Carole & Tuesday Episode 4: Music Video Surprise

I mentioned this during my first impressions that I was itching to cover this show but was unsure so I chose to wait. Well, the time has come to talk about an episode.

But first, a brief recap.

Carole and Tuesday Selfie

Carole & Tuesday is about a princess (Daughter of a rich lady, who reminds me of Linda McMahon, running for president.) named Tuesday who ran away from home because she wanted to make something of herself. She saw and was awe struck by a pauper named Carole playing a keyboard piano on a bridge. The two quickly became buddies thanks to their shared love of music and they decided to team up and show Planet Mars the beauty of passionate music.

Gus Goldman

Gus Goldman.

Although they weren’t pro level by any means the few who heard them perform were pleasantly surprised. This includes a former drunkard named Gus Goldman who claimed to be a world renowned manager but in actuality he was a former drummer of an unsuccessful band called Lazy Sandwich and he only led one group to moderate stardom. Even so he weaseled his way to becoming Carole & Tuesday’s manager.



Another ally of theirs is Roddy. He secretly filmed them performing, which led to Gus offering them his services. After convincing the duo to aspire for greatness the first plan was to get the backing of a mega star level DJ.

DJ Ertegun.jpg

DJ Ertegun.

Roddy knew one named DJ Ertegun and “managed” to schedule a meeting with him.

Shocked Carole & Tuesday.jpg

Unsuccessful meeting.

Long story short it didn’t go well. On the bright side DJ Ertegun immediately brushing them off motivated our heroines to work harder to show him how wrong he was to not even give them a chance.

This brings us to the big episode we’ll be talking about here.



The A Plot was about the group’s next plan to get noticed by filming a music video. The first step was finding someone who could help direct one. They ordered the above director AI to help, much to the chagrin of Carole & Tuesday’s adorable mascot Giggy.


Giggy the alarm clock owl.

Space Dandy Reference.jpg

Pretty sure this is a Space Dandy reference.

IDEA the scam artist.jpg

So IDEA was secretly Bender’s son.

Long story short the music video plan failed as well, mainly because IDEA was a scammer. I know this episodic is super “cliffnotey” but it’s because the show is currently so good my words cannot do it justice. It must be seen.

Okay, time for what everyone came here for. The B Plot.


Marie, Gus’ ex wife.

Let’s back up a bit to when IDEA arrived and wrote a list of the needed props and supplies for the music video. Gus said he knew someone who could help acquire some of the stuff. That someone was former Lazy Sandwich band mate and ex wife Marie. She was somewhat surprised he was back with the music business after he left due to his disgust over how corrupt it was. Gus told them about Carole & Tuesday and the great potential he saw in them. He wanted to help them succeed and not be relegated to obscurity like he was. She agreed to help with the video.

Carole asking Marie about Gus.jpg

Carole asking Marie about Gus.

The plot continued during break time when Carole asked Marie about her old marriage. Put simply Marie saw a kind and cool dood (Who looked more handsome back then). Basically she liked his charms. Cool extra tidbit was before her offering to introduce them to a handsome boy she asked whether they had a boy or GIRLFRIEND. Nice touch.

Now for the piece de resistance.

Marie is engaged.jpg

After filming was finished Gus and Marie were back at the bar. They wondered what could have been had they stayed together. Marie thought something was missing. Like she loved Gus and all but something felt off to her. Gus was a bit saddened about it but nothing major. She then dropped the bombshell of getting remarried…to another woman. Who was this woman? Well we were already introduced to her earlier in the episode.

Marie and Anne.jpg

Marie’s fiancee Anne.

That’s two lesbians named Anne in 2019 so far. How cool is that. Marie was like “I finally found what I was missing”. Gus was like “I hope you find happiness this time”.

So in one episode the show got two birds (L and B) with one stone. Noice. It was also nicely done I feel. Did this awesomeness increase the chances of Carole X Tuesday being a thing? No, but there’s still 20 episodes left so anything can happen.

I want this show’s soundtrack so bad. The songs are GLORIOUS!




I’m pretty sure the lovely Angela will be Carole & Tuesday’s rival. I enjoy seeing her hotness and her cooky manager Tao’s hilariously sadistic training methods.

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5 Responses to Carole & Tuesday Episode 4: Music Video Surprise

  1. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    The reveal was so natural and just perfect and I liked that no one made it out to be a big thing. I liked that Marie asked the girls if they had a gf or bf rather than assuming automatically they were straight. Just like Bloom in You and my favorite couple there, they gave us wonderful adult lesbian representation without it being overly stressed or the butt of a joke. I really believe we are seeing a wonderful shift more and more in the anime industry to normalize LGBT themes and I’m so happy for it. I know it’s way too soon to call and I wont totally get my hopes up, but I’m choosing to have faith that C and T will be a thing by the end. Only time will tell, but it’s a bet I’m willing to take. I seriously love this show though and I’m certain it’ll be my anime of the season.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. LuzeP says:

    I think this is my best episode so far. An adult lesbian couple (Marie is bisexual, yes) and they kissed! I did not see that coming, to be honest. I hope we can see Marie and Anne’s wedding ceremony. That IDEA, well I kinda expected that. I mean the ad has one star from more than 2000 reviews. The music video was funny though. And that poor car. lol. I don’t know, Ertegun seems to have a soft spot for Roddy. As for our main girls, like you said, they have a long journey ahead.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nick says:

    A welcome surprise in this already amazing show. Honestly I hope they follow up on the Marie and Anne story. Hell if they actually show the wedding that would be great.

    And yes the music is incredible in this show, I can’t wait for the OST and full OP/ED and insert songs.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    I wonder what IDEA meant because that acronym was wasted on that fraud bot. Roddy should’ve paid attention to the rating and reviews. He would’ve avoided all the suffering he endured. Giggy didn’t like that bot. I didn’t either. Comedic hi-jinks aside, the only complement(and that’s a stretch) I can give him is for the Space Dandy cameo.

    I had a feeling that Marie and Anne were in a relationship(I mean, it was quite obvious that they were). I liked how Gus was able to call Marie up for help. It showed that although their relationship didn’t work out, they could still have a friendship. Sadly for Gus, that flame they had can’t be rekindled but I felt that he knew that was a long shot.

    After what happened in this episode, I wonder if every episode will feature some attempt at hitting it big falling flat on its face. I don’t think so.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Ah Bender from Futurama, that was many years ago when i watched that series. Nice homage 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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