Revue Starlight RE;LIVE Now Available

The wait is over! Revue Starlight RE;Live is now available to download for Western audiences!

Revue Starlight RE;Live West.jpg

I recommend downloading the game today and going through the brief tutorial as quickly as possible to be part of the 1st day Redo Gacha. What is that? You get a chance to re-roll for guaranteed 3 and 4 Star Gacha girls. If the first roll didn’t provide the desired girls the player can try again. The only limit to the Re-Roll is the time limit. Until then players can try as many times as they like till they get a satisfactory roll. It’s the perfect opportunity to acquire some sweet cards like Moon Goddess Akira, Dark Empress Koharu and of course MayaKuro cards.

Newcomers will get some goodies after the tutorial, including 2 Star cards of all 9 OG members from Karen to Kaoruko.

As soon as players complete the tutorial they get 23 hours or so to participate in the re-roll. I mistakenly thought it was a one day thing. Nope. The time starts after completing the tutorial.

Download the game for free on Google Play HERE or QooApp (Requires downloading the Quoapp) HERE.

Revue Starlight RE;LIVE Facebook.

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17 Responses to Revue Starlight RE;LIVE Now Available

  1. I think the 1 day limit for the reroll starts when you finish the tutorial, because when I finished it just now, it says 23 hours remaining

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  2. Mauron says:

    You are now followed by UnusableText, unless they let me change my name to Jessica.

    Also, a Rifle Is Beautiful anime has been announced.

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  3. Princess of Dumbasses says:

    I just can’t play the game will just stop downloading on 4-9% & I have good internet…


  4. Nick says:



  5. Princess of Dumbasses says:

    guess it just doesn’t want to finish downloading on Emulators


    • OG-Man says:

      I can’t help because my house has cablenet and I purchased a stronger mobile phone last month.

      I do empathize you not being to download or play the game though. I was there once upon a time.

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    • groen90 says:

      Just had the same problem on Bluestacks, I got around it by moving to Nox emulator… seems to be working flawlessly for now.


  6. Mauron says:

    To clarify the “5x unlimited” confusion, because it’s written poorly in game.

    Each pull, you get 5 characters, 1 4* and 4 2-3*.
    You can redo this as many times until the time period runs out.


  7. If only it didn’t have me reconnect (essentially booting to home screen) every time I lock or switch apps.


  8. frankaiohtenoh says:

    Since I had been playing the JP version since they released it. My advice : pull for the 1500 + 3000 diamonds first and then for the guaranteed 3000. If you do it backwards you risk getting the same 4* twice and that is terrible (had to reroll because of that). Regarding tanks, Claudine with purple armor or Maya with red and white suit are strong. A good clímax attack comes with Flower Yachiyo or White Banananice. Any questions, feel free to ask.


  9. Giack31 says:

    I followed you. I started playing and got really good luck in the redo gatcha, I got Musketeer Aramis Junna first try and so I didn’t need to reroll. The game is pretty fun so far, my main aim is to have most of the Junna and Mahiru variants. I haven’t looked much at the new girls yet but some look pretty interesting. I really like the short scenes in “my theater”.


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