OG’s Spring 2019 First Impressions

Bit late but here it is at long last. My first impressions of the shows I picked up this season. As mentioned previously this season I didn’t pick many shows to personally lighten my load and because there aren’t that many shows I’m interested in this time compared to Winter.

Bocchi, Nako and Aru.jpg

Let’s begin with the shows I’m enjoying the most this season, starting with Hitoribocchi. The show is sitll adorable and wonderful as Bocchi’s yuri harem quest continues. Currently she still has Nako the pseudo delinquent with a heart of gold and Aru the unfortunate soul/Nako’s “Boke-Tsukkomi” comedy duo partner. Recently Bocchi got to live the dream of having her new girlfriends visit her house but this being Bocchi it wasn’t without its adorable crazy moments.

Still an excellent Girls Club show.

Carole and Tuesday Selfie.jpg

Next up is Carole & Tuesday. Where do I even begin? In two episodes this show blew away my expectations. I didn’t care about the “Cowboy Bebop director” being involved. I was more interested in the story of two girls from completely different backgrounds, living on a populated planet Mars, coming together to form a musical duo whose songs would change the universe. As expected Mars is full of skeptical douches and these two may very well be what the doctor ordered. I think of them as The New Day if they were girls and consisted of only two members.

I won’t go into detail on the presentation. Just take my word for it that…


My goodness the visuals, the fluidity of the character movement and the songs…MY GOD THE SONGS! The OP and ED are glorious and that one song, “The Loneliest Girl”. I want to hear the full version SO BADLY!

Besides the musical motif it’s the story of a princess and pauper who have their own personal demons to face and possible a sexy rival being trained by what looks to be an Autotune Overlord.

Will Carole & Tuesday eventually become Carole X Tuesday? That remains to be seen, though I personally hope it happens because INTERRACIAL COUPLE FTW!. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Even if they don’t however, I expect great things from this show. It has 22 to go as of this writing so we’ll see what happens.

Million Arthur Dancho X Yamaneko.jpg

And now my favorite show this season. Hangyakusei Million Arthur Season 2. After the climactic events of the S1 finale Dancho was like “I’m the star of this show! I didn’t get as much screen time as I wanted last season. This time, I’m going to show everyone WHY I’m the star”. Three episodes in and that’s exactly what she’s done. The rest of the cast are cool (Even Rorou has his moments) but Dancho is the undisputed main attraction. Not only is she doing her mentor Eruna Ichinomiya proud but the student is on her way to surpassing the teacher. She is THAT DAMN GOOD!

Million Arthur Dancho Bikini.jpg

It also helps that she’s packing major heat. Oh yes indeed.


On to the other stuff I’m watching. Joshikausei. I was curious how the show would be presented based on its description. Simple. The music and sound are intact. The only thing removed was the ability to speak. The cast make sounds like groaning, scoffing, pouting, gleeful reactions etc…they just don’t speak. When they’re seen speaking no sound can be heard. Put simply it’s a show featuring one or all three of the above cuties, mainly the leader Momoko and her top tier thighs (Rikka’s are superior though), doing whatever it is they’re doing that day. It’s a simple and enjoyable short.

Tsubasa on the field.jpg

Cinderella Nine. When this show was announced the first thing I hoped was it being as enjoyable as Taishou Yakyuu Musume. 3 episodes in it’s not as good but decent enough for me to keep watching. Knowing a certain dino skull dude he’ll probably say he dropped it long ago. Oh well. I’m sticking around.

Tsubasa's rival.jpg

The main story is about a veteran baseball girl Tsubasa and her bestie Tomoe gathering a group of girls to form a team. What everyone, including the above ice queen, wondered was why a skilled player like Tsubasa was forming a team of rookies instead of going pro like said ice queen? This is what Cinderella and Taishou have in common, both starring a team of rookies who become as good as pros over time.

Decent show that has my attention. Pretty sure we’ll get an actual game of baseball or two down the line.

Mio and Minna back from a party.jpg

Last but not least we have the Strike Witches short (Strike Witches – Butai Hasshin Shimasu!)…which turned out to be 12-13 minutes per episode rather than 3. The first episode was alright. The 2nd and 3rd were much better. The show is about the Strike Witches in their downtime. More so than their downtime in some episodes of the main series. It gives fans a chance to learn more about the 501st cuties and babes. It’s good stuff despite its intentionally unimpressive animation quality. The manga has the same art style after all. Make sure to tune in after EDs for some neat descriptions of the gang by RAMBO’s (Yoshika) childhood bestie.

Speaking of the main pairings of the show are as strong as ever and like Mini Toji their relationships are portrayed in adorably comedic ways.

Will continue covering Hitoribocchi. Dunno if I’ll throw in Million Arthur. It all depends on how much screen time Dancho gets. Carole & Tuesday I really want to cover but I’ll wait a bit just to be safe. Cinderella Nine I have a feeling not many people are interested in so I’ll stop covering it.

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19 Responses to OG’s Spring 2019 First Impressions

  1. Mauron says:

    Hitori Bocchi: Most likely AOTS unless something surprising happens.

    Carole & Tuesday: Should have aired on Tuesday. Good start, but I’m behind.

    Cinderella 9: Cute. I got serious proposal vibes from the “join the team” moment in episode 2.

    Sequels to things I haven’t seen: Not watching at the moment because sequelness.

    Sarazanmai: Really curious about the MC’s secret. Depending on what happens there, it could steal AOTS from Bocchi.

    Ao-chan Can’t Study: I love a dirty minded girl. Hopefully Ao-chan gets yuri fantasies at some point.

    Fruits Basket: Very Fruits Basket so far.

    Senryu Girl: Bocchi-lite, with less yuri. Still, any girl who writes a senryu (haiku for us baka gaijin) about another girl’s measurements can’t be completely straight.

    Isekai Quartet: I’d like 15 seasons of this. I’m hoping by the end of it Albedo will rub off on Rem, Megumin will cause a few explosions, and Ram will be disappointed by Barasu, Zakuma, and Gainz Ooal Own.

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  2. Rory says:

    Hitoribocchi is great, Carole & Tuesday was even better than I expected, Dancho is as excellent as ever in season 2 of Million Arthur, Joshi Kausei is pretty much small bursts of fun, Cinderella Nine is a serviceable girls’ club anime and I feel the Strike Witches short hit its stride with its second episode, where it started being much funnier.

    I also strongly recommend catching up with Aikatsu Friends! as soon as you are able (if you haven’t already), because its second season has been really good so far – thanks to the introduction of Hibiki Tenshou. Hibiki has given me quite high hopes for the rest of the season.

    I’ll also mention that Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure’s twelfth episode was a particularly excellent one.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Agreed on all your comments.

      I’ll do my best to catch up with Aikatsu when able.

      Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be all caught up with Star ☆ Twinkle.

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  3. Nick says:

    Bocchi and Carole & Tuesday are probably my two 2 mentioned here, mainly because I’m also not watching a lot this season.

    I was reading the Bocchi manga back in the day and really enjoyed it, so seeing it animated it really cool. It’s a fun and enjoyable show, lighthearted and easy to watch. I just wish GJM was a little faster on the subs, but oh well.

    Carole & Tuesday has gotta be by far my top favorite of the season. Loved its premiere and it just kept getting better in the following ep. I’ve got high hopes for this one and it’s looking like it’ll make light work of those hopes and become something incredible. Like you said, the visuals are really impressive and they’re pulling out all the stops with the music. It’s fantastic and I’m also eagerly awaiting the full versions to the songs of this show.

    Not watching Million Arthur so nothing to say about that.

    Joshikausei is weird but only 3 minutes so I’ll keep it on. Mainly because Saturday has nothing else.

    Strike Witches is also weird but I like the whole Strike Witches series so I’ll stick with this one.

    Cinderella Nine is okay. Nothing super special about it so far but it’s an alright watch and something to fill the empty Sunday void.

    But yeah overall this season is strangely quiet, like normally spring is a big season filled with a lot to watch but this year it’s got barely anything. Oh well, the summer season looks to take things up to 11 with the likes of gym girls and Symphogay S5. The hype is real!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Bocchi is wonderful.

      Carole & Tuesday has a lot of potential. Whether it meets it or not remains to be seen. My hype for it is definitely high though.

      I would say give Million Arthur a try but it’s up to you.

      Whatever Joshikausei is doing I’m enjoying. Same goes for the Strike Witches chill show.

      Yup. It’s a decent watch.

      I thought Summer was usually the mega season. At least it’s been that way for me as far as I can remember.

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  4. Giack31 says:

    Hitoribocchi: Cute and fun show. One of my favorite of the season. So far I like Nako x Aru.

    Carole & Tuesday: Really good. I love that they actually created the Instagram account they showed in the anime. I like the songs but the lyrics fell a bit … awkward? It kind of feels like if they did the music and the lyrics separately and now they are trying to jam the lyrics into the music and they don’t fit very well. Might be just me. Other than that I like it a lot. The animation is really good and the character seem very interesting. As for the yuri I have very low hopes for it but we’ll see.

    Hangyakusei Million Arthur 2: It has been pretty good so far and will probably continue to be good given the spoiler in the OP. I hope the upcoming hot spring episode is at least nearly as crazy as the beach episode was in season 1.

    Joshikausei: Slightly underwhelming but enjoyable.

    Cinderella Nine: Nice show. Hoping to see some actual matches after they finish building the team.

    Other Stuff I’m watching:
    The Helpful Fox Senko-san: Really chill show. I waiting and hoping to see if the neighbor will get the other fox they showed in ep 1. There could be some cute moments there.

    We Never Learn BOKUBEN: Not as bad as I thought. The character are pretty interesting. One of the girl is slightly ambiguous about her preference. She obviously likes the main guy but she also doesn’t seem to mind the other girls.

    Will you continue covering Star ☆ Twinkle Precure? This one has been a bit of a hit or miss for me but ep 10 and 11 were really good.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Rivals or people who annoy each other always get shipped…because.

      The usual complaints against Japanese writing English songs. Nothing new.

      I’m sure it’ll continue being glorious.

      Bokuben: “Waiting for beach episode” show. That is all.

      I’ll get back to my PreCure coverage this weekend if all goes well.

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  5. chikorita157 says:

    As expected, this season is very lackluster, but so far, Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu continues to be very enjoyable, mostly because of how precious Bocchi is.

    Cinderella Nine is enjoyable so far and still no sign of a male coach, which is a good thing so far.

    Otherwise, I need to catch up on some stuff. I bet you will cover the Uzamaid OVA soon, right?

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    I’ll start with the not so good:
    Shield Hero – Been getting progressively worse ever since they introduced Melty. Had good potential, but they went the harem route instead of Melty+Filo -_-
    Joshi Kausei – I’m….not really enjoying this. First episode was okay, but it just hasn’t been much.

    And now the good!:
    Senko-san>: So far pretty enjoyable. Hoping as well that the neighbor gets her own cute fox waifu.
    Star Twinkle Precure: it’s been fun, but I’m not sure what they want to do with it. Still, am enjoying it. Just this is not a mega hit like Doki, Hugtto, MTP/etc so far

    The getting better!:
    Kiratto Prichan has really been picking up since S2 started!
    Aikatsu Friends: Same as above! S2 has been a good thing so far

    The great!:
    Isekai Quartet: Tons of fun so far!
    Cinderella Nine: Actually enjoying this quite a bit so far! But we’re hiting the grumpy character, so this is where the real test begins.
    Carole and Tuesday: Lots of fun so far! The music felt really familiar…..trying to get why it was so familiar was probably detracting from my enjoyment a bit XD (haven’t seen ep 3 yet)

    THE BEST!:
    Strike Wtiches: First ep…not so good. But Second ep on has been ❤
    Hitoribocchi: Amazing from the start, and continually delivering~
    Million Arthur 2: Was kinda worried how ti would go with how S1 ended, but it is turning out fantastic so far (haven’t seen ep 4 yet)

    All in all, turned out better than I thought it would, And only really joshi kausei and shield hero are on the chopping block.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Don’t care for Shield Hero myself.
      Joshi Kausei is an acquired taste.

      We all knew coming into the show Star Twinkle wouldn’t be as good as Hugtto.

      Gotta catch up with those at some point now that Pricchan subs are up to date.

      The rest I’m also watching except Isekai Quartet.

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  7. I appear once more!

    Hitoribocchi has so far been amusing, even if Bocchi isn’t really all that relatable for me. But the show is still very enjoyable, even if I often start feeling back for Bocchi and her overthinking absolutely everything.

    Carole & Tuesday has been AMAZING so far, indeed. Really glad it’s longer than a single cour, to see more of this greatness…and well see where it goes in that regard.

    Joshikausei is…interesting, I suppose? Rare to see an anime with no dialogue, as such.

    Cinderella Nine has been pretty good so far, so continuing to watch that too. Nothing too amazing yet, indeed.

    Star Twinkle PreCure has been pretty great so far, though I do feel it isn’t anywhere near as great as Hugtto. But I am comparing it to just 1 other season, so…we’ll see where it goes. Cure Soleil is at least becoming my favourite as well, with Milky & Selene behind her, and Star kinda lagging behind a bit right now…

    And I’ve actually still been enjoying Shield Hero…perhaps because I never expected it to go in much of any direction with some things. Filo & Melty kind of seem more like Naofumi’s adopted daughters to me than anything else, to be honest, with Raphtalia trying to blur the line, while Naofumi remains for the moment at least relatively uninterested…But I’ve somewhat been enjoying the show, compared to some other Isekai I’ve seen…

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    • OG-Man says:

      Not as bad as Bocchi myself but I’ve been there.

      Glorious show so far, yes.

      It’s solid for me.

      Waiting for the rest of the team to gather so they csn play their first real baseball game.

      We all knew it wouldn’t be as good. Hugtto is hard to top as is.

      Not interested in Shield Hero myself.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    I’m really behind this season, the only show I’ve started watching is Bocchi. Must… catch… up…


  9. Liddo-kun says:

    Watching Hitori and Cinderella 9. Both are good. 🙂


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