Yuri Quickie: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Season 2)

There are two reasons why I am reviewing the second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as a Yuri Quickie and not a full G-View.

1: Can be summed up as “If you liked the first season you will enjoy the second one”.

2: It felt more like a “Season 2A” ala “Fuller House 3A and 3B” than a full fledged second season.

For readers who have yet to check out season 1 but want an idea of what to expect check out my review of it HERE before reading on as there will be some S2 spoilers.

She-Ra Main Cover

Number of episodes: 7

G-Rating: 8/10

She-Ra vs Catra

Let us get right to what I am certain most fans want me to discuss most of all, the CatraDora relationship progression. So far it is the same, both ladies being fierce rivals who get into many violent encounters but are still very much obsessed with each other. Besides that they have their own personal struggles. The most important being both wanting to become better: Adora wanting to be a better She-Ra than Mara was and Catra the best Force Captain she can be so she can get praised by Lord Hordak lots and lots. Their endeavors both have mixed results.

Some reviewers said there was little progression in the story line. It is both true and not at the same time. As far as which side is winning the war it is still a stalemate as both discovered new weapons and technology to aid them in the inevitable upcoming second mega battle. However, there was definitely character progression for the main characters besides our mega ship worthy duo.

Big episode

Bow and Glitter both got some neat development. It is also recommended to keep a close eye on of the two as there is a pretty cool surprise near the end of the season.

Lord Hordak.jpg

A personal surprise was how much I ended up liking Lord Hordak. Not because he is a complex villain (So far he is the typical universal conquest dood) but something about him fascinates me. He has the intimidation factor going for him but he does not come off as a big bad who could take over the world himself as of yet. Say what you want about villains like Bowser and Dr Robotnik but even they are currently more imposing than Mr Halloween here. Again he has the look and power but he is not an uber villain yet. Plus his reactions and interactions with a certain (My favorite side-character next to Mermista) amuse me.

Happy Scorpina.jpg

Besides CatraDora my yuri senses went through the roof thanks to the big cutie Scorpia. I detect “Cursed One” vibes emanating from her. I could be wrong but…yeah, so much more than “Wild Cat is my bestie”.

Catra and Shadowweaver.jpg

Oh yeah. We got some more layers in the relationship between Catra and Shadow Weaver. Intriguing stuff.

Overall the first half of Season 2 was enjoyable and I look forward to more soon.

Yuri fist bump.jpg

After all, I am still waiting for an episode featuring or centered around Netossa X Spinerella. I want more of them damn it!

PS: Episode 4 was one of the greatest things ever.

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6 Responses to Yuri Quickie: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Season 2)

  1. ArcaJ says:

    This is the She-Ra I wish I had, growing up. I still begged my mom for the toys, (of course) but there wasn’t much “there” there.

    Now that we’ve met all the players, it’s time to add the layers. Adding Swift Wind as Adora’s Destined Steed is a hoot. He’s so extra, he brightens every scene.

    Finding out that Glimmer considers Catra her rival is just drama in the making.

    I really wish Glimmer and Scorpia would meet and compare notes. They’re basically crushing on their friends who have toxic exes. )I love the idea of Catradora, but they bring out the worst in eachother.)

    My sweet Bow and his dads are some of the best comedy, this season. Plus, they answered some major plot questions, while also served as a Coming Out story! Give the writers a raise.

    Will someone PLEASE GIVE SCOPIA A HUG?!
    She does all the (emotional) heavy lifting in that relationship.
    Also, does Entrapta count as Chaotic Neutral?

    It looks like Adora and Catra are on the same trajectory. They both want to prove that they deserve the status thrust upon them. They are both pushing friends and allies away, and trying to go it alone. With the revelation in the library, I think they’re on a collision course.

    This season:

    Pro: Great character work
    Con: TOO SHORT! 😤

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    • OG-Man says:

      The 80’s show wasn’t meant to be a life changing series like its modern counterpart, figuratively speaking.

      You’re shipping Adora with Glimmer? Interesting.

      That episode was pretty cool.

      Entrapta is Chaotic Neutral. She helps the side that she believes will assist her in her search for infinite knowledge. She’s best side-character.

      Scorpia is cursed like Tamao, Yaya, Yayaka, Sayaka, etc.

      Pretty much.

      I think it’s been said the 2nd half of season 2 will air later this year.


  2. QueenKuvira says:

    Omg I was sad to see it was 7 episodes but they were filled with so much goodness, like so much happened in such a short period of time it’s wild.

    After season one I was worried how CatraDora was going to shape out but seeing that they are still crazy over each other the same way Kim and Shego were is beautiful to see.

    Entrapta might be my favorite princess she just kind of does her own thing and people go with it I respect and admire that. Her don’t give a fuck attitude is the best I’ve ever witnessed kind of hope she stays on the hordes side.

    Catra no!!! Adora go save your wife she’s in danger she can literally never catch a break im terrified what she’s gonna be like next half of the season I really hope she’s ok.

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  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    I watched season one when I briefly had a Netflix trial. Haven’t kept up the show since though. I wonder if this season was short, as Netflix have been struggling with finances. Heard that some animated shows got canceled as a result. Hopefully for fans of the show She-Ra gets a conclusion.

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