Mary Skelter 2 Coming to the West (Nintendo Switch Exclusive)

Idea Factory International Announced earlier today that Mary Skelter 2 was heading to the West digitally on the Nintendo Switch.

mary skelter 2 visual.jpg

Check out the Japanese gameplay trailer. Looks like a dungeon crawler series.

Here’s the content description courtesy of IFI:

About Mary Skelter: Nightmares
Originally released for the PlayStation®Vita in September 2017, in Mary Skelter: Nightmares, powerful Nightmares actively stalk the player as you run through the dungeon—fight back with the dungeons’ gimmicks or the Blood Maidens’ abilities! Using a turn-based battle system, class changes, a blood-powered transformation
system, and more, you and your party must solve the dungeons’ mysteries and satisfy the prison’s desires. In Mary Skelter 2, players can play the full revamp of Mary Skelter: Nightmares!

About Mary Skelter 2
Mary Skelter 2 evolves the core elements in Mary Skelter: Nightmares to bring to you a world teeming with twists and turns, topped with a new battle feature where the previous protagonist, Jack, is now a Nightmare. Players can use his Nightmare powers to defeat enemies, but at a maddening cost. Set in an alternate reality that includes familiar characters from the first installment, players must relive the torturous dungeon experiences and find ways to feed an almost insatiable prison. Will you be able to escape this prison and find sanctuary or will you fall into the clutches of madness?

Key Features
Don’t Go Chasing Nightmares Each Jail has 3 desires that players will need to fill up to provide bonuses and satisfy the Jail’s mood. However, if the Jail’s mood worsens, players will notice a white mist, signifying that a Nightmare is near and ready to fight. If the Nightmare gets too close, players will enter “Nightmare Hunt” mode, where the Nightmare will chase you through the dungeon in real-time. Nightmares cannot be defeated unless players destroy the core of the dungeon. Otherwise, players will have to stun a Nightmare to escape!

Jack is a Dull Boy Jack, the protagonist from Mary Skelter: Nightmares, has now turned into Nightmare Jack. He can still help you along the way, but be wary of his heart rate meter! Once his heart rate reaches a certain limit, he will turn into Ripper Jack, causing him to go berserk. When in Ripper Jack mode, Otsuu also risks going into Blood Skelter mode, which will cause her to go berserk too! With first game, Mary Skelter: Nightmares included, you can play through an alternate world where Jack is the main protagonist.

Go Directly to Jail Add another degree of difficulty by setting dungeon conditions like “no saves or heals” with the Jail Trial battle system. Successfully completing a Jail Trial provides better item drops and more experience! Want more special bonuses to help you through dungeons? By collecting Jail Pieces, players can add these items to a randomized roulette that can have beneficial results!

Farm for Blood, Reap the Benefits – Use Blood Crystals to plant Blood Flowers, which can be harvested for additional items. In a dungeon area where Blood Flowers are planted, splash them with Marchen Blood by performing a critical hit on enemies during battle to get even rarer items!

The main protagonists are the trio in the above visual. Tsuu, Little Mermaid and Nightmare Jack. Learn a bit more about them in this Siliconera Article. It’s also the main reason I posted this announcement here.

Mary Skelter 2 (which includes Mary Skelter Nightmares, a revamped version of the first game) is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop at some point. No release date announced as of yet.

Source: OPRainfall

PS: I think by now readers have an idea why this isn’t coming to the PS4.

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8 Responses to Mary Skelter 2 Coming to the West (Nintendo Switch Exclusive)

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I really wanted this game…..stuck even more needing a switch ;_;


  2. tsubasasfamily says:

    The first of many to move to the Switch, I hope. I already played in Japanese, but I’m considering getting it in English for Switch. Playstation has been nothing but a bully to Japanese developers for the past couple of years, so I’d be happy to see them regain full control over their work, especially new IPs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. burnouts3s3 says:

    While I’m glad this is getting Switch support, I’m very worried about the increase of digital only games.

    Physical media is dying a slow death and I’m not welcome to that.


    • OG-Man says:

      Cheaper I suppose and there are less people looking for physical copies nowadays. I could be wrong. Depends on the game.


  4. Cytrus says:

    That’s one beautiful visual, to be sure.


  5. HighonLullabies says:

    Played and loved the first game of this series (which was also on Steam as well as PS Vita). I was hoping the sequel would get a western release but…well, seems my need to have a Switch only increases by the day sigh


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