it’s supposed to be funnier than the original. Tsubame in bikini is so amazing. Midorin is lovely too. Not much to say about the story, I kinda forgot. I need to check out this Miru Tights.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Praise be to Bocchi and the soon to be legendary Dancho!

      C and T have great songs.

      The way Tsubasa and Tomoe made up was beautiful.

      The increased yuri in the SW comedy, like in Mini Toji, is great. Their personalities being different is no big deal.

      Tsubame and Midorin in bikinis were a blessing.

      We talked about the Miru Tights premiere with Sir Nickolas already and can’t wait for more!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. cirno9fan says:

    when the ending first started playing, I was like “this is pretty amazing” then I started to think “but this’ll probably get old…” But it somehow never did, even though the lyrics never changed. Kudos to the studio for pulling it off~

    Cinderella nine has been good, but personally the last ep was kinda eh…

    Am not feeling Carole & Tuesday. The music doesn’t mean a lot to me on one end, and on the other, I don’t really care about whatshername’s plight. Overall, I just think it might be more sign that Watanabe is not my sort of director.

    Million Arthur has been quite good~ Suprised that there wasn’t an uproar over what happened in the latest ep though…..

    Senko has been pretty great so far~ And Shiro is ❤

    Haven’t seen Joshikausei in a long time, not likely will I get back to it

    Isekai quartet is fantastic so far~

    SW….well you’ve heard what I have to say irt that already.

    Prichan is getting really good! And Friends as well!

    STP has got me veeeeeeeeery hopeful after the last ep.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Nick says:

    I’m still behind on Bocchi cries a lot

    Carole & Tuesday continues to be amazing each week. Fingers crossed they actually have the wedding in the show at some point.

    Not watching Million Arthur so no comment on that one. The girls do look cute though.

    Actually ended up dropping Cinderella Nine. I just had too hard a time getting into it.

    Same for Joshi Kausei. Also not feeling that one. I’ll keep an eye on it from afar though.

    Strike Witches I feel like dropping as it’s just a little too silly and random for me, I’ll see how I feel on Tuesday.

    Miru Tights… well… you know my thoughts on that already.

    UzaMaid OVA was nice but yeah not a whole lot of Tsubame bikini action. Slightly disappointed I must say after all that lead up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Again I’d say give Million Arthur a try but it’s ultimately up to you.

      My best guess is we’ll see Anne and Marie getting married during the epilogue. Honestly I’d love to see them again before that.

      Your preference for top quality subs has its drawbacks.

      You found substitutes for the shows you dropped so it’s fine.

      Miru Tights is your dream come true and I of course am happily enjoying it as well.

      That’s all I wanted from the OVA and I got it. Personal bright side is that unless we get a 2nd season of the show I won’t ever have to talk about UzaMaid again. I love Midorin and Tsubame but it’s not worth going to read the manga for them alone.


  8. yurimylove says:

    Time flies, I can’t believe half the season’s already over. I am watching slower than my usual pace for some reason. At least I’m keeping up to date with bocchi, Cinderella 9, and joshikausei.


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